How to Use a Remote Control Vibrator

by Lovehoney

on May 01, 2017

Nearly every games console now comes with wireless controllers so you can enjoy the fun without the limitations of wires! Similarly, sex toys have been following suit with the release of numerous new wireless remote control vibrators.

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So exercise that trigger finger on something more rewarding and find out why everyone should have a remote control vibe in their bedside drawer.

These remote control vibrators are Lovehoney customer favourites:

How to Use a Remote Control Vibrator

For those who are yet to experience the fun of a remote control vibrator, let us break it down for you. Small and discreet, a remote control vibrator is a bullet or egg shaped sex toy that comes with its own, separate controller.

Lovehoney Wickedly Powerful Love Egg VibratorThe larger egg-type vibrators, such as the Lovehoney Wickedly Powerful Love Egg Vibrator, are designed to be inserted into the vagina and rest against the G-spot. The smaller bullet vibrators, such as the Lovehoney Secret Surprise 10 Function Remote Control Bullet Vibrator, can be inserted or rested against the clitoris, using underwear to hold it in place.

Once in place, the remote control is switched on and can change the speeds and function of vibration with a single click.

Many remote control vibrators have a range (the distance that the controller can be from the vibrator and still work) of over 10 metres, making it great for couples play or using in public.

Virtually silent, these vibrators can be used at home or when you're out and about - and no one will be any the wiser. The vibrations won’t be audible below the low hum of chatter and music in a supermarket or restaurant and it makes for great fun if you hand the controller to your partner in a bar or night club!

Lovehoney Desire Remote Control Love Egg VibratorThe usable range of your remote control vibrator is listed in the description, so you can plan ahead how far you and your partner can be apart for the vibrations to still work. For example, the Lovehoney Desire Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator has a range of 12 metres, which means that he can be at the bar ordering you a ‘Screaming Orgasm’ whilst you can experience one of your own on the dance floor.

Remote control vibes are incredibly diverse and are great for using alone or with a partner. Not only can you enjoy some public play with it, but you can also use it for lots of other fun too!

If you’ve seen ‘The Ugly Truth’ then you’ll know about the existence of vibrating panties! These take the hassle out of using a remote control vibrator by having the vibe already inserted comfortably into the underwear. Forget the pearl thong; you need the Lovehoney Hot Date Remote Control Vibrating Knickers.

If you find travelling a bore, take your remote control vibrating sex toy with you! The small controller can easily be slipped in a handbag or briefcase and is the perfect accompaniment to a saucy erotic book or sexy song on your MP3 player.

Why not tie your partner up and blindfold them before using your Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Love Egg on them? They won’t know when you’re going to click but they’ll certainly feel it!

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