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Over the past 20 years, we've loved embracing the kaleidoscopic variety of beautiful people the world has to offer. We know your pleasure comes in many different shapes, colors, sizes and settings, and we endeavour to deliver a sizzling something for everyone who wants one.

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Tempted by toys? We've got you covered. Lusting for confidence-boosting lingerie? Yep, still here. Just curious, or hoping for some advice? We all start somewhere - like right here.

Exploring Gender and Sexuality
How to Come Out
Gender Neutral Toys for Every Body
Gender Neutral Lingerie Pieces to add to your Collection
Discovering Your Sexuality as an Adult
7 Top Oral Sex Moves (For Anybody)
Top Toys for Trans People
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The Pride Guide

An Exploration of LGBTQIA+ Sex Ed

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Pleasure for Everyone

One thing we've learned to embrace at Lovehoney over the past 20 years is that sexual pleasure is as unique and different as individuals are and comes in many different shapes, colors, sizes and settings. We're working towards being inclusive and welcoming to everyone all year round - not just for Pride. Let's come together, be proud and celebrate.

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Lingerie for Every Body

We love lingerie, and we think everyone deserves to own some. Designed to boost your confidence, enhance your best bits and delight any lovers you may have, lingerie is a superb way to explore what makes you feel sexy. While it may seem like there are set rules for who can wear what kind of lingerie, that couldn't be farther from the truth. You can and should queer your lingerie, because everyone has a bum and thongs can make anyone's butt look amazing.

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