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FAQs about shipping

We offer a number of shipping options which vary in cost depending on how quickly you want your order to arrive. Free shipping is available on orders over $59.

You'll always be able to choose a shipping option and see its cost before completing your order.

Please see our Shipping page for more details. ships only to addresses in Canada using Canada Post and Purolator.

For delivery to the USA and to pay in US dollars, please visit

For delivery to the UK and to pay in pounds, please visit

For delivery to EU countries and to pay in Euros, please visit

For delivery to Australia and to pay in Australian dollars, please visit

For delivery to New Zealand and to pay in New Zealand dollars, please visit

Of course! We ship all orders in boring brown boxes or plain envelopes so that the only person getting excited about your delivery is you.

See what our packaging looks on this page.

Courier services require Lovehoney to have a return address on all orders.

If you're out when an attempt is made to delivery your package, your mail person or courier will leave a card scheduling another attempt or telling you where you to pick up your discreetly packaged order.
Yes. All of our couriers offer order tracking as standard. You will receive information via email on how to track your order once your order is shipped.
FAQs about orders and payment

Lots! We have payment options to suit all online shoppers.

You can pay by debit or debit card - we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express

You can also pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

Read more about payment options

You cannot cancel or change an order after it has been placed. However, if you contact us after you receive the item, you'll be able to easily return the item to us.

How to return an item to Lovehoney

Note: First Nations individuals and bands are referred to as “Indians” here as those are the terms used in the Indian Act (Canada), which establishes the tax exemptions for First Nations people and organizations.

For the purposes of claiming a sales tax refund - an Indian is a person who falls within the legal definition of an “Indian” under the Indian Act (Canada) and who is in possession of a Certificate of Indian Status identification card issued by the federal government. These cards are numbered and contain a photograph, name and the Indian band or registry number of the card holder. Métis, Inuit or First Nations people from the United States do not meet the definition of an Indian under Canadian legislation.

Please email customer services if you are Indian and your order was delivered to a reserve, so we can refund you the sales taxes paid on your order.

Please provide:

A picture/photocopy of your certificate of indian status (both sides), or a picture/photocopy of a Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document (both sides).

Please state the following: “I confirm that the order was delivered to a reserve and that I am eligible for a sales tax refund”.

If your evidence does not meet the requirements, then we will not refund you the sales tax amount.

FAQs about privacy and security
Yes absolutely. You can read more about how we keep the Lovehoney website secure here.
It's a pretty long read, but our Privacy Policy tells you how we may use your personal data and what we do to keep that data safe.

Lovehoney will ABSOLUTELY NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, sell your data to a third party. We only use your data for marketing purposes of our own, for example sending you email offers when you sign up for emails or asking you to leave a review of our products or service via a third-party provider.

You can read our full Terms and Conditions to find out more, and also read more about our Cookie Policy.

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