Position of the Week: Mighty Kneel

by Lucy

on Dec 17, 2020

Lie back and enjoy the view (well, at least for one partner), while the other partner hops on board to grind and ride away to their heart's content, hitting those treasured hot spots along the way.



The giving partner lies on their back with their head resting on a pillow and their legs wide apart. The receiving partner kneels between their partner's legs, facing away from them with their legs positioned either side of their thighs. The kneeling partner's hands should be placed on the floor in between their legs, while the giving partner places their hands on their partner's butt or hips.


The Mighty Kneel gives the reclining partner a sensual view of the kneeling partner's back and butt, and allows them the opportunity to lie back (literally) and enjoy the ride. The angle of penetration is perfect for A-spot stimulation, while the positioning of the limbs locks both partners into a tight embrace to aid deep penetration.


The receiving partner can go all out on the pleasure trip by introducing a clitoral vibrator or stroker (depending on genitalia) to enjoy a double whammy of internal and external stimulation.

How to make it even better

Both or one partner could indulge in some fulfilling anal sensations (depending on the type of penetration) by wearing a butt plug.

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Written by Lucy. Lovehoney Editorial Team
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Originally published on Dec 17, 2020. Updated on Dec 16, 2020