1. Which is the Best Rabbit Vibrator?

    1. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Vibrator
    2. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

    Promising twice, sometimes three times the stimulation of a standard vibrator, plus the chance of a blended internal and external orgasm, it’s no wonder ladies are ‘lapin’ up the rabbit vibrator, now the best-selling sex toy model worldwide.

    Above: Get the lowdown on all the benefits of rabbit vibrators in Annabelle's sexpert video guide.

    An iconic media favourite, rabbits first exploded onto the nation’s consciousness in the ’90s, and in the years that followed a wealth of new designs have been brought out to offer a wide spectrum of functionality. Some rabbits can curve into your G-spot, some rabbits can shake your bottom, some rabbits can brush your teeth. (Okay not that one.)

    Bells and whistles aside, all rabbits follow a core structure: one or (usually) two ears that rest externally on your clitoris, and a shaft for vaginal insertion. By stimulating these two areas at the same time, rabbit vibrators create intense all-encompassing pleasure.

    Lovehoney has a whole warren full of rabbit vibrators to suit every pocket and honey pot. Read on for your formal introduction to the wonderful world of sunny bunny lovin’.

    Meet the Lovehoney Rabbit Vibrator Warren

    Happy Rabbit Vibrators

    Realise new heights of happiness during your ménage à un with a stunning bedfellow from the Happy Rabbit family, a power-packed premium range. Underneath their top-quality silicone skins these waterproof bunnies bristle with features including two motors, three-speed vibrating ears and three-speed, nine-pattern vibrating shafts.

    Happy Rabbit Natural

    Happy Rabbit Curve

    Happy Rabbit G-Spot

    Happy Rabbit G-Spot

    Seductively smooth shaft with a natural shape, inserts easily without compromising on pleasure in use. G-spot angled tip curves deliciously into your G-spot to ensure incredible internal sensations.
    Price £69.99 £55.99
    Overall length 10 inches 9.5 inches
    Insertable 5.5 inches 5.25 inches
    Circumference 4.75 inches 4.75 inches
    Batteries None - USB rechargeable None - USB rechargeable

    Jessica Rabbit Vibrators

    One of the best-selling rabbits in the UK, the classic Jessica Rabbit is a great place to start, with a stonking set of customer reviews paying homage to her arousal prowess. But if you already know what gets your motor running, you might prefer one of Jessica’s sisters, each tailored towards a specific sensation. All are waterproof, battery-powered and feature multifunction ears with three speeds and seven patterns of vibration, plus three-speed rotating shafts.

    Jessica Rabbit Vibrator

    Jessica Rabbit

    Jessica Rabbit G-Spot

    Jessica Rabbit G-Spot

    Jessica Rabbit G-Spot

    Jessica Rabbit Slimline

    Jessica Rabbit Slimline

    Jessica Rabbit Slimline

    Jessica Rabbit Triple

    Jessica Rabbit Triple

    Jessica Rabbit Triple

    Time-tested, block-busting classic rabbit with bulbous beaded rotating shaft. Tipped with a sensation-boosting curve, this slender vibe has a hotline to your G-spot. With a slender shaft to aid easy insertion, this is a non-intimidating, newbie-friendly style. All the fun of a regular Jessica plus a beaded anal probe for a new pleasure dimension.
    Price £24.49 £34.99 £24.49 £27.99
    Overall length 9.5 inches 9 inches 9 inches 8.75 inches
    Insertable 5 inches 4.5 inches 4.75 inches 4 inches
    Circumference 5.5 inches 4 inches 4 inches 4.25 inches
    Shaft function Squirmy beads Rotating beads Rotating beads Rotating beads
    Batteries 3 x AA 3 x AAA 3 x AAA 3 x AAA

    Dream Rabbit Vibrators

    A sweet night’s sleep begins with a Dream Rabbit, a family of three 10 function vibrators. Similar in style to the popular Jessica Rabbits, these brilliant bunnies come encased in velvet-touch silicone for a premium feel.

    Dream Rabbit Vibrator

    Dream Rabbit Classic

    Dream Rabbit G-Spot

    Dream Rabbit G-Spot

    Dream Rabbit G-Spot

    Dream Rabbit Slimline

    Dream Rabbit Slimline

    Dream Rabbit Slimline

    Classically shaped with a realistic shaft, this stimulating style is a go-to for pleasure. Curved to press into the G-spot, experience almighty pleasure from the inside out. Slender proportions ensure effortless insertion of this beginner-friendly vibrator.
    Price £27.99 £39.99 £39.99
    Overall length 10 inches 10 inches 8.5 inches
    Insertable 5 inches 5.5 inches 5.5 inches
    Circumference 5.5 inches 5 inches 4 inches
    Shaft function Squirmy beads Rotating beads Rotating beads
    Batteries 3 x AA 3 x AAA 3 x AAA

    Jessica Rabbit Xtra

    Close cousins to the original Jessica range, the Jessica Rabbit Xtra family have all the ear-whizzing, shaft-shifting goodness of the former plus a surprise or two of their own. Explore exciting new sensations with their innovative shapes and styles.

    Jessica Rabbit Xtra Thrusting Vibrator

    Jessica Rabbit Xtra Thrusting Vibrator

    Jessica Rabbit Xtra Girthy Vibrator

    Jessica Rabbit Xtra Girthy Vibrator

    Simulate the feel of a thrusting penis with this toy's realistic undulating shaft. Relish the extra satisfaction that comes from a girthy insertable rabbit.
    Price £31.49 £44.99
    Overall length 11 inches 10.25 inches
    Insertable 4.5 inches 5.5 inches
    Circumference 5 inches 5 inches
    Shaft function Thrusting Rotating
    Batteries 3 x AA 3 x AA

    Desire Rabbit

    Part of Lovehoney's premium pleasure range, the Desire Rabbit is the culmination of years of in-house expertise, painstaking research, optimisation of best-selling shapes and sourcing and use of the finest materials to create an unrivalled pleasure experience.

    Lovehoney Desire Rabbit

    Lovehoney Desire Rabbit

    Created from silken silicone with a seamless finish, twin motors powering 8 patterns and 12 speeds ensure an ultra-intense experience.
    Price £47.99
    Overall length 10 inches
    Insertable 5 inches
    Circumference 4.5 inches
    Shaft function Vibrating
    Batteries None - USB rechargeable

    Special Features

    Mini Rabbit Vibrators

    Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Mini Rabbit VibratorA mini rabbit vibrator like the Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Mini Rabbit Vibrator (£39.99) is a great solution for travel and a cheap way to experiment with rabbit vibrators if you're not sure about dual stimulation.

    A small rabbit vibrator will usually feature a single powerful motor that travels up the shaft and the ears and is often controlled by a twist-base controller. You won't get the same sensations as a classic rabbit vibrator, but a mini vibrator is small but mighty and will still give you simultaneous internal and external stimulation.

    If you're just looking for a more manageable slim rabbit vibrator, the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Slimline Vibrator (£24.49) is probably still your best bet.

    Luxury Rabbit Vibrators

    Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Rabbit VibratorIndulge yourself with a premium model such as the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator (£48.99) and enjoy all the advantages a luxury rabbit vibrator can bring. Created from seamless silicone, this thoughtfully designed model has a best-selling shape, optimised power and is USB rechargeable for green convenience.

    Alternatively, our Happy Rabbits still look and feel amazing, and additionally a choice of shapes (Natural or G-Spot) means you can pick a style to best suit you.

    If you know you love rabbits, opting for a more expensive version with a better build quality (usually made from superior silicone) will ensure your rabbit stays by your side for longer.

    App-Controlled Rabbit Vibrators

    We-Vibe Nova 2 App Controlled Rabbit VibratorFor those of you on the pulse of new technology, it won't come as a surprise that app-controlled sex toys are on the rise, and rabbits are no exception.

    App-controlled toys are amazing for long distance couples and are managed over the internet (usually thanks to Kiiroo technology), meaning you can be anywhere in the world and still play with your partner.

    Check out the We-Vibe Nova 2 App Controlled Rabbit Vibrator, or the Lovense Nora Rotating Rabbit Vibrator to see if one of them could add a new dimension to your pleasure.

    Rabbit Thruster Vibrators

    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Xtra Thrusting Rabbit VibratorA thrusting rabbit vibrator has a shaft that is designed to thrust rather than rotate or vibrate.

    A lot of people end up with thrusting rabbit vibrators to give themselves a more realistic sensation, so a specially designed thruster rabbit vibrator saves you arm ache from having to thrust the shaft yourself. It takes a bit more power to thrust, so motors in thrusting rabbits are stronger to cope with the extra exertion!

    We have a great selection of thrusting rabbit vibrators, and our most popular and highest rated is the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Xtra 10 Function Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator (£31.49).

    Triple Stimulator Rabbits

    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Triple Rabbit VibratorA lot of women find some gentle anal stimulation greatly enhances their orgasm, so some rabbits come with a third attachment: a slender vibrating probe. The rabbit can be controlled so that the anal stimulator only needs to be inserted once you're ready for it.

    If you think a triple stimulator rabbit targetting the clitoris, g-spot and anus sounds like something you want to try, the most popular model on Lovehoney is the Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Triple Rabbit Vibrator (£27.99). This triple-whammy rabbit gives women everything they ever wanted - and a bit more.

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