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    A friend in need is a friend indeed – but what about when your friend needs a sex toy?

    You might consider yourself a seasoned sex-toy aficionado, but that doesn't mean that every one of your besties is right there on your level. We may have come a long way but there is still stigma surrounding sex toys.

    That's why, if your BFF asks for help buying their first sex toy, you have a sworn duty to support them in their quest!

    Read on and let us help you to help your friends.


    Picture this – your new sex toy has finally arrived! You haven't stopped thinking about all the fun you're going to have ever since you clicked 'Add to Cart', and now you're ready to rip off the packaging and dive in headfirst.

    However, after minutes of fiddling around, you can't seem to get your new pride and joy working. You've pressed every button there is to press, and yet there is no buzz, no vibration, not a single throbbing sensation emulating from your new purchase. What's a Lovehoney shopper to do at a time like this?

    Read this blog about sex toy troubleshooting of course.


    You don't really need a reason to treat yourself to new lingerie, but we know it can be hard to justify treating yourself.

    Often, it's much easier to buy a raunchy gift for someone you love than it is to purchase something that's just for you.

    That's why we've come up with 7 reasons why you should update your lingerie drawer.


    With just a couple of months left of 2020, I've been thinking about the future. This tends to extend into other things like learning about space, watching some future-y sci-fi movies and thinking a whole lot about the future of sex.

    This has really got me thinking about the future of sex toys, so I sifted through Lovehoney to find what I thought gave me futuristic vibes, anything from high-tech, cool new ideas or even space-inspired toys. Here are some of the cool and futuristic toys I found!


    You don’t need to be a brooding billionaire to transform your bedroom into The Red Room from Fifty Shades – simply pick up an under-mattress restraint set and you’ve got yourself a BDSM boudoir in the making!

    For the uninitiated, we’ve got an introduction to under-mattress restraints, and four different ways you can enjoy the Bondage Boutique Bound to Please Under Mattress Restraint set.

    Under-mattress restraints fall into the ‘Bondage’ category of BDSM. As the name suggests, they sit under your mattress. When you’re ready for some no-holds-barred bondage, you simply connect wrist and ankle cuffs to the ends of the under-mattress restraint and transform your bed into a pleasure podium.

    When you’re done, you can disconnect the cuffs and leave the restraint tucked under your mattress – leaving no unsuspecting visitors to your house any the wiser.


    Sexual fantasies are imagined scenarios that arouse us, and almost all of us (a whopping 95%) have had one. Plus, a lucky 50% of us have one every single day!

    We have them most commonly when we're daydreaming, masturbating and when having sex. And the best bit – lots of us are fantasising about the same or very similar things.

    Most of us fantasise about things that fall into three main genres: group sex, novelty, and power/control.

    Having sexy fantasies enhances our masturbation and sexual experiences and they're a fantastic and healthy tool to rehearse, anticipate or explore future or past experiences.


    Back in 1950s and 1960s, sex on TV was a big no-no. Television censorship was so strict during this era that you couldn't even show married characters sharing a bed, and wives were forbidden from being depicted as pregnant.

    What a contrast to the year 2020, where the gloves are off and sex is very much on the cards!

    Here are 6 sex positive scenes that spring to mind. What are your faves? Let us know in the comments.


    Sexy lingerie and comfort don't always go hand in hand.

    If you want to dress like a Dominatrix or become a wet look wonder woman, you've often got to sacrifice a bit of comfort and ease of wear.

    That's why I was pleasantly surprised to receive five pieces of sensual lingerie from Lovehoney that are as comfortable as they are sensual!

    What I gained from this experience, apart from some gorgeous lingerie, is the knowledge that it is perfectly possible to look sexy and feel comfortable at the same time.

    Don't take my word for it though, check out Lovehoney's newest lingerie here.


    Whilst the term edging can be used to describe the practice of keeping clean, crisp lines between your lawn and garden beds, that's not the meaning we plan on discussing today – so, if you're reading this hoping to find out how to keep your lawn looking nice and neat, you've come to the wrong place!

    Also known as 'peaking', 'surfing', 'orgasm training' or 'orgasm denial', edging is a sexual technique designed to intensify your orgasms. To find out more about edging, who can do it and how to edge – read on.


    COVID has really got me feeling like I'm stuck in a rut, and I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way.

    My days have felt repetitive since lockdown started in March, and inspiration has been hard to come by, particularly in the bedroom.

    So, I've had a good hard think to try and kickstart some bright and new energy into my sex life – hopefully this helps someone else out there too!

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