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How to Give a Better Blow Job

Get ready to blow your partner's mind, pun intended.

Giving head (or fellatio, if ya nasty) can be intimidating. How do you give a good blow job anyway? By following our expert advice, of course!

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Expert Guide to Squirting

Squirting has been around for centuries, and yet female ejaculation remains an enigma to many.

We're here to provide expert squirting knowledge, from myth-busting to the science behind it, and most importantly, how to squirt!

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How to Have Anal Sex

Thinking about trying anal sex for the first time? Here's everything you need to know.

This anal sex guide for newbies has all the intel you need to obtain your dream anal sex life. Use our sexpert knowledge to learn the how-to and answers to FAQs regarding anal - we promise your back door will thank you for it.

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