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Amazing Masturbation

Discover how to amplify the joys of self-pleasure with Lovehoney's expert advice.

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Masturbation is the Secret to Sexual Wellness

Masturbation feels good and is so good for you. Not only is solo play highly enjoyable, it comes with a bunch of benefits for your physical and mental health. Discover ways to improve your sex life, and your wellbeing, with our masturbation guide.

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Mutual Masturbation


Mutual Masturbation: Going Solo, Together

Wait, isn't masturbation all about having some precious alone time? Truth is, mutual masturbation can benefit both you and your relationship in loads of ways. Find out how to improve intimacy and connection with mutual masturbation.

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Clitoral Masturbation

how to masturbate for women

How to Make Masturbation Even Better (A Guide for Clitoris Owners)

Sure, masturbation nearly always feels good. But we want to help you turn 'good' into scream-into-your-pillow, out-of-this-world incredible. Here's how to enhance your pleasure and boost your wellness...

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Penis Masturbation

male masturbation guide

How to Make Masturbation Even Better (A Guide for Penis Owners)

Of course there's plenty of pleasure in a simple hand shandy, but this guide will help you send satisfaction from solo play sessions into the stratosphere.

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Anal & Prostate Masturbation


How to Explore Anal Masturbation

“Me-time” doesn’t need to only involve your penis or vulva. Your backdoor has thousands of nerve endings waiting to be explored and your masturbation sessions are the best time to make it happen.

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Nipple Masturbation


Discover the Secrets of Nipplegams

Our bodies are like treasure maps dotted with hotspots begging to be discovered. A lot of folks are quick to set sail to the genital islands. But there's another X marking a spot that’s a goldmine of sensations for everyone, regardless of gender.

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