1. Cock Locker Long Inflatable Butt Plug 7.5 Inch

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      1. Cock Locker Long Inflatable Butt Plug 7.5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Inflation is an inevitable part of life, but put the fun back into it with this inflatable anal toy. Made from expandable latex and designed for those looking for a new challenge, this butt plug will fill you up and give you those stretched sensations.

      Insert its 7.5 inch length and 7 inch circumference with plenty of lube to keep things comfortable before you pump it up. Though this bad boy is suitable for use with water-based and silicone lube for enhanced pleasure and play, it's not so suitable for beginners.

      Warning: Do not over inflate this product

      Key Features:

      • Long inflatable butt plug for extreme stretching
      • Tapered tip with wide neck offers easy insertion and comfortable wear
      • Flared base keeps play safe
      • Palm-sized pump enables easy inflation
      • Quick-release valve for speedy deflation

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      1. Cock Locker Long Inflatable Butt Plug 7.5 Inch
      2. Cock Locker Long Inflatable Butt Plug 7.5 Inch


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    1. A winner

      Reviewed: July 16, 2018 by Mirmir, a Straight Single Male

      I misunderstood this butt plug at first. Without any inflation at all - it has a solid core that is very hard and inflexible, it is very wide straight and long, more than 6 inches - so for full insertion, it needs to penetrate the sigmoid colon, and is completely unforgiving in that.

      But I thought it might be good for doing that, and through the inflation, would encourage the sling muscle that closes the sigmoid colon and causes the bend that limits you to 6 inches to relax and lengthen, so the anal passage would loosen and straighten to allow larger and deeper penetration. However, it's just too hard to do that. If the sling muscle is relaxed enough to allow full insertion, it's relaxed enough that you wouldn't need to tease it open with an inflatable.

      It was just too uncomfortable for full insertion. So I thought maybe beginning to inflate it only partially inserted would start the sling muscle to relax and allow slightly deeper penetration, then inflate a bit more, go a bit deeper, that it was a progressive thing you had to work at, so tried inflating it inserted to only 6 inches. Then I understood.

      It may well work as I imagined, that you can insert and inflate to work for deeper penetration. But that potential aside, what it definitely does is this. Inserted up to 6 inches (up to the sigmoid colon), it acts exactly like a normal sized inflatable butt plug, except not only have you got the inflation in your rectum going on (that is extremely pleasurable in itself and that does help loosen the sling muscle above it), you've also got the very thick and hard shaft passing through your anus at the same time, that also inflates slightly. The inflated head is too big to be pushed out, trying and failing against your already very stretched and dominated anus. Inflated, it so solidly jams itself in that you can move and squirm against it and it stays in place, all the time working your widely penetrated anus. It's an exquisite feeling, it achieves and maintains pleasure like is only passing in rigid, and other inflatable but short plugs.

      It's very easy to use once you realise you don't need to fully insert it, though its width demands some warming up with other toys first. Great for solo play, fantastic for edging, and would suit BDSM perfectly as it's dominating, I think it's likely to make a subject wanton.

      And it seems very pro, the bulb with the metal valve is very high quality, it seems a very real device rather than a 'toy' and is impressive.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's pro, it achieves a specific feeling of pleasure and anal domination completely competently.
      Zero, no cons.
      Bottom line
      A must buy and try.
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