1. Iroha Plus by Tenga Tori Lovebird USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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      1. Iroha Plus by Tenga Tori Lovebird USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Climax is easy peasy with the squeezy Tenga Tori, a clitoral vibrator created with soft touch silicone to transmit vibrations in a gentle cushioning form. Push the malleable vibe into your sensitive spots for complete sensory engulfment.

      Tori's beautiful bird-inspired design features a delicate tapered tip that can be used for pinpoint stimulation and shallow insertion. An anti-dust silicone coating prevents unhygienic fluff building up on your vibrator, and it's also waterproof for easy cleaning.

      5 speeds and 2 patterns offer an amazingly broad spectrum of intensity, making this cushioning mini vibe even more suited to extra-sensitive users.

      Divine glide is yours when you team Tori with water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Iroha Plus Tori cushion-soft clitoral vibrator
      • 5 speeds and 2 patterns for a full range of play styles
      • Created from squeezable soft-touch silicone for non-numbing stimulation
      • Elegant bird-inspired design features a tapered tip for shallow insertion
      • Features an anti-dust silicone coating for hygiene
      • Waterproof for easy cleaning and bathroom fun

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Iroha Plus by Tenga Tori Lovebird USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Iroha Plus by Tenga Tori Lovebird USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
      2. Iroha Plus by Tenga Tori Lovebird USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


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    1. Soared straight to the top

      Reviewed: August 20, 2017 by Candied Citrus

      I had owned two of the previous Iroha collection toys, Midori and Yuki. They were definitely my favourite toys, and when one died and the other started going that way too, I looked for a replacement that could stand up to their power and the feel of that exquisite marshmallowy silicone.

      That's when I found out about the Iroha Plus range; its ergonomic shape was what drew me to the Tori over the others.

      Unlike the previous iterations of Iroha toys, the Tori comes with five varying strength vibrations and two pattern vibrations. I tend to use the third and fourth speeds, which are the right level of powerful (but not too overwhelming) and rumbly.

      The shape of the Tori is perfect for how I like to use my vibrators - the beak, so to speak, sits at the vaginal entrance, and its "neck" lies against the labia and reaches the clit, deliciously applying those wonderful, rumbly vibrations to all of those nerve endings. And using it like that also means that the strongest vibrations are applied to the clit, as the part that's sat against it is closest to the motor in the body of the toy.

      It's also fairly quiet and discreet and would be very difficult to hear if used under the duvet, even at the higher speeds.

      The Tori fast became a favourite and my go-to vibrator: it never fails to make me orgasm.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Variety of speeds, soft marshmallowy silicone, perfect shape.
      Bottom line
      My new go-to toy!
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    1. Ruffled my feathers and sent me soaring

      Reviewed: February 22, 2017 by Lavendel

      When I first saw the Tenga Iroha+ Tori, I thought it resembled a thick slice of tuna sashimi, due to the rich maroon colour and the texture of lines scored into the top. However Tori is Japanese for bird, and the toy does have an abstract avian shape, with an elegant Japanesque aesthetic. This gives me an excuse to pack my review with puns and bird wordplay!

      The Tori nests in an equally attractive cardboard sleeve, with the user manual, charging case, USB cable, mains adapter, and of course the toy itself, split between two cardboard boxes of different colours, which adds to the aesthetic of the packaging. I charged it via the USB port on my PC, so I could see the charge light flashing in my peripheral vision, and when it turned off I knew it was ready to play. The initial charge took only 2 hours, which is shorter than any of my other toys.

      The instructions are not really necessary, as the Tori is very intuitive, with only two buttons, clearly labelled with a + and -. As expected, holding the + button down turns the toy on, and pressing it again increases the power, whilst the - button does the opposite. As well as 5 vibration strengths, it has 2 pulsation patterns; one staccato and one wavy. These are especially useful if you find yourself going numb with continuous stimulation.

      The buttons also serve as the charging pins, when magnetically connected inside the charging case. The only problem I have with this toy is that the charging case also acts as an un-charging case, when the toy is left connected but without an external power source. However, I kept the little cardboard nest that the Tori sat in, and positioned it 180 degrees from its starting point. Because the charging pins are not central, it's easy to keep the toy in the case without the pins making contact.

      All of the Iroha toys are made from silicone as soft as down, with little drag even when used without lubrication. They are very malleable, and can comfortably be pressed quite hard into even the most sensitive spots, to send you soaring. The Tori must be some species of aquatic bird, as it can also be used in water, for bath-time fun and convenient cleaning.

      Rabbits have come to be synonymous with sexual gratification, but the Tori is not to be underestimated. For a gentle warm up you can hold it as though you are taking a ride on its back. The beak and tail ends offer slightly different shapes and firmnesses, to be used clitorally, or for shallow insertion. The toy is a very interesting shape, so the only limit is your imagination, but I do have a favourite place for mine to perch; with the 'beak' curving down over my clit, and the buttons facing upwards for easy adjustment.

      The Tori does not sing loudly, but hums quietly, which is useful for those of you with housemates. Whilst the vibrations are not as strong as some other luxury brands, they are certainly not weak, and are transmitted to exactly the right places by the ergonomic design.

      It has replaced the Tenga Iroha Sakura as my favourite toy, as it comes with all of the same benefits, as well as 2 more vibration strengths and a new pattern. I cannot wait to see what Tenga come up with next!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft silicone, ergonomic shape, elegant design, good vibrations, rechargeable.
      Bottom line
      Soft as down, ergonomic, elegant and environmentally friendly.
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    1. My Love

      Reviewed: June 6, 2016 by Lovehoney - Sparkle

      In the words of Justin Timberlake:

      'See all I want you to do is be my love.'

      A lot of people know that I absolutely adore Tenga - I really don't make a secret about it. My favourite toy of all time is the Iroha by Tenga Yuki vibrator, which is similar in size, material and design. So here I was, hassling the Lovehoney Buyers to get my hands on this little Lovebird from their upgraded Iroha Plus range.

      In regards to the packaging, it is beautiful and faultless. It is quite regal fashion-wise. You open the little boxes up to the signature Iroha charging case, which presents the toy in such an alluring way.

      The quality of the Tori is also amazing. The soft to touch silicone is really the highlight. It's like a marshmallow-cloud experience. It's nice and soft. The quality is outstanding, and the vibrations definitely deliver as well. Additionally, the vibrations are incredibly quiet which really does make it the perfect toy.

      The Iroha Plus range offers more 2 more speeds and one more pattern, and I must admit that the two more speeds are amazingly enjoyable. The new range does really pack a punch in power with these new speeds and I was actually surprised to experience something stronger. The vibrations along with the cushioning silicone is really indescribable and is what makes the Iroha range my most loved toys. My orgasms with the Iroha's always deliver.

      With the Tori, my favourite way of stimulation is sitting the toy over my entire clitoris to the vaginal opening. You get such a varied amount of stimulation with the ability to push down where you want some deeper vibrations. Additionally the Tori in particular is quite nice and sensual for massage too which my partner did enjoy!

      The icing on the cake is that the Iroha Plus Tori is waterproof - which is incredibly enjoyable in water and I really wish they did this for my most loved Yuki! Thankfully Tori can look after me and I am sure Yuki won't mind.

      The Tori Lovebird is the ideal toy for clitoral pleasure and I do believe every woman should try the Iroha range if you can. They are outstanding toys and are my first (and forever) love in the world of sex toys.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Design, quality, vibrations, material.
      Absolutely nothing.
      Bottom line
      I can see us holding hands, walking on the beach our toes in the sand.
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    1. Futuristic Pleasure

      Reviewed: July 6, 2017 by Funlover69, a Straight Single Female

      I can hardly believe I was able to acquire this luxury vibe while on offer at half price and before it was discontinued. I must admit to deliberating over its purchase for a few days, being slightly suspicious as to why it was being discontinued so soon and reduced to such an extent.

      However, after reading the reviews, which I found very helpful, I was reassured sufficiently to take the plunge. Being an avid fan of clitoral stimulators and already possessing several of various styles and materials, I was especially intrigued to experience this vibe's unique futuristic texture.

      After placing my order I was delighted to receive my discreet parcel within 24 hours. On opening it up I excitedly rummaged through my Lovehoney goodies and soon spotted the stylish box displaying my new vibe.

      As I retrieved it I discovered it was actually an attractive sleeve containing two smaller colour coordinated boxes, which on opening revealed this space age vibe and its elegant display case cleverly incorporating the charging base, along with an instruction leaflet, charging cable and handy adapter.

      I instantly felt drawn to the abstract bird-themed vibe, picking it up in eager anticipation of experiencing its futuristic cushioned skin. Wow, this spongy marshmallow textured material offered such overwhelming sensuality. I could hardly stop handling it, turning it over repeatedly in my hands, enjoying the amazingly silky sensation of it gliding easily against my skin, its seductive texture triggering intense erotic imagery.

      Unfortunately, it required charging for approximately one and a half hours, during which time I opened and organised my other items in the delivery amongst other things.

      As a newcomer to Tenga products, already impressed by their excellent reputation, I was further enthused by the simplicity of its unique charging system, easily lining up the triangular on/off (+/- ) buttons with the two magnetised points on the base of the display case. The helpful light indicator to the front of the base reassuringly confirms correct alignment and charging in progress, while its switching off is sufficient to indicate the vibe being ready for fun.

      After scrolling through its 5 thrilling speeds and 2 distinct patterns, amazed by its near silent operation, without further ado I got straight to it, choosing to experiment with some hands-free pleasure by tucking it inside the crotch of my knickers, aligning the longer tipped end against my clitoris with the main body sitting across my labia.

      I was thrilled to discover that the intensity of its power exceeded that of several of my bullet vibes, equalled that of my Lovehoney and Rianne heart shaped clitoral vibes, with only my We-Vibe Tango, Desire and Tracey Cox rechargeable bullet vibes being more powerful. Using it hands-free, finding that it actually remained in place, I enjoyed the widespread sensation across my labia as well as the more intense stimulation against my clitoris.

      Although with this approach I didn't achieve an orgasm, which had not been my intention anyway, it had provided amazing erotic stimulation bringing me close to the edge in preparation for further solo indulgent play.

      Moving to the comfort of my bedroom and adding a few other toys, after applying some water-based lube, I continued by first tracing the longer tip of my new luxury vibe around my groin focusing on my labia and vaginal opening.

      This spread the intense sensations easily, enticing me to use the same tip for shallow insertion, allowing deeper stimulation, which far exceeded my expectations, prior to introducing an additional vibe.

      Able to continue with both vibes, using the larger longer one internally and my new birdlike dream once again against my clitoris but more directly and applying more pressure than before, I soon felt the intensity of stimulation increase, surging quickly towards an extremely satisfying, powerful orgasm.

      From my experience with this deceptively powerful ,near silent vibe. I would happily recommend its purchase to anyone who really enjoys clitoral stimulation. The added bonus of being fully waterproof for bathtime fun and easy cleaning to my mind cements its perfection rating. Perhaps some power queens may prefer stronger stimulation to provide orgasms, but I feel they would still appreciate the unique texture and exciting stimulation provided by this divine vibrator, even if only used for intimate massage or as an effective warm up prior to penetration.

      I have already positioned the elegant display case in pride of place on my bedside cabinet, ready for the handy storage and charging of my latest go to playmate with the intention of it getting plenty of use in the foreseeable future, such is the intense pleasure I was immersed in by it.

      Soon to be discontinued by Lovehoney, for those swithering as I did, my advice would be to order up without delay to avoid disappointment.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The magical unique sensations of its texture and unexpected powerful vibrations.
      Bottom line
      An exciting development in clitoral stimulation.
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    1. Luscious little lovebird!

      Reviewed: February 17, 2016 by JM88, a Bisexual Married Female

      When I heard there was a new clitoral vibe around I couldn't help but be intrigued. I'm a big fan of clitoral vibes and own a few, varying from standard bullets to silicone covered vibrators. I tend to prefer my vibrators to provide strong, deep, rumbly vibrations with pinpoint accuracy.

      I have never owned any of the Tenga range before so I wasn't sure what to expect although. I have heard great things about their existing range.

      When the vibe arrived I was so excited as the packaging really makes you feel special. It would make a great gift as it looks very sophisticated and signals that this is a luxury toy.

      Inside the box the toy is enclosed in what can only be described as a museum-like presentation box! I was surprised to find out that this actually doubles up as a charging dock, which is an excellent idea. It is nice to have a hard case to protect your toy, and one that you can actually see through rather than another satin storage pouch. It also keeps your toy dust free, which is an extra bonus with a silicone toy!

      The vibe itself is a rather interesting creation, and something that I have never seen anything like before! Mine is a deep red/ maroon colour, and I refer to it as my "lovebird"! It kind of looks like a small bird if you use a bit of imagination!

      When taking it out of the case, the first thing that struck me was the texture of the toy. It is amazingly squishy! The sides feel like you are holding a big marshmallow, it's so squishingly squidgy! The "head" and the "tail" are still soft silicone, but feel more rigid than the body. Hopefully this will help to pinpoint the vibrations when I come to use the toy.

      The toy is easy to charge, there is a USB cable supplied that simply clicks into the back of the charging dock base. You just have to make sure you put the toy in correctly. This is easy as the base of the toy has two magnetic triangles which match up with the triangles on the charging dock. It's recommended to charge the toy before the first use until it is completely charged (around 1.5 hours), then it's time to play!

      After cleaning the toy with soap and water (it's submersible up to 50cm so easy to clean), I applied some water-based lube and began to play. The control buttons are the same triangles that connect to the charging dock. The shape of the toy lends itself well to stimulating the whole of the exterior. You can simply face it button up, with one end at the clitoris, letting the body nestle between the labia, and the other end stimulating you further down. This provides a strong deep sensation over a larger surface area. For me this was great as a warm up. As the toy is so squishy you can grind against it, or press it hard against your body and not feel sore afterwards.

      It is also a great shape that you could position it between your lips and then wear it around the house as a hands-free vibe (providing you have tight knickers on!) to provide stimulation to the genital area.

      Alternatively you can use either the head or tail for direct clitoral stimulation. However, I found that the vibrations weren't as strong at the tips, so even on the highest setting it just wasn't strong enough for a power queen like myself! Don't get me wrong though it was a great toy as a warm up and really left me wet and in the mood. If you like rumbly vibes, but don't like them too strong or direct then this would make a great addition to your collection.

      Overall, it's a great little vibe that has a very creative design and is so pretty to look at. I would recommend it to anyone, as even if it isn't strong enough alone to make me orgasm, it does feel very relaxing and soothing to use. It isn't too loud when used under covers and its design doesn't scream sex toy, so I would say it's rather discreet too.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The look, the display case, the squishy feel.
      Not quite strong enough for me.
      Bottom line
      Great gift idea!
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