How to Have Healthy, Happy Oral Sex

How to Have Healthy, Happy Oral Sex

by Lovehoney

on Dec 23, 2018


Eating out, rimming, giving head...

Whatever kind of oral pleasure you're giving/getting, it should be fun and safe.

Most commonly, sexually transmitted infections are associated with penetrative genital sex, but did you know that STIs can be transferred through oral sex too?

Now obviously we don't want to put you off oral sex (I mean, it's pretty awesome!), but there are a few precautions you and your sex partner can take in order to make sure everyone is safe and having a great time.

Here's our guide to happy, healthy oral sex.


That's a wrap!

The only way to protect against the transferal of a sexually transmitted disease (other than abstinence) is to use a barrier contraceptive.

Barrier contraceptives (as the name suggests) are a type of prophylactic that prevent skin-on-skin contact and, therefore, the transferal of bodily fluids.

The most common barrier contraceptives are condoms (male and female), and dental dams.

Barrier contraceptives are usually made from latex, or another non-porous material, and go through rigorous testing to make them 99% effective (when used correctly).

dental dams

Wait, a dental what?

You might remember putting a condom on a cucumber in sex ed class, but did anyone hand you a little latex rectangle and ask you to drape it over a butt or vulva-shaped vegetable? Probably not.

Dental dams prevent skin-to-skin contact during cunnilingus (vaginal oral sex) and analingus (also known as rimming or tossing the salad).

Basically, they're just very thin latex sheets that you place over the area you're going to lick. You hold them in place and give oral sex just like you would without one.

If you don't have a dental dam handy, you can cut the tip and bottom from a condom, then cut down the side to make a rectangle.


What's up, doc?

Obviously, if you and your partner know you're STD free, you can go ahead and have all the oral fun.

Since some STDs are symptomless, you'll need to take a trip to your GP to take a test. Because you can get some STDs in your throat, ask them for a mouth swab as well as a genital swab, and a rectal swab if you think you need one.

Looking after your own health is a part of self care you shouldn't be ignoring, and the person you're having fun with deserves to be treated with that same level of care and respect.


Ok, how can I make this more fun?

Get creative with your barrier methods! We sell flavoured dams and condoms, but there are plenty of flavoured lubricants available if you want to enhance this, or if yours aren't already flavoured.

If the receiver is worried about reduced sensation with a condom or dam, make it your mission to get them so turned on they won't notice it. Blindfold them (as long as they consent) and tease them with a feather tickler or a finger vibrator. They'll be so worked up by the time you go down there that a little bit of latex will be the last thing on their mind.

For those of you who are turned off by the idea of a dental dam or condom, your best bet is to know your sexual health status and to share it with your partner.

Remember, the only way to be completely protected from transmitting or contracting an STI is to have regular sexual health screenings, and always use a barrier contraceptive with new sex partners.

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