How to Have Sex Postpartum (with Tamica Wilder)

by Vicky

on Jul 01, 2021

This week Violet is joined by erotic educator, Tamica Wilder, to talk about the challenges of getting your sexy back after having a baby.

Tamica Wilder Lovehoney  podcast

Lets face it... having a baby is a mind-blowing and often stressful experience for new parents. There are physical as well as mental challenges that can all impact your ability to feel like a sexual being once again.

Perhaps it's a time to think outside the box, for example practising 'mindful masturbation', while you learn to embrace the changes in your body (if you have given birth), this focusses less on the end goal of orgasm and is all about strengthening your libido with sensual, soothing touch and erotic thought.

Tamica advises making time for yourself and communicating with your partner a priority. Also, taking things slow by giving your body the gift of touch, sound and breath, before moving into a more deeply sexual space - whether that is with a partner or enjoying solo pleasure again.

Alongside this hot topic the team share some little-known sex facts and the answers to your questions.

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Written by Vicky. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Vicky is Lovehoney's Agony Aunt, giving you advice on all things sex and relationships.
An avid global trotter and experienced Generation Xer, Vicky also pens blogs on everything from fabulously fearless LGBTQ+ warriors, to body positivity and the ins and outs of Tantra.

Originally published on Jul 01, 2021. Updated on Jul 02, 2021