Lovehoney: 20 Years of Sex Education

Over two decades into the 21st century, we’ve witnessed some fairly monumental changes. From welcoming the first African-American president, to the introduction of smart phones and then the rapid rise of social media – Who ever knew back in the 50’s, that a TikTok dance would be the highlight of our week?

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Sharing the love (and everything you need to know about poly pleasure)

The idea of a polyamorous relationship isn’t for everyone. The standard social-acceptable route to a long-lasting relationship often ensues a period of dating, before finding the one then settling into a faithfully monogamous relationship.

While this has long been the traditional expected love scenario, times are swiftly changing and as we’ve become more open about our intimate connections, it seems we’re getting more adventurous about poly relationships too.

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Our Top Toys for Trans People

Sex toys aren’t always specifically designed with gender non-conforming people in mind. With the majority of sex toys seemingly marketed for a cisgendered audience, it can be challenging to find one that works just as well if you’re non-binary or trans. We’ve rounded up some of our best gender-affirming toys so that everyone can enjoy what’s on offer.

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