1. Clandestine Mimic Rechargeable Clitoral Palm Vibrator

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      1. Clandestine Mimic Rechargeable Clitoral Palm Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      With its sleek contours and fluid shape, this ergonomically designed sensory experience fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Offering pinpoint precision or broad pleasure in waves across your intimate parts, this toy is an inimitable essential.

      Let the 8 patterns of vibration pulse through to the pinpoint tip or wash over the width of the toy for intense sensations in the body, tip and wings.

      Made from silky soft silicone, this toy is a delight to use, with a user-friendly interface and a light for easy use in the dark. It's also completely waterproof, so you can splash around with it to your heart's content.

      Use alone or involve a partner with solo or couple's play - and remember to use a high-quality water-based lube for maximum enjoyment.

      Key Features:

      • A unique and ergonomic design which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand
      • 8 vibration patterns for waves of different sensations
      • USB rechargeable and completely waterproof so you can enjoy anywhere
      • LED glow for ease of use in the dark
      • Easy control-interface allows you to focus on your enjoyment

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      Clandestine Mimic Rechargeable Clitoral Palm Vibrator 3 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Clandestine Mimic Rechargeable Clitoral Palm Vibrator
      2. Clandestine Mimic Rechargeable Clitoral Palm Vibrator


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    1. Strong and to-the-point

      Reviewed: May 24, 2017 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      The Clandestine Mimic USB Rechargeable Clitoral Palm Vibrator is a luxury silicone clitoral stimulator which others high powered pinpoint sensations in an easy to grip design. This Manta Ray sex toy has already been donned as one of the best sex toys to surface in 2017 so I was eager to get right onto testing this sex toy when I learned of its arrival. Would the Mimic really offer something new and unique whilst ticking the boxes when it came to power, material, and ease of use? Well, read on to find out.

      The Clandestine Mimic’s shape is slightly new, in the way that I have seen variations of this design over the years in leaf or tongue shape which offer this particular pin-point tip; however, with the Mimic I have found that it does out beat these old designs when it comes to power. Also in the past, similar sex toys have always been battery powered. Also, the Mimic’s silicone is a lot smoother and more pliable than other similar sex toys I’ve used in the past making the experience with this sex toy much more pleasurable.

      The Mimic is made from extremely smooth silicone and has no manufacturing seams. It is a total of 4 inches in maximum length as well as width. At the base of the product you will find a clear hard plastic base, not only does this mean you can prop the toy up on your bedside cabinet easily, but it also has a built-in LED which can act as a night light for in-the-dark sexy adventures. Just above the base, you will find the charging port on one side which has an easy to open silicone flap and on the other side, there are three push buttons above an engraving of the products name. You can adjust the strength of the vibrations by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons. The centre button between these not only acts as the on / off button but allows you to scan through the 8 various vibration modes. The vibrator is USB rechargeable.

      The vibrations are buzzy but run smoothly. When using the pin-point tip the vibrations are very intense when put onto the highest setting (if you have tried a We-vibe Tango I would compare the strength of this toy close to it just with buzzier vibes).

      The shape is ergonomic and fits nicely into your hand when the battery side is resting against your hand and the contours mean that your thumb naturally curls under to the control buttons for easy control. However when using the sex toy this way I have found it harder to take advantage of the pinpoint tip as it curls away from my clitoris when gliding it over my body. To really take advantage of this sex toys pin-point tip during clitoral play I have to flip the vibrator over which doesn’t fit my contours as nicely and also means that access to the control buttons becomes harder. You can also use the solid ‘fins’ to stimulate the clitoris, when placing them lightly over the clitoral numb they flap quickly over adding a new dynamic to the sensations already offered by this sex toy. When putting more pressure on the toys flexible silicone, the smooth surface offers a deliciously pleasant massage over the body.

      When using the toy I slowly eased the pin-point tip between my labia and gently dipped it into my vaginal opening. The tip was able to scoop up my natural lubricants and gently spread them over my vulva and clitoris. I used the tip to pinpoint my clitoris to my most pleasurable spot. I have found that while the toy is powerful that on the odd occasion the buzzy vibrations can be a bit numbing. However, most of the times during play the vibrator leads to climax quickly. When using the Mimic for too long of a period on one spot the tip can start to feel a little jabby.

      Penis Play: Using the toy on my partner I found that when I held the sex toy so it fitted perfectly into my palms contours that I was able to use the dip in the centre of the underside to stroke up and down my lo-v-e-r-s shaft. Used this way the vibrations helped edge my partner and acted as great foreplay. My partner found that the pin-point tip slightly too powerful at times, particularly when I stimulated his frenulum, however for short bursts of stimulation he found it could be an enjoyable way to mix up his masturbatory explorations.

      Use during sex: When having sex with my partner I found that the Mimic can rest over the pubic mound when placed button side down. The tip of the toy then rests on the clitoral region and can vibrate happily away during missionary position staying in place during thrusting.

      The Mimic is very easy to clean as it's made from silicone and is waterproof. Simply wash is warm water with your standard antibacterial soap.

      Overall, I like the Mimic as it can be fairly easy to use and the shape allows you to try it in various situations and experience different sensations. This toy is powerful but I’d really only recommended it if buzzy vibrations are for you (it really does offer high-quality buzzy vibrations unlike many others).

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Strong, quiet, easy to hold.
      Can be stabby.
      Bottom line
      If you like strong buzzy vibes this is for you.
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    1. Looks odd, feels flawless

      Reviewed: April 29, 2017 by Shadow Collector

      If the Clandestine Mimic were an animal it would be one of the oddest known to man: a manta ray with the buzz of satisfied wasp and bioluminescent capabilities only exhibited when it settles for dinner.

      It would have no obvious niche, and would probably be outcompeted by rays that didn’t have a glowing ‘attack me!’ sign blow up whenever they were distracted by food. Luckily the Mimic is not an animal, it’s a vibrator and in that particular niche it works out splendidly.

      I arrived for me promptly and packaged discreetly, as always with Lovehoney deliveries. For among us that don’t want the neighbours prying in to our private lives, those non-descript brown boxes are as valuable as gold.

      Once it’s out of the postage box, you can expect to be greeted with a pleasant sight: a storage box, complete with ribbon handle and a picture of the Clandestine on the front. The toy, charger and a nifty little storage bag (for people who might not want a box with a sex toy emblazoned on the front left lying around the house) are neatly packaged. It’s a really elegant design, catering for every storage style without being tacky.

      I left it charging in the background for two hours before testing and this seemed like plenty of time to get it up to full power. Since that I’ve experimented a little more and I can safely say that it usually needs about 20-40 minutes charge between use to be back to top form.

      It comes with a compatible charger cable that plugs in to anything USB, so have no fear; with USB’s being so ubiquitous, unless you’re living in a tree, odds are you’ll be able to find somewhere to plug it in.

      The only annoyance here is the fact that there is a little silicone flap protecting the point where you plug the cable in to your mimic, and unless you have Vulture talons it’s a pain in the butt to try and peel open. I ended up using a toothpick to pry it up the first time! Since then it has loosened up a bit, but it’s still annoyingly finicky.

      Now, the Mimic itself. There’s so much to say: flawless ergonomic design, delicate silicone as soft as a newborn's cheek, and an ingenious shape that is as unique as it is versatile. Clearly no expense has been spared in making sure it arrives to the customer in perfect condition. I could spend another four paragraphs raving about its aesthetic quality, but you can get most of that from the pictures provided, so I’ll keep my summary short: the images shown above do not do it justice.

      It’s one of the quietest toys I have ever used. At its most powerful setting it’s only about as loud as a bumblebee. Under a duvet, it is all but silent. If you have thin walls and nosy flatmates, you will be really happy with this toy.

      Something else that gives the Clandestine its Wow Factor is its incredible variance. The shape can provide pinpoint stimulation, broad cover and every nuance in between. The eight different pattern settings ensure you are guaranteed to find one that works for you.

      It’s fully waterproof. I mean really, this thing is about as flexible as an Olympic gymnast, only limited in use by your creativity.

      I only have one complaint: it is not suitable for power queens. The most intense vibration setting was not nearly powerful enough to make me orgasm. It felt wonderful, and much to my partner’s delight succeeds well in teasing, but unless you are one of the ladies out there who prefer shallower, buzzy vibrations in your toys, odds are the Clandestine Mimic will leave you wanting a bit more bang (or buzz) for your buck.

      So, if you value discretion and don’t need a lot of power, this will be the ideal toy for you. I believe that it is one of the highest quality products I have ever had the luxury of testing for Lovehoney, and if it were only a little bit more powerful could easily have ousted the Doxy and Womanizer for prime real estate in my top bedside drawer. If you’re reading this and think this might be the toy for you, I urge you to put it in your basket right now. Believe me, it is worth every penny.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The best designed toy I have used in a very long time.
      Lacks power.
      Bottom line
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    1. A bit awkward

      Reviewed: May 22, 2018 by Wifey82, a Straight Married Female

      I bought this because of the recharge factor, but unfortunately that's this toy's only good point.

      The look and shape were also appealing but when I used it it was awkward to hold to use alone or with penetration and it did not vibrate strong enough for my liking.

      The controls were a little awkward to push while it was in use.

      If you like strong vibes then try a different toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      Not strong enough.
      Bottom line
      Not worth the money.
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