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Position of the Week: Come Together

Mirror each other’s pleasure and come together (quite literally!) in a sensational showdown of intimacy. Perfect for relishing in your romance and enjoying each other visually, this face-to-face position lets you get up close and personal to your partner.

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Top 6 Sex Positions for Tight Spaces

If you’re heading off to a festival, planning a camping trip, or living in a tiny apartment that can only fit a slender single bed in it, then you're probably wondering about the hows and whys of sex in small spaces.

You may have to keep the noise down so your fellow campers aren’t alerted to your sexy tent endeavours, or you may have the bonus of your satisfied moans and groans being drowned out by the hum and thrum of festival-goers. You may just like the challenge of sex in a small space... hell, why wouldn’t you when given this choice of specially selected sex positions?

So, flex up and get ready to add a bit of contortion to your sex life resume with six of the best positions for small spaces.

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masturbation positions - squat and rock

Position of the Week: Squat 'n' Rock

Everyone knows about the benefits of squatting, but this isn’t your regular squatting session in a gym alongside a load of sweaty gym-goers. No no. Squat ‘n’ Rock is a thigh workout with a difference – mainly that it’s a fantastic masturbation position to massage, stroke and tease both your internal and external hotspots.

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Six of the Best Positions for Anal Masturbation

Anal masturbation is a fantastic way of adding extra zing to your solo play and sex life. Whether you're an anal play newbie or a bona fide butt-fiddling aficionado, we have a line-up of the very best anal masturbation positions to make your pleasure-hungry backdoor nerve-endings sing loudly from the rooftops.

So grab your anal lube, take your pick from our top 6 line-up, and get your anal play adventures underway.

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Position of the Week: Aphrodite

Become a God or a Goddess of sexual love with this intimately open sex position. Perfect for those who enjoy visual arousal, the excitement of sex toys and have the confidence to bare all in the bedroom, Aphrodite is a one-stop sex position that truly has it all!

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Position of the Week: Knees Up

There really are no limits to your sexual endeavours with this position. Thanks to its ambitious levels of flexibility and required stamina and strength. Knees Up is for the adrenaline junkie skydivers of the sex position world. Prepare for lift-off.

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Position of the Week: Tickled Pink

Tickle tickle! Oh what fun you’re going to have with the sensory-filled Tickled Pink position! Start with the feet and tease, tickle, stroke and maybe spank your way up to an explosive finale with this soft introduction to the world of BDSM.

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