1. Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator

      Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars4 reviews

      The Broad City Tuesday 7am classic vibrator is some high class sh*t. An easy, grab-and-go vibe for an everyday turn-on, all you do is twist the base to get it buzzing, then keep twisting to find the speed that gets you off. No frills, all thrills, bitch.


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    1. Product Description

      The Broad City Tuesday 7am classic vibrator is some high class sh*t. An easy, grab-and-go vibe for an everyday turn-on, all you do is twist the base to get it buzzing, then keep twisting to find the speed that gets you off. No frills, all thrills, bitch.

      Perfect for sex toy newbies as well as regular vibe-vixens, this sleek smoothie has a tapered tip which is great for clit tickling as well as finding its sweet way into your lovehole. Fully waterproof too, you can take it while you stumble from bed to bathroom and keep going with your self-loving.

      "The Tuesday 7 a.m. is perfectly suited to someone new to the Vibrator World who is intimidated by products with high-tech features. The vibrations aren't super strong, either, so it's very kind on the clit." - Vice

      Part of the Some High Class Sh*t Collection created with the Comedy Central team behind Broad City.

      Key Features:

      • Broad City Tuesday 7am multispeed classic vibrator
      • Easy twist base operation for relaxed or half-awake solo play
      • Tapered tip to respect your clit and mind your vagina
      • Multispeed vibration so you can find the setting to get you off
      • Fully waterproof for tub or shower splashy fun times
    1. How it measures up

      • Base diameter: 1.1
      • Circumference: 3.5 inches
      • Insertable Length: 6.5 inches
      • Length: 7 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: ABS
      • Texture: Smooth
      • Waterproof: Submersible
    3. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 2 x AA (not included)
      • Controller Type: Built in - twist base
      • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
      • Vibration speed: Multiple speeds

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    1. Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator

      The Broad City Tuesday 7am classic vibrator is some high class sh*t! A comfortable, grab-and-go vibe for an everyday turn-on, all you do is twist the base to get it buzzing, then keep twisting to find the speed that gets you off. No frills, all thrills, bitch.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator 4 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator
      2. Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator


    1. Must-buy

      Reviewed: November 17, 2017 by Mmmm😉❤

      I got this because it just looked good (simple) one of my best buys. As I've got kids I need something I can hide.

      Well this is great because of its simple design. The colour is great it just looks fun. I want the collection. It's great for G-spot and clitoral use, but be warned it's very powerful, so it's a great build up. But it's very loud, but still very pleasurable. It's a must buy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Simple and effective. Easy cleaning too.
      Bottom line
      Definitely gets you to where you want to go.
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    1. Simple but powerful

      Reviewed: July 16, 2017 by EmeraldTiara, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      I was sent this toy as a tester item to review, and I was very happy to discover that (thanks to the minimal packaging), this could actually be posted straight through my letterbox. No need to be home!

      The Broad City branding on both the packaging and toy is fun and it's ridiculously easy to see what you're getting. The colours of this vibrator are honestly one of my favourite things about it (and the entire Broad City range), as they're wonderfully vibrant. The surface of the toy is incredibly smooth and very easy to clean, and it's operated by a very simple twist of the base (and that's also where you get access to the battery compartment).

      As for the toy itself; this thing is powerful. I haven't had a chance to try to turn it up all the way yet, but believe me when I say you might not even need it. The size and shape mean it feels great either when inserted or when used as a clitoral vibrator. In fact, the only downside is the noise. It sounds as though part of the noise may be down to the batteries rattling a little, but it can be muffled with thighs or covers, so it wasn't a deal breaker for me.

      Overall, it's a great addition to any toy collection - especially if you're looking for something simple and powerful.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Very powerful, and easy to clean.
      Quite loud, possibly the batteries rattling a little.
      Bottom line
      If you're looking for something that's simple but powerful: this is your toy!
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Ideal for first time sex toy users

      Reviewed: July 12, 2017 by NatandTom, a Straight Going Steady Female

      When I found out that Lovehoney were going to be introducing a Broad City sex toy range I was quite surprised. It's not a collaboration that I ever expected, but I love it. My partner and I are both rather fond of sex toys and we like to chill together and watch this show, so this range seemed well suited to us. We were kindly given the chance to test out a couple of items in exchange for our review and this Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator was one of them. Thanks Lovehoney!

      The packaging for this range was one of the first things that caught my attention. It's clean, clear and full of bright colours and sass. It definitely tickles my fancy. The vibrator arrived in a white cardboard sleeve that had Broad City written across the top and an image of the two main characters Abbi and Ilana near the bottom. The back showed another picture of the pair along with some of their quotes and basic product information regarding cleaning, materials and batteries.

      I had specifically asked for this toy because of the colouring. It's not often enough that I come across colorful blue sex toys, so when I see them my head just zones in on them. It has pink writing on each side. One reads Tuesday 7am and the other simply says Broad City. It wasn't just the aesthetics that drew my attention to this toy though. I hadn't tried a new classic vibrator for a few months, so I wanted to see if this one would have what it takes to drive me to orgasm city.

      It's made from a smooth plastic so has very little drag to it. It is recommended to use water-based lubricant with this vibrator, so I did as suggested. I found that I didn't need to use more than a pump or two as the drag was basically nonexistent and the girth is fairly slimline. It glided in quite easily with natural lubrication, but this will obviously differ from person to person. I feel that it should be manageable for beginners to sex toys or those who are looking for something thinner.

      The Tuesday 7am Vibrator takes two double A batteries. Simply unscrew the base and insert them as directed inside the compartment. Screw the base back on firmly to use. It's important that it's in place tightly or the toy won't function properly and won't be fully waterproof. As it is suitable for use in water, shower or bath fun is an option but easy cleaning is a given. Simply rinse with toy cleaner and water and leave it to dry before putting away.

      This toy doesn't have any buttons as it operates via a dial. This is located on the base. Turn this dial clockwise to begin the vibrations and twist further to increase the intensity. Having a dial control means that single speed vibrations at different strengths are the only options - there are no patterns. I'm not fond of those settings anyway, so that worked out quite well for me. If you prefer a variety of functions then this may not be right for you.

      Classic vibrators can be used in a couple of ways. Internally or externally. This makes them versatile and great for traveling with as they are two for one type toys. It doesn't matter whether you're craving internal or external play, as this can do either depending on your mood. I decided to use this externally first so I applied a bit of lube to myself and the vibe for comfort and begun the vibrations.

      I turned them up to full intensity instantly as I need max power for clitoral stimulation. I was impressed that the vibrations weren't horribly buzzy as I was expecting very surface level sensations. I would not call them rumbly either, so I feel they have a nice balance on the buzzy border. I also feel like it could be a touch stronger, but I can still reach an orgasm if given ten minutes of constant use with firm pressure, which isn't bad for a battery operated vibe and a fussy power queen.

      Internally I'm not as demanding when it comes to vibrations, so I knew this would be fine for that purpose. It has a tapered tip that doesn't look stabby or pointed and it isn't. This made insertion very comfortable for me. Sensation wise, there's no curve to the shaft so G-spot play was out of the window and I was left to explore with overall vaginal stimulation. It was great for warming up before using other insertables or having PIV, but it's not a toy I'd use for a full session as it didn't particularly wow me.

      Noise-wise I was expecting this thing to be loud because it's battery operated with a hard plastic exterior, but it wasn't. It was averagely noisy in my opinion and it's nothing that a fan and a closed bedroom door couldn't disguise. It's not as silent as a rechargeable as one would expect, but it's not loud by any means. I think it'd be fine for people who need discretion as long as their situation allows for some level of background noise.

      Overall, I think the Tuesday 7am Vibrator would be perfect for beginners. It's not intimidating in terms of aesthetics or dimensions and the power isn't too intense. I liked it for clitoral use but for me personally it was a little too slim to get anything from it vaginally. The vibrations alone weren't enough for me to get off internally, so a bit of extra width could have made the difference between this being a toy that could finish the job rather than being the one that is used to start it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Packaging, colour scheme, waterproof, easy to operate and not too buzzy.
      Some extra width, subtle texture or added strength could have made it better internally.
      Bottom line
      I like it as a warm-up toy but it doesn't finish the job.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes