Position of the Week: Rubdown

Lie back and take each other to that extra-special destination with the Rubdown position – the ultimate way of getting each other off while learning about what makes one another tick. Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings when you’re craving satisfaction, minus too much physical exertion.

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Wild Weekend 5_DSC_2329 wood wooden floor top down flat lay bed

How to Choose A Sex Toy Kit

Kick-starting your sex toy collection isn’t always the easiest thing. Sure, you might have picked up a bullet vibrator, or a cock ring, but where do you go from there?

Luckily, Lovehoney have lots of sex toy kits for couples that contain everything you need for your long evenings of sexploration, and we’ve picked out the best ones for any occasion.

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"Why Does it Have Balls?": All Your Dildo Questions Answered


Dildos eh? For many they’re the go-to toy of choice for an amazing orgasm.

For others, they’re a mysterious unicorn whose powers have not yet been revealed.

You know lots of them look like real dongs, you know some of them don’t. You know they go inside you… somewhere. But how far does your knowledge go?

From what they’re good for to what they’ll do to your vagina, we respond to most commonly asked dildo queries found in the depths of our forum.

Hold on to your seats, hats, horses, and sex cushions: we're penetrating the world of dildos.

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How To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Shape

Looking to buy some sexy new lingerie but not sure where to start? Don't worry! All you have to do is figure out your body shape and we'll give you the best lingerie suggestions which will flatter and complement your body in the best possible way.

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