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Lovehoney's team of experts are here to help you find your sexual happiness. Whether you're trying to find the sex toy that's right for you, curious about bondage, wondering which is the best lingerie style for your body, or exploring new relationship dynamics we've got you covered!


Lovehoney's Beginner Guide to Sex Toys

Navigating the vast world of sex toys can be daunting. Let us help you.

Want to know which sex toys to choose for a more fun and more fulfilling sex life? Or maybe you’re curious about expanding your toy horizons but aren’t always sure about what goes where. Whether buying for yourself or someone special, read on to get sex toy savvy.

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Sex Toy Advice
With so many great sex toys to choose from, our toy guides help you narrow down the best toys for you and how to make the most of them once you find the one that's right for you
Better Sex Advice
Give your sexual happiness a boost and discover ways to make your sex life more fulfilling with our guides for improving your sex skills.
Sexual Health & Wellness Advice
Expert advice on how to address common sexual health concerns and boost your sexual wellness.
Bondage Advice
Advice on everything from starting out with a little tie-and-tease play to dialling up your kinkiness to 10
Lubes & Sex Essentials Advice
Covering everything from choosing the right lube to cleaning and storing your toys
Lingerie Advice
Advice on everything from choosing the right style for your body shape to finding the right Lovehoney size

Featured Advice Guides


All You Need to Know About Erogenous Zones

You're covered in erogenous from head to toe and everywhere in between. Want to max out pleasure from your fave sexy bits? Discover how to experience full body pleasure.

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Masturbation is Good for You

Discover how to take the simple act of self-pleasure to the next level, and give your sexual happiness and wellbeing a boost.

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Yes/No/Maybe list beside a queer pride flag

LGBTQ+ Advice

Explore your sexual happiness on your terms. Find everything from the best queer sex positions to queer-friendly sex toys and dating apps and advice on how to come out.

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