1. Position of the Week: Pleasure Slide

    Position of the Week: Pleasure Slide

    Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning, slide on down to enjoy uninterrupted clitoral stimulation and minimal effort to achieve shallow or deep penetration – whatever takes your fancy. Turn your phones off, take your time and fully immerse yourself in the feeling of each other's bodies.


    He lies on his back with his feet on the floor and his knees raised. She straddles his knees and eases herself down onto him, leaning on his thighs and using them to support her upper body.


    Her clitoris can be lavished with attention from both partners in this position, and is a fantastic opportunity to explore masturbating in front of your partner to show them what feels good. He also gets to enjoy a spectacular view of her reclining body and explore shallow or deep penetration with a simple shift up or down of his knees.


    As easy clitoral access is a definite highlight of Pleasure Slide, why not turn up the satisfaction levels and have a play around with a clitoral sucking vibrator? Designed to replicate the feeling of oral sex, take it in turns to direct the winning combination of gentle suction and vibrations straight to all of those sensitive nerve endings in the clitoris.

    Make it even better

    Intensify his sensations with the addition of a prostate massager with a remote control, and put her in charge of the pleasure settings for an all-encompassing showdown of stimulation for both partners.


    This position can be adapted for female-female couples with the use of a strap-on dildo. It's also a great position to try for anal sex (and add a male masturbator into the mix if the receiver has a penis).

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