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    1. Womanizer 2GO Rechargeable White Lipstick Clitoral Stimulator

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      1. Womanizer 2GO Rechargeable White Lipstick Clitoral Stimulator

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    1. Product Description

      Your new bestie is here and she's handbag-sized! Small, sleek and surreptitious, this clitoral sensation is concealed in a lipstick design, yet boasts a stunning spectrum of power and pleasure. Explore 6 intensity levels for a brand new kind of 'Air-gasm'.

      Contactless Pleasure Air technology creates a new sensation of pulsating waves to bring you to climactic bliss - without the worry of overstimulation or adapting.

      Silky soft silicone cocoons your clitoris for maximum sucking sensation.

      Key Features:

      • Beautiful new design has the aesthetic of a handbag cosmetic - perfect for travel
      • Super soft silicone envelops the clitoris to deliver its pulsating waves
      • 6 intensity levels to suit your pleasure
      • USB rechargeable
      • 100% waterproof for fun in the tub or shower

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Womanizer 2GO Rechargeable White Lipstick Clitoral Stimulator 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Womanizer 2GO Rechargeable White Lipstick Clitoral Stimulator
      2. Womanizer 2GO Rechargeable White Lipstick Clitoral Stimulator


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    1. Something new and heavenly

      Reviewed: July 11, 2017 by Sxleksaker, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I received the Womanizer 2GO USB Rechargeable Lipstick Clitoral Stimulator as a tester in exchange for my honest review. Thank you, Lovehoney!

      Womanizer is one of a few brands which offer toys with pulsating waves as a way to reach orgasm. This technology will give the user a completely different kind of sensation than a regular vibrator. I love variety in my toy box and believe that some vibrators offer sensations that are very similar. This toy, however, will be pretty much the opposite of all your vibrators and will add something new and exciting to your box of toys. If you are looking for something different to add to your collection, please keep reading.

      I got the white version of the Womanizer to test and review. It arrives beautifully packaged in a white and golden box which is actually pretty small. Since the box is so pretty, I could imagine this as a great gift to a loved one (or yourself?!). The box closes magnetically, however, I found the box a difficult to close at times since the contents have a life of their own in there and take up more space than intended.

      Inside the box, you will find your lovely white Womanizer (it does come in black and red and green too for those more interested in those colours). Personally, I prefer the white colour as it makes it look both elegant and timeless. It rests on a plastic case moulded to fit the toy. Under the case, you will find your USB-charger, another head for the toy with a bigger opening meant for broader stimulation and an instruction manual which guides you through the use and care of this product.

      I love the design of this toy. I think the colour choices are brilliant. The combination of white, gold and pink is stunning. I know some bloggers have mocked the "big lipstick" design, personally, I just find it fun. It is, obviously, bigger than a lipstick and you will probably not get away with anyone believing that it is actually a lipstick. However, I do not think anyone would believe that it is a vibrator either. Saying that, I just think it looks so feminine, cute and non-threatening. I believe that this toy is not going to scare anyone away and therefore it would be suited even for people new to the world of sex toys.

      This toy features a lid with the Womanizer logo which you can remove to reveal the fun part of the toy. Underneath the lid, you will find the body of the toy attached to a removable silicone head made from silky soft silicone. On the base of the toy, you will find a USB charging port and a big button which controls the toy.

      To my delight, this lovely toy came with a charge. I have developed a habit of wanting to use a new toy instantly when it arrives and I was not let down. To charge the Womanizer, simply plug the charging cable into a USB port and the other end of the cable into the port on the toy. During charging, a green light will flash until the vibrator is fully charged, then it will emit a steady light. This make is easy to know when the vibrator is ready to go and you do not have to keep track of the time. When your toy is in need of a charge, a red light will flash. It takes 2 hours to charge this toy and that will give you 4 hours of play.

      Since there is only one button, the 2GO is super easy to operate. Simply press the button for a few seconds to turn it on. By pressing the button again, you will cycle through the six different intensities. To turn the toy off, press the button for a few seconds. The only problem I had while using it is that I cannot go back and fourth through the intensities. If I want to go back to a previous intensity, I will have to scroll through them all to get to the intensity I want. It is slightly annoying to do this as it disturbs the concentration I have while using the toy.

      So, how does this toy feel? The description describes it as "pulsating waves" and I'm bound to agree. The sensations feel like a combination of air blowing and sucking, which make some kind of pattern which resembles vibrations but at the same time does not. It is just a completely different sensation than vibrators can offer and therefore a toy like this will never be superfluous in your toy box.

      I am weak for this kind of stimulation and orgasm very easily (almost always within a minute). This is the toy that has given me the most consecutive orgasms in a row. I also experience more powerful, deep and throbbing orgasms than when I use a regular vibrator (even though I have a lot of fantastic luxurious vibrators). I also do not get numb by using this toy. After my orgasms, I get even more sensitive to stimulation and can easily orgasm again. I do not experience this while using a regular vibrator.

      This toy has 6 intensities. Even though I would classify myself as a power queen, I only manage to use the first three intensities. The other ones are too powerful for me at the moment. Therefore, I believe that this toy is suited for everyone. For those who need strong clitoral stimulation and for those who are just as happy with a little less intense stimulation. If I got to make a wish, I would have asked for more intensities. It is quite a difference between the different settings which sometimes means that increasing the intensity can be too big of a jump.

      The different heads make this product even more versatile than it already is. The head with the smaller opening is perfect for pinpoint stimulation and the one with the broader opening stimulates a greater area. I personally prefer the pinpoint stimulation because I found it to be more intense and it made it much easier to orgasm. Although, I do not think the other head is superfluous as it gave me a different but still very enjoyable sensation, just not as intense.

      For me, the lipstick shape of the nozzle made it very easy to comfortably hold the toy while positioning it on my clitoris. Holding it is super comfortable for my wrists and therefore this toy would be perfect for people with wrist problems whom might not be able to hold toys in all kinds of positions. The pulsations do not travel very well to the body of the toy either, so this would probably be great for people sensitive to hand vibrations (such as patients with Raynaud's syndrome or damage caused by vibrations).

      The sound this toy makes is kind of hilarious. It sounds like a combination of a zombie and a frog (you might be thinking that I must be crazy, but do not judge me until you have heard it yourself!). On the higher settings, it is kind of loud and therefore it might not be ideal if you want to be discrete. It does, however, get a lot quieter once the nozzle is attached to your clitoris. On the lower settings, I do not think that it is overly loud and I believe that it would go unnoticed even if you live with other people.

      This toy is waterproof. This means that you can enjoy your lovely Womanizer in the shower or bath and at the same time makes it a breeze to clean. Since the head is removable, it is super easy to keep it as clean as the day you first got your hands on it. I have actually never used a toy which is this easy to clean and that is a big plus for me.

      All in all, this is a toy that I highly recommend and have been using vigorously ever since I got it. It is a lovely luxurious toy with a lot of great features. The best thing about it is the fantastic sensations it has to offer which more often than not make me orgasm within a minute. It is completely different to vibrators and would make a great addition to any toy box. This is definitely one of my favourite toys (and I have got more than a few!). All features of this toy make it easy for me to recommend this to both beginner and experienced sex toy lovers. I hope you enjoy your toy as much as I do!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The stimulation, the design and how easy it is to clean.
      I cannot scroll back and fourth through the patterns.
      Bottom line
      A perfect addition to anyone's toy box.
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    1. The Lipstick Clit Stick

      Reviewed: July 5, 2017 by Vanilla_Kink, a Straight Single Female

      It may be comically large for a lipstick but it is still really discreet. With the cap on it looks like a bottle of perfume. Plus the cap keeps the silicone dust and lint free. Bonus.

      The first few times I tried this I wasn't getting the firework orgasms I had hoped for. I tried the larger attachment but still no sparklers. Then I did something clearly genius and turned the toy around. Instead of having the tip of the attachment facing up towards my head, I pointed it down to my toes. And wow did this make all the difference! Rather than a slow build up to orgasm, I was on the brink within seconds. The whole masturbation experience with the Womanizer 2GO feels like that glorious moment just before you climax.

      And then there are the orgasms. The waves of which just keep coming (pun intended).

      So often sex toys are labelled innovative and rarely actually are. But these air technology creations really do create an experience like no other sex toy. I can't orgasm with that intensity with any other toy but the Womanizer. The only thing I can compare the sensation to is the best oral sex you could ever imagine. Yeah, it's something like that.

      I should say though that it took me a few tries with these suction toys to work out how best to use them with my body. Here's a tip, do not crank it up to full whack. Your clit will get too sensitive and it will begin to feel uncomfortable and somewhat painful. Even decreasing the intensity after that won't help you.

      For any penis owners looking to try the Womanizer 2GO, my partner did have a little try on the head of his penis. He said it felt like he needed to wee and gave up. I'm yet to find a sex toy he actually enjoys though so I'm sure this is still worth a try regardless.

      I tried the Womanizer 2GO during sex and it was a massive flop. It really needs to stay in just the right spot and sex makes that pretty impossible. With a dildo it works slightly better but doesn't compare to a clit vibe which can happily be jostled about. If you want penetration as well, fingers are definitely the way to go. I often give myself a little helping hand when I can't handle being on the brink of orgasm any longer.

      One last thing. If discretion is important to you, then you may need to take this in the shower with you. Luckily it's waterproof, but it's seriously noisy!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Intense orgasms, exceptional build up, waterproof, discreet luxurious design, XL attachment.
      Bottom line
      The Womanizer 2GO is beautiful and effective! It literally wows me!
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    1. A unique sensation

      Reviewed: August 3, 2017 by Kinky&Curvy

      I first thought of the 'lipstick' idea being a bit cliché but it works for this Womanizer.

      It's compact but not too small it's easy to hold and to use and I think it looks like it could be a perfume bottle when the lid is on. Even the packaging it comes in looks like a fancy perfume package and I do love my fancy boxes. It's magnetic so it just makes it all seem so snazzy.

      I have always wanted to try a Womanizer so when this came out I had to give it a try! It really is the strangest sensation I have ever received from a toy. It's like a pulsation of air and well it's just weird but I would highly recommend giving it a try because it's so odd you find yourself coming back to it again and again.

      As expected, the quality of the toy is great and I love that you get two separate heads. They're firm silicone so you can put some pressure to really extenuate the feeling of the pulsing air around the clitoris.

      The main downside for the toy is the noise. I burst out laughing when I first heard it, it's as if someone is gargling and it becomes more intense and noisy the higher the setting. However, the noise can be reduced drastically by placing it on yourself. Covering the head of the Womanizer muffles the sound so it's hardly noticeable. I'd really recommend placing it on the area of choice before turning it on if you want to be discreet while using it.

      In use, I didn't orgasm from it and still haven't though I think that's down to getting used to the sensation. I've gotten close but not the full O as of yet. I actually found that it feels amazing on the nipples! If I'd have two one on each nipple with that sensation I can assure you an orgasm wouldn't be far off.

      The main reason for lowering marks is because I haven't yet achieved climax with this toy and well it is noisy until you put it to good use! But everyone is different and it just takes a bit of getting used to such a unique sensation - I shall keep trying.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Felt amazing on the nipples of all places!
      Haven't reached the big 'O' as of yet.
      Bottom line
      Something a little different.
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