1. Lovehoney.ca Gift Cards

      Treat your lover to a sexy gift card from Lovehoney.ca and let them choose a gift they really want. Lovehoney gift cards are just as flexible to use as cash (but a whole lot sexier to give).

    1. Buying a Lovehoney Gift Card

      Sending a Lovehoney.ca gift card is really easy and we guide you through the process every step of the way, giving clear instructions and live previews throughout so you are in total control of exactly what you are sending. As soon as you have checked out, the lucky recipient will get an email telling them they have received a gift card.

      How to buy a Lovehoney gift card:

      Go to www.lovehoney.ca/gift-cards/ and follow the instructions.

      How much can I buy a Lovehoney gift card for?

      You can buy a Lovehoney gift card for any round number between $10 and $500 - no cents allowed.

      Do I earn Oh! Points when I buy a gift card?

      No, the person spending the gift card receives the Oh! Points.

      Spending a Lovehoney Gift Card

      When you receive a gift card, you will get an email with the subject: "Lovehoney Gift Voucher From: XXX". When you open the email, it will show how much your card is worth. Just click the "Go shopping" button in your email.

      How to spend a Lovehoney gift card

      IHow to Spend Your Lovehoney Gift Vouchert’s really easy - you add items to your shopping basket in the normal way and then in the checkout you can enter your gift card code on the payments page.

      At the checkout, click the "Pay with a Lovehoney Gift Voucher" box and a field appears for you to type in your 16-digit code.

      Alternatively, you can cut-and-paste it from your gift card email.

      What can I spend a Lovehoney gift card on?

      You can spend your gift card on anything available on Lovehoney.ca, but you can’t use a gift card to buy another gift card.

      How long does a Lovehoney gift card last?

      It expires 12 months after purchase.

      What happens if I don’t spend it all at once?

      The system will remember how much is left on your gift card. When you come to place your next order, enter the voucher code at the checkout as usual.

      What happens if I want to spend more than my gift card is worth?

      Enter the voucher code on the payment page in the checkout and you can then choose how you would like to pay the outstanding amount.

      Can I spend more than one gift card at once?

      Yes, if you have several gift cards you can use them to pay for a single order.

      What happens if I return an item bought with a gift card?

      We will refund the value of the item to your gift card so you can use it to buy something else.

      What happens if I return an item bought partly with a gift card?

      We will refund your real money first to the payment method that you used, and then your gift card.

      Do I earn Oh! Points when I use a gift card?

      Yes! As a special extra treat, the person spending the gift vouchers receives the Oh! Points.