1. Lovehoney Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator Kit (6 Piece)

      Average customer review 3 out of 5 stars9 reviews

      Send her pleasure soaring with this Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator kit. A perfect gift, especially for sex-toys newbies, each of these toys delivers incredible orgasmic sensations. Includes 2 buzzy vibes and a choice of clitoris-caressing attachments.


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      1. Lovehoney Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator Kit (6 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Send her pleasure soaring with this Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator kit. A perfect gift, especially for sex-toys newbies, each of these toys delivers incredible orgasmic sensations. Includes 2 buzzy vibes and a choice of clitoris-caressing attachments.

      Not only do you get 6 sensational toys to play with, but you save a fantastic 31% compared to if you bought each toy separately!

      This mixed bag of tricks targets her precious pearl in different ways to keep arousal ongoing and supply a selection of nerve-tingling sensations.

      A classic vibrator can be used on its own or with a textured sleeve to give all-over goosebumps.

      The wired vibe can stand alone or be used with one of the specifically designed sensory sleeve attachments for pearl-tingling play.

      Ensure you slather all toys with water-based lube before you begin your Turn Me On experience.

      Don't forget to add 3 x AA batteries to your order so the fun rumbles can begin instantly.

      Key Features:

      • Clit-specific sex toy kit including 2 vibrating toys and 4 textured sleeves for a selection of stimulating sensations
      • Amazing value collection of high-quality toys, ideal for a first-time buy
      • Carefully curated kit is ideal for exploring new sensations during solo or shared fun
      • Varying speed on vibrators excite the senses
      • Suitable for beginners or intermediate players
      • Saving of 31% on individual product RRP
    1. How it feels

      • Contains phthalates: No
    2. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 3 x AA (not included)
      • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
      • Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
    3. Essential info

      • Who's it for?: For Women

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    1. Lovehoney Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator Kit (6 Piece)

      Send her pleasure soaring with this Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator kit. An ideal gift, especially for sex-toys newbies, each of these toys delivers unbelievable orgasmic sensations. Includes 2 buzzy vibes and a choice of clitoris-caressing attachments.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator Kit (6 Piece) 9 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator Kit (6 Piece)
      2. Lovehoney Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator Kit (6 Piece)


        RRP: $34.95 You save: $17.47 (50%)

    1. Loved it

      Reviewed: November 9, 2017 by Hannah xx, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Me and my partner are relatively new to sex toys but I found this the perfect icebreaker.

      It’s amazing and has totally put our sex life back on track! With all the different parts it makes it feel like you're getting a lot of different toys for your money. Felt amazing to use and it was nicely packaged.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Was fun and addictive to use.
      Bottom line
      I loved it, definitely a 10/10.
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    1. Good beginners box

      Reviewed: November 21, 2017 by wgw32

      From a 20 something straight couple, not new to sex toys. Sent by Lovehoney for a review.

      As described on the product page, 6 items. 2 vibrators and 4 sleeves. 3 for the smaller wired vibe, 1 for the classic.

      Both vibrators are relatively powerful and relatively quiet. The wired one attached to an easy to use control by a wire more than long enough to not cause hindrance. The 3 sleeves for us didn't add a great deal but this could just be down to preference.

      The classic vibrator was again easy to use with a simple 'twist bottom' to it. That attachment for this actually made quite a bit of difference to the girth of the toy, enough to make it more enjoyable and not enough to cause discomfort.

      To summarise-

      Strong enough vibrations to get the job done

      Not too loud that you cant use it in a shared house

      Good variety of attachments

      Perfect for beginners wanting to explore clitoral stimulation.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Good variety. Relatively strong vibrations
      Bottom line
      Good beginners kit
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    1. There's No Party Like A Clit Kit Party

      Reviewed: September 17, 2017 by Looni, a Straight Going Steady Female

      A big thank you Lovehoney (and Leanne) for sending me this in return for an honest review!

      The short of it:

      I own quite a number of clitoral vibrators and toys now and they all give me a guaranteed orgasm, so when I got this I was super excited to try it out and be able to add it to my collection - what could possibly be better than dedicating an entire sesh to celebrating your clitoris? Although the first time I used the items in the clitoral kit I wasn't completely blown away because I struggled to orgasm. However, not one to dismiss it immediately (the scientist in me lives by the policy of using something a minimum of three times to make a well-informed decision), I've given it several further chances and I am pleased to say this clit kit definitely left me turned on and fits in nicely as a warm-up option in my ever growing collection of personal pleasure paraphernalia!

      The long of it (because there's so much to review!):

      As usual the delivery was prompt and the box was discreet (one thing that I love about LH). I delved straight in. The packaging was simple, with a picture of each of the items within on the front and the instructions written on the back, all six pieces of the product were neatly and snugly placed in a plastic insert inside. The kit contains six items: a bullet connected by a wire to a controller, three sleeves for the bullet, a slim vibrator and a sleeve for the this too. They were all beautifully designed and the quality was exceptional as I always find from all LH toys.

      The vibrators themselves were silver, smooth metal, whilst the attachments were a lovely contrasting purple and made of rubber. I was really impressed with the number of items included in the kit and was excited to get down and dirty with each one right away. There's so much packed into this clitoral vibrator kit I feel each item needs it's own review, so with the help of my BD and having lubed up, here goes.

      The wired bullet with controller:

      We started with this first. The silver bullet is connected to a purple controller by a wire. The wire itself is a perfect length, long enough to let you comfortably have control, not snag or so long that you get tangled. The controller has an on/off button and 4 different speeds. You basically press the up (on) button to move up and a light appears at the speed setting you're at. To move down the speeds you use the down (off) button. I really loved this feature because with all my other vibrators you can only go in one direction with the different settings so you have to cycle through many to get back to the lower ones.

      The vibrations themselves are quiet, strong and really buzzy - perfect if you're trying to be discreet. The first time I used this with the attachments and I was disappointed because it didn't make me cum. I felt like it took me halfway there but not all the way even at full speed. Although if this was meant to turn me on, it definitely did just that and with myBF there watching me masturbate it was an even bigger turn-on (I think he was in awe watching me work through all the different items in the kit)!

      That said, when I used this without any attachments it left me in an orgasmic, quivering mess, especially as it was perfect for when my BF entered me from behind and I was left with all hands free to play with myself with this delightful little bullet. This was by far my favourite piece in the kit just because of the intelligent design and because it resulted in a mind-blowing orgasm!

      The bullet attachments:

      These are really cute! You get rabbit ears, a butterfly and another one I called Knobbles (because basically it looks like an alien inspecting its knobbly paw!). Like I said earlier, the attachments are made of a purple rubbery material which is smooth and really well built. I did struggle a little to put these onto the bullet, but if you make sure you read the instructions (in my eagerness I may have missed this bit the first time ooooops) you put a little lube on the bullet and the inside of the attachment and they glide over like joy.

      I did think once on they might slip off or move but they were on really securely and didn't shift at all. The butterfly was the best at spreading the vibrations not just on to my clit but in the surrounding areas, which felt divine and the rabbit ears were the best at stimulating my most sensitive spot! I found for me these attachments do dull the vibrations a tad amount making it difficult for me to orgasm, but I still really enjoyed using them for the warm up!

      The larger silver bullet vibrator:

      Again another sleek product! It's super smooth and the tapered end really helps concentrate the vibes at the point which is perfect for stimulating you clit. It's also long enough to insert and the coolness of the vibrator against my raw skin really enhanced the sensations. To operate it you just twist the base and it continuously transitions from weak to strong vibrations which is easy to adjust to a setting which works for you. Again this was also quiet and ideal if you're worried about other people in the house!

      The sleeve for the larger bullet:

      This took the vibrator from being average to exceptional! It adds a significant amount of girth, which I was really impressed with to the point where I was thinking is this actually going to go in! And wow those knobbly bits really hit all those sensitive spots inside. I really enjoyed how this felt inside me, especially when my other half was thrusting it in and out. It would have taken me an eternity to reach an orgasm, but I was happy for him massage me with it all night. To help me along I used it with the other bullet and it took me from naught to infinity straight away and resulted in me squirting all over our bedsheets - which doesn't happen often!!

      I think the Lovehoney Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator Kit is perfect if you're new to clitoral toys and vibrators as the variety of products really gives you a chance to see what you like and start working your way up to stronger vibrations and more larger toys. There is also something in it for more experienced users because, even though I personally found the vibrations not strong enough at times and that it didn't quite get me all the way there, it's still perfect for when you want to go slow and want to get in the mood!

      If you are thinking of buying this item I would recommend also purchasing these additional items:

      Make sure you buy some AA batteries. You'll need one for the larger vibrator and two for the wired bullet vibrator with the controller.

      The box isn't huge but it was too large for me to store anywhere sensible, so for compactness I would recommend getting a storage bag (LH sell some really nice, inexpensive, satin and velvet bags in the sex essentials section which I own several of and would highly recommend).

      Also a sex toy cleaner for keeping your items clean and fresh!

      P.S. Sorry for the mammoth review, but I hope it's helpful!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Excellent quality, number of items, great for beginners/warm-up, can use solo/with partner.
      The vibrations were often not strong enough to make me orgasm.
      Bottom line
      A serious celebration for your clitoris!
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