1. Lovehoney Photo Rules

    Please follow these guidelines when you're uploading your sexy pics.

    Yes please - allowed!

    • Cleavage
    • Lingerie
    • Bums
    • Legs
    • Faces

    No thank you - not allowed!

    • Penises
    • Testicles
    • Vaginas
    • Labia
    • Anuses
    • Nipples
    • Sexual activity

    All photos must be approved before they go live on your profile.

    We will try and do this as quickly as possible and it doesn't usually take more than one working day but please be patient if it does. 

    If the picture you wish to upload is too revealing or offensive, we will have to delete it and it won't appear on your profile. 

    Once we have approved your picture, it will appear on your profile page and some may appear on relevant product pages.