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Pleasure Anatomy

Everything you wished you'd learned in school.

Knowledge is power and knowing how and where you, or your partner, like to be touched can build sexual confidence and improve every aspect of your sex life. Start (or refuel) your journey to sexual happiness by getting acquainted with pleasure-centered anatomy.

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Sexual Health Enhancers

Benefits of Sex & How to Boost Your Sex Life


Healthy Sex 101

What is "healthy" when it comes to sex?

Get tips from a Certified Sex and Relationship Psychologist on the best practices for maintaining a fulfilling AND healthy sex life.

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How to Increase Your Libido

Spice up your sex life and re-energize your libido.

It’s normal for your sex drive to fluctuate over time. Though if things are feeling a little lack-luster in the passion department, and you want to reignite the flame of sexual desire, there are a number of things that can help.

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Manage & Improve Your Sexual Health


How to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Kegel exercises explained.

Want to know how to engage your pelvic floor muscles for a happier, healthier sex life? Learn more about the many benefits of kegel exercises in this guide.

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How to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Spoiler: It's possible without meds.

If your confidence or sex life suffers due to over-eager semen, we've got you. Pill-free PE solutions include preventative methods and things you can do during sex to stave off ejaculation. Learn more with Lovehoney's comprehensive guide.

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Safer Sex & Hygiene


STI Awareness

STIs do not mean the end of your sex life.

Lovehoney & TBD Health (STI testing provider) have teamed up to destigmatize STI's, debunk the most common myths surrounding them and show you how you can have happy, fulfilled sex life no matter you or your partner's status.

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Periods & Pregnancy


Menstrubation: Menstruation + Masturbation

Study shows masturbation reduces period pain.

Womanizer x Lovehoney conducted the first ever worldwide clinical “Menstrubation” study (Menstruation + Masturbation) to find out if masturbation can help reduce period pain. With 486 participants over three months, the study found that regular masturbation had pain-relieving effects on menstrual cramps. Well, how about that!

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Silver Sex: Sex & Aging


Aging Improves Your Sex

Explore the sexual benefits of aging.

Though it’s true that aging can have some undesirable (but solvable!) effects on sexual function, it can also be accompanied by experience and knowledge that make your sex life far more enjoyable than it was in your younger years.

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