Top 9 Sexy Secret Santa Gifts

by Lovehoney

on Nov 30, 2020

Take the stress out of secret Santa shopping (and avoid your secret Santa’s disappointment at receiving socks) by buying them a sexy novelty gift.

Top 9 Sexy Secret Santa Gifts

It's that time of year again: when you get to pick your secret Santa’s name out of a hat!

A cheeky present from Lovehoney means you can give the gift of (sexual) happiness, without needing to apply your Sherlock-worthy detective skills.

Check out our top 9 sexy secret Santa gifts below and get inspired.

$10 and under

For the one who believes in fate

Lovehoney Position of the Week Dice

Inspired by our popular weekly sex blog, these dice leave the fate on the night in the rollers hands. One dice chooses the position, one chooses who's in charge, and the last picks the location. That's 216 combinations!

What customers say: "We brought these for a little light hearted fun and now we use them lots! With being at home a lot we have found ourselves using these to brighten up the day".

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For the show off

Lovehoney Unwrap Me Men's Boxer Shorts

Presenting the perfect package. These provocative boxers from the Unwrap Me collection is the gift of all gifts. Its daring front opening is tied with a soft satin bow that's easy to tug open with fingers, toes or teeth...

What customers say: "I bought this to surprise my girlfriend since she's always the one dressing up or using something from Lovehoney. Every time I wear this underneath my trousers and surprise her with it, it drives her insane".

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For the yoga pro or the gamer

Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra Playing Cards

When you're playing with these carnal cards, you'll struggle to keep a poker face no matter what hand you're dealt. Taking inspiration from the original Kama Sutra, each card features a different position for you to explore, ensuring everyone comes up trumps.

What customers say: "I bought these and a cheeky little stocking filler at Christmas, and boy am I glad. My BF and I love to play rummy and we have just started using these instead of the other cards. It's great fun".

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$15 and under

For the quiet one

Lovehoney Red Furry Handcuffs

Fluffy on the outside, hardcore on the inside. Just like Chuck Norris' beard, these furry cuffs pack a punch. Within the soft faux fur exterior is a set of lockable metal handcuffs for reliable restraint with a cosy embrace and, in red, they're oh-so festive!

What customers say: "For the size and price these are little fluffy miracles. You must buy them! They instantly add that little something to bedroom activities and were a turn on straight away for me and the Mr".

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For the holidays-obsessed fancy dresser

Miss Santa Faux Fur Trim Cape

From bedroom to fancy dress party and everywhere in-between, enchant all you meet in Fever's festive cape. This Mrs Claus-esque classic features a plush red velvet, a thick white trim, and a gorgeous satin bow.

What customers say: "I wore it as a surprise for my other half with just my red pearl thong and it went down a (snow) storm! But just as easily I could wear it over my Christmas dress with the family-they didn't know where I had ordered it from and I had lots of compliments haha".

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For the one who's feeling festive

Lovehoney Ring-a-Ding Vibrating Love Ring Gift Box

Turn sparks into festive fireworks with this stretchy, snug-fitting vibrating love ring in a Christmas cracker. A stocking stuffer that's sure to jingle both your bells, it offers delicious constriction, climactic textures and relentless single-speed vibrations for two.

What customers say: "Spend the money and get this fun toy! Works for both partners. Trust me, get it. You will not regret it.".

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$25 and under

For the one who's had a busy year

Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage Oil Gift Set (3 x 1 fl. oz)

Whether you use these oils on your own or with your partner, benefit from full body nourishment that lasts. Revel in slick, long-lasting glide and prolonged massages that leave your skin silky soft (and smelling amazing) for hours afterwards.

What customers say: "These oils are amazing. So smooth and silky. They do not leave any stickiness, and smell fantastic. Leaves your skin feeling amazing!".

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For the foreplay lover

Lovehoney Ignite Orgasm Gel 30ml

Get sleigh bells jingling and sexy bits tingling with our Lovehoney Ignite Pleasure Gel this holiday season. Dab a little bit of this thrilling menthol-infused concoction onto your clitoris, nipples or penis and enjoy new pleasurable sensations.

What customers say: "What a little bottle of gold this is. Only need a tiny amount and it turns a normal orgasm into an incredible one".

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For the risk taker

Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game

For those looking for something a little more erotic than Buckaroo, here's Lovehoney’s brand new board game. With hotter gameplay than Hungry Hungry Hippos, The Big Oh! rewards daring acts and naughty behaviour. Simply roll the dice, answer revealing questions, or complete a saucy forfeit to move throughout the board and claim your winning booty.

What customers say: "This game hasn’t failed to deliver. It’s great to get out to help set the mood for some more intimate play, in a non intimidating way. It’s great to play and explore your partners body, but it’s also fun and you can have a good laugh while playing as well".

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Originally published on Nov 30, 2020. Updated on Nov 29, 2020