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    1. Pump Worx Beginner's Auto-Vac Penis Pump Kit

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      1. Pump Worx Beginner's Auto-Vac Penis Pump Kit

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    1. Product Description

      If your Hound Dog is Hangin' Tough, put him Under Pressure to be hard as (classic) rock with this penis enlargement system. An automatic vacuum pump can Fire up your Tiny Dancer, meaning Roxanne will Run Like Hell to jump on board your Magic Carpet Ride.

      See your size in centimetres as you swell in the cylinder, starting off with the handheld, easy-squeeze pump ball. Switch over to the motorised automatic pump to step up your game to super-strong suction.

      Both pumps carry a quick release button for instant pressure relief. For an added boost that may delay ejaculation and could help to maintain a strong erection, slip the silicone ring onto the base of your shaft.

      The cylinder is easy to clean – just detach the pump and hose and use the included cleaner with warm water.

      Results may vary.

      Key Features:

      • Advanced penis enlargement vacuum system
      • Handheld and automatic pumps for ease of use
      • Soft PVC sleeve creates an air-tight seal for maximum pressure
      • Quick release buttons for instant pressure relief
      • Includes lubricant, cleaner and thickening cream
      • Results may vary

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Pump Worx Beginner's Auto-Vac Penis Pump Kit 1 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Pump Worx Beginner's Auto-Vac Penis Pump Kit
      2. Pump Worx Beginner's Auto-Vac Penis Pump Kit


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    1. Strong powerful suction but not for us

      Reviewed: September 12, 2017 by Master Jay, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I was sent this product under the Sex Toy Tester program Lovehoney operate. Saw it and thought why not? Not done Penis enlargement or pumps before. As per usual with Lovehoney the product arrived quickly and in discreet packaging.


      The box does not look cheap or particularly fancy. Can see fairly ‘Masculine’ writing of “Pump works” at the top.


      The instructions are written on the packaging and in my opinion weren’t massively clear. It says: "Start off with the medical style pump ball and make sure to pump at least 2-3 times a day. With each session, you’ll watch your pleasure rob get bigger and thicker than ever before. When you’ve reached your peak results, it’s time to step up to the auto vac motorized pump."

      Does that mean you start of doing it with the medical ball for first few uses then to the pump? Or start each session until you get the peak with the medical ball and switch it for the pump? I still don’t know. It goes on to describe how the pump and release works et cetera. There are no warnings of how long you should use it et cetera. For that, after first few uses I went onto Lovehoney to see if there was any more info and they have a guide which I’d recommend watching, e.g. shouldn’t be used for more than 20 minutes.


      It's pretty simple to add the pipe to the top and the ball/pump. Both have a release valve if pressure gets too much and it works pretty quick. The pump takes 3 AA batteries. Lube is advised and some samples of a thickening cream and lube are included.

      The more limp you are the more difficult it is to get your penis in the tube. The medical ball pump seems slow to pump. The ball re-inflates very slowly in preparation for the next squeeze. My penis is curved slightly and found that as you use the pump it slides up the side. This was not particularly comfortable but not painful either. With the medical pump I increased size by around 2cm.

      The auto pump was easier and was a steady suction. I wasn’t really concentrating and when I checked the suction by pulling up and realised it was very tight. Much tighter than the medical ball. I gained about another 2-3cm.

      When you click the pressure release my penis shrunk back to about where it was (first time).

      As it was used it for a few days several times a day and didn’t notice any lasting difference out the tube regarding size(neither did the OH). What did happen is I started getting a bruising effect and red blood splotches on the penis shaft. So decided to have a break.

      I left it for about a week and then gave it another go. This time it seemed a bit worse more purple blood bruising, but I could have gone worse with the electric pump. So I looked it up online and apparently can be fairly common, there are other risks and alot of people disregard it. But while reading it up read a lot about misuse and overdoing it can cause many erectile problems (loss of feeling, difficulty having erections, burst blood vessels). Me and my partner decided no more.

      After Use it's very easy to clean. Just spray with some toy cleaner rinse with warm water and wipe down. The pump disassembles and reassembles very easily for cleaning.


      There seems to be a whole community around ‘Penis Enlargement’ that seemed a bit unhealthy willing to do pretty much anything and any risk to get bigger (reminded me of some bodybuilding circles) and the risks means it’s not for us.

      That being said, there appears to be a decent amount of research that penis pumps can help recovery from certain penile issues and can help decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction or penis shrinkage in ageing men when used regularly around 2 minutes at a time and not overdone.

      This is due to helping blood and oxygen saturation of the penis. So personally not for us but there are other uses for a penis pump other than enlargement where this would be a good product. So product itself will be reviewed well, but I don't rank penis enlargement highly.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The electric pump created a very strong suction and seal around my cock.
      The lack of instructions and advice regarding use.
      Bottom line
      If you're into it this is a good item.
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