1. Buyers GuidesSex Essentials Guides

    Lovehoney sells a wide range of products for men and women that can give you a boost in the bedroom. Our guides helps you choose the right products for you.

    Buyers Guides Lube Guides

    Our guides help you learn the difference between water-based and silicone based lubes, so you can be sure to have the very best experience with your lube.

    1. Which is the Best Lube?

      Which is the Best Lube?

      Choose the right lube to make sex so much more enjoyable.

    2. Guide to Anal Lube

      Guide to Anal Lube

      During anal sex or masturbation with anal play, anal lube is essential.

    3. Silicone Lube FAQ

      Silicone Lube FAQ

      Silicone lube is water-resistant lube, that's ideal for long-lasting lubrication.

    Buyers Guides Condom Guides

    Using the right condom makes such a difference to your pleasure and our guides help you choose a condom and show you how to use one.

    1. How to Choose a Condom

      How to Choose a Condom

      Choose the right condom and make a world of difference to your pleasure.

    2. How to Use a Condom

      How to Use a Condom

      Learn why condoms are so important, how to put a condom on and dispose of them safely.

    Buyers Guides Better Sex for Her Guides

    There's everything from lotions and potions to pumps and jiggle balls to help boost her orgasm potential and our guides show you where to begin

    1. Guide to Female Orgasm Boosters

      How to Use Female Orgasm Boosters

      Orgasm boosters are effective and easy to use. Simply apply to your favorite spots to heighten your sensitivity to touch.

    2. How to Use Kegel Balls

      How to Use Kegel Balls

      Jiggle balls are easy to use and very discreet - practice at home first and move outside as you increase in confidence.

    3. How to Use a Pussy Pump

      How to Use a Pussy Pump

      Pumping your pussy will leave it feeling ultra-sensitive and every touch, tingle and vibration will be heightened.

    Buyers Guides Sex Toy Care Guides

    Looking after your sex toys is really important and our guides show you how to clean and store your toys, to ensure they're ready to please you for years to come

    1. How to Clean Sex Toys

      How to Clean Sex Toys

      Everyone wants to keep their sex toys squeaky clean and hygienic, and it's really easy with the right technique and cleaning products.

    2. How to Store Sex Toys

      How to Store Sex Toys

      We can't overstate how important it is that you store your sex toys separately to keep them in tip-tip condition.

    3. Guide to Batteries for Sex Toys

      Guide to Batteries for Sex Toys

      Because batteries for sex toys can have a confusing number of different names, we always use one name for each type of battery.

    Buyers GuidesHow to Squirt

    1. How to Squirt: The Best Sex Toys for Female EjaculationFemale ejaculation - or squirting - has been around for centuries, but only recently has it become a desirable addition to a lady’s sexual repertoire. Previously, the fluids resulting from female ejaculation were often dismissed as peeing during sex, leaving naturally talented squirters stressed and embarrassed.

      We now know the liquid is closer to what’s secreted by the male prostate when stimulated, leading many to refer to the Skene’s glands (the glands around the G-spot responsible for the secretions) as ‘the female prostate’. Want to join Club Squirt? This guide will help…

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    Buyers GuidesHow to Style Your Pubic Hair

    1. How To Style Your Pubic HairJust as with the hair on our heads, eyebrows, and faces, pubic hairstyles come in a wide array of shapes and colours. Some people like it balder than a US Congressman; some people like it neatly trimmed; and others prefer to follow the spirit of Woodstock, and let it run wild and free.

      If you are in the staggering 92% of women and 83% of men who primp their pubes in some way, or you're looking to pick up that razor for the very first time, just read on for our finest styling tips.

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