8 of the Best Sex-Related Podcasts

by Lovehoney

on Aug 20, 2019


I am so grateful for podcasts. They're the perfect medium for me to keep learning throughout my busy day without having to stop everything to read or watch something.

I listen while on the way to work, to uni, in the shops, doing dishes, folding laundry, tidying or doing puzzles...

I have too many subscriptions to keep track of and I'm obsessed. As it's me, the majority of what I want to know about is sex stuff, so what I listen to is almost entirely sex-related.

Here are eight of my current recommendations!

1. Sexplanations


Hosted by Dr Lindsey Doe, Sexplanations is a relaxed version of her Sexplanations YouTube channel of the same name. The episodes are all around an hour long and feature all kinds of people talking about aaaalll things sex.

Dr Doe is a sexologist from America and she's the coolest sex geek around. She never fails to make me laugh and her 'main squeeze' Kegel exercise segment is my favourite.

She also finishes each episode with 'sextra credit' and gives you some homework each week, which generally involves personal growth (i.e. free therapy).

She's endlessly curious and reminds you, every episode, to be the same.

Listen to Sexplanations here.

2. Unexpected Fluids


Talk about giving you the giggles... Unexpected Fluids does just that.

Hosted by Riyadh Khalaf and Alix Fox, this podcast features those cringy sex stories that you kind of wish you never heard, but that are so thrilling that you're sort of grateful you did.

It features submitted stories covering all things awkward, and it's downright addictive.

Listen to Unexpected Fluids here.

3. Doing It!


Doing It! is a new instalment from UK YouTuber, broadcaster, and author, Hannah Witton.

Each episode Hannah chats to a different guest who specialises in anything related to sex, relationships, bodies and everything in between.

She's a great host and you can tell that she really does her research before meeting with her guests – her questions are great!

Listen to Doing It! here.

4. The Sexual Happiness Podcast 


The Sexual Happiness Podcast is fairly new on the podcast scene but it's made a huge splash!

Hosts Sam, Nick and Jess from the Lovehoney team share their advice about all things related to sex and sexual happiness.

You couldn't ask for a better set of hosts or topics, and they really know their stuff.

The 'You Can Never Know Enough About Sex' segment is my favourite as I love interesting facts, particularly when they're about sex. You never know when you're going to need them!

Each episode is 25-30 minutes and is the exact amount of time my trip to work takes, so it suits me perfectly.

Listen to The Sexual Happiness Podcast here.

5. F**cks Given 


Spectacular creative duo Florence and Reed from Come Curious have created a new outlet for their curiosities in their podcast, F**ks Given.

I'd say this one takes gold for most explicit podcast out of everything I listen to, so just be wary about who might be overhearing.

Florence and Reed introduce new guests every episode and ask them a series of questions about their sex life.

Without fail, each episode gets deep and graphic, and is great for nosey people like me.

Listen to F**cks Given here.

6. The Hook Up 


The Hook Up is a segment on a popular Australian radio show, and is turned into a series of episodes throughout the week after it airs live on Sunday nights.

Nat Tencic hosts the show and invites on a few guests at a time to explore specific sex topics and give their listeners some advice.

As the show itself is live, you can hear the callers and advice given directly to them. It's often focused on young people and what it's like navigating sex in your 20s.

Listen to The Hook Up here.

7. Ladies We Need To Talk 


Ladies We Need to Talk is also an Australian podcast and is hosted by the glorious Yumi Stynes.

The podcast isn't primarily about sex, but it's mentioned in almost every single episode.

The whole podcast is dedicated to opening up the discussion about all things experienced by women, particularly things that no one talks about enough.

The topics are relevant to all genders, but all the voices you hear are lived experiences of women. Ladies We Need to Talk covers sex, relationships, friendships and lifestyle and is honest, raw and so necessary.

Listen to Ladies We Need To Talk here.

8. Future of Sex 


Hosted by Australian-born Bryony Cole, Future of Sex explores all things sex-tech.

She talks to experts and ground-breaking people in the worlds of sex toys, porn, apps, education, robots, and so much more.

She is bringing women in sex-tech together from across the globe and making such a positive mark on the industry.

It's so fascinating to learn about how far we've come and where we are yet to go in the world of technology – and how that will revolutionise our relationships.

Listen to Future of Sex here.

Happy listening! x

Eleni is a health communications student from Sydney. Her favourite topics to communicate are sexual health, gender and sexuality; she spends her time smashing taboo topics everywhere she goes.

Sexual Happiness Podcast

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