Existing customers, please note that the earn and redemption rate of Points has changed.

The overall value of your existing Points remains the same, but to make it simpler to calculate your reward, for every $1 spent you will now earn 1 Point, and each Point will be worth 2 cents. As before, this gives you 2% back as a reward on the money you spend.

Lovehoney Reward Points Terms and Conditions

Lovehoney reward Points have no monetary value and cannot be used for any purpose other than redeeming against Lovehoney orders. At no time will Points be available to be refunded for their monetary value.

All Points credited to your account can be used up to 12 months after the most recent points activity (which means earning or redeeming Reward Points).

If there is no Points activity on your account for 12 months, your Points will be deleted from your account, meaning that you can no longer redeem them against any Lovehoney orders.

We may from time to time adjust your Points account upwards or downwards as appropriate in respect of accounting errors, multiple accounts, refunds issued, products returned or suspected fraud, for which we have full authority.

Points may only be used once.

Points may only be earned and redeemed in accordance with these terms and conditions. We may make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time and we will give customers as much notice as we reasonably can.

Earning or redeeming Points will constitute your acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.

Reward Points FAQs
  • For every $1 you spend at Lovehoney, you collect 1 Reward Point. Make sure you're logged into your Lovehoney Account before you check out, otherwise we've got nowhere to put your Points.
  • Points are added to your Account when you place your order.
  • For non-purchase Points events, such as opening an Account at Lovehoney, your Points are added to your new Account immediately.
  • Points are not awarded when you purchase Lovehoney gift cards.
  • Points are awarded when Lovehoney gift cards are redeemed on purchases.
  • Points are not awarded on the parts of orders settled with Points.
  • Points can be used on anything at Lovehoney - aside from Lovehoney gift cards - against the full or partial value of an order.
  • You can spend as many or as few Points as you like.
  • To spend your Points you need to be logged in to your Account.
  • When you’re at the checkout, assign the number of Points you wish to redeem on your purchase. You can increase or decrease the number of Points you wish to spend.

Log in to Your Account to view your current Points balance.

You can pay for your whole order with Points if you have collected enough. You can pay for part of your order with Points but the minimum monetary amount we can charge to a card is $2.50 so in some circumstances you might not be able to use as many Points as you want.

The minimum number of points you can use on a transaction is 1 Point. At checkout the default option is to use as many Points as possible.

There is no upper limit on the number of Points you can spend in a transaction.

You will be refunded the money and the Points that you used to pay for the item.

Yes, for sure. You will still earn 1 Point per $1 spent and you will be able to spend your Points against sale items.

You use your Points against your whole order total including delivery.

Points stay in your account for 12 months from the last time you earned or spent Points. If you don't buy anything or use any Points in the 12 month period they will no longer exist in your account.