Fetishes Laid Bare: Stockings & Tights

by Audrey Andrews

on Feb 26, 2019

Fetishes Laid Bare Stockings and Tights

For some people, stockings and tights are merely a reminder of frumpy school uniforms, and that weird, overblown ‘Do Tights Count as Pants?’ controversy that first reared its head around 2012.

(FYI: the jury is still out on that one.)

For others, who identify as having a fetish for stockings and/or tights, these garments have far more significance, and a whole lot more sex appeal.

But what is it about these garments in particular that some people just can't get enough of?

Well, I won’t keep you in "suspenders" a minute longer: let’s dive right into the world of hosiery fetishes.

What does this fetish involve?

Having a fetish for stockings or tights presents itself differently from person to person, just as what any one person finds sexy will differ greatly from person to person.

If you want to better understand what constitutes a fetish, read Kink vs Fetish: What’s The Difference?, but broadly speaking, fetishes are a fixation on an object, rather than a specific act.

A person with a tights or stockings fetish may feel aroused by:

  • The feel of the nylon or silk material
  • The way their partner looks in stockings/tights
  • Watching their partner put on or take off stockings/tights
  • Using stocking/tights as bondage restraints
  • Wearing the stockings/ tights themselves during sex or throughout the day

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are just as many ways to express a fetish for stockings and tights as there are people with the fetish itself (the Reddit thread 'Stockings' currently has 81,028 subscribers, so you can see why I'm cutting my list short).

Why stockings and tights?

Initially, I had no clue as to why people have fetishes for stockings and tights. To find out why, I read several blogs written by stocking and tights fetishists (how great is the Internet, guys?).

After writing this, I felt like my eyes had been opened; I had a much better understanding of what motivates the fetish.

This is why it's so much more rewarding to just research the kinks and fetishes you don't understand, rather than engaging in Kinkshaming.

Here are some reasons behind the fetish, straight from the stockings and tights fetishist community:

  • Tights and stockings tend to make your legs look 'perfect'. They hide any little blemishes, they accentuate the curves of your pins, and the reflectiveness of sheer nylons makes your legs look as though they are shimmering.
  • Whilst tights and stockings cover the skin, they do not hide it completely. This transparency can make an onlooker feel voyeuristic.
  • In cinema, tights and stockings are often worn by characters who have a killer combination of power and sex appeal.
  • Some fetishists cited the fact that tights make it easier for a person to slip their shoes on and off as a turn-on, saying this intersected with their foot fetish. Quentin Tarantino films, anyone?

How to explore your fetish

If you or your partner want to explore your fetish for stockings/tights, there are many things you can try.

Maybe start by pinpointing what motivates your fetish. Once you know why stockings/tights are your fetish, you can start to effectively incorporate them into your play.

If the combination of sexuality and power drives your fetish, the classic stockings-and-suspenders could be a winner.

The Lovehoney Sheer Black Lace Top Thigh High Stockings and the Lovehoney Love Me Lace Deep Suspender Belt make a classic pairing, plus they come in base size for UK 6-16, and plus size for UK 18-24. So, whether you plan to wear them yourself, or admire them on someone else, we have you covered size wise.

Maybe the idea of having sex whilst wearing tights is what turns you on. If so, crotchless tights like this Lovehoney pair could help you bring your fantasy to life.

If the texture of stockings/tights is a major part of your fetish, consider a bodystocking, like the Lovehoney Black ¾ Sleeve Lace Bodystocking. This way, the silky feel of tights encompasses not only the legs, but the entire body. And it's crotchless, so you can still have sex in it!

If you are someone that has a fetish for stockings or tights, please do not feel like you are weird, or that there is anything 'wrong' with you.

This fetish is extremely common and in no way does it dictate your sexuality, impedes on your masculinity or mean you are any less deserving of hot sex. Enjoy exploring what makes you a unique, sexual being!

Audrey Andrews is a student blogger for Lovehoney. In her spare time she loves to do craft, but would not advise knitting your own condoms.

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Audrey Andrews

Written by Audrey Andrews.

Originally published on Feb 26, 2019. Updated on Aug 05, 2020