1. Mystim Daring Danny E-Stim Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

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      1. Mystim Daring Danny E-Stim Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Vibrations and e-stim all in one toy? Don't say we never treat you! The Daring Danny tickles your bits with a blend of oscillations and e-stim zaps for the most effective nerve-awakening pleasure your body can experience. Thanks, science!

      As you well know, your body communicates with itself via electrical signal, so its no surprise electro play is so popular and effective. Speaking to your body in a language it understands, use the 5 e-stim modes to see which one awakens your orgasm synapse, and explore the 10 intensities to further customize your play.

      When you're not in the mood for e-stim, Danny also features 8 vibrating modes, each with 5 levels of intensity, for more traditional rabbit vibe fun.

      No matter which way you play, always coat the shaft with a generous squeeze of water-based lube and read the instructions.

      Key Features:

      • Smooth silicone rabbit vibrator with E-stim capabilities
      • Firm clitoral stimulator without ears creates direct contact
      • 2 extra strong motors deliver 8 vibration modes, each with 5 levels of intensity
      • 5 E-stim modes, each with 10 intensity levels
      • Special kegel exercise programme
      • Rechargeable, waterproof and super quiet
      • Easy-press buttons with LED strips make control easy, even in the dark
      • Arrives in a stylish zip-up hard case with internal pockets
      • Includes USB charge cable, case and 2-year manufacturer's warranty
      • Comes with sample of Bonnie & Glide lube and The Goldfather conductivity enhancer

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Mystim Daring Danny E-Stim Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Mystim Daring Danny E-Stim Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator
      2. Mystim Daring Danny E-Stim Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator


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    1. A Decadent Delight

      Reviewed: January 27, 2018 by Arrurria, a Bisexual Single Female

      Mystim's Daring Danny provides a menagerie of vibration and e-stim settings and levels which provided me with incredibly wet "Os". I even orgasmed on the training setting with the help of vibrations.

      Danny is silky soft, waterproof - I've tested him in the bath and shower - and full of power. There are 12 levels of power to choose from for each setting, which is particularly fantastic for the e-stim functions.

      Some e-stim functions are better low, while I love to blast others nearer to the high side. I've never had to reach Danny's highest settings for any of his functions. As a treat to myself, Danny was worth every penny for a rabbit with both vibrations and e-stim functions!

      A couple downsides include a massive charge time of several hours and the lack of e-stim in the rabbit part of the vibrator. The vibrations do, however, reach the rabbit tip. I would definitely purchase this amazing product again given the chance. :)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Amazing levels of intensity and included e-stim and training program.
      Hours of charging time and lack of e-stim in the rabbit tip.
      Bottom line
      A luxuriously dynamic product!
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    1. Daring Indeed

      Reviewed: November 25, 2017 by PrincessSparkle, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I received this item from Lovehoney in exchange for my unbiased review, and I have to say, I was rather intrigued. I've had a dabble with more traditional e-stim before and loved it, but what with the cost of kit it's never been something I could have at home, so I sort of wondered if this would come anywhere close.

      First off, the packaging of this is pretty nice, a cardboard box in black and silver, it does look very swanky. But inside it really shines, as the toy comes in a hard zip case with locking zips, similar to the Lovehoney ones you can buy. There's a separate pouch for the charging cable, and also tucked in there are the instructions and some lubricant sachets. Very nice, and I felt this was packaging genuinely worth mentioning. The case is plain black, with an embossed motif. Unless you have literally the same one, no one would have an inkling of what it was, so, I'm impressed.

      The toy itself, well daring is the word. I'd say this is on the larger side, but unassumingly so. The shape is smooth and sleek, and the design is nice.

      For something this price I would have expected a full silicone body instead of a plastic handle, and I find that a little tacky, but no big deal. The buttons are large which is great, with embossing for function, but very close together and you have to press them quite hard. There's also a lot of lag which is annoying, and particularly startling (verging on painful) when using the e-stim settings.

      One major downer I have found is the noticeable seams on the sides of this toy that are quite uncomfortable to painful vaginally. It's upsetting from a high-end toy, though I think it may be exacerbated by my over sensitive vagina!

      This thing has a bunch of settings- 8 vibes and 6 e-stim if I remember correctly, which can be used independently or together, and have separate controls. There are also +/- intensity buttons for each function, which I love.

      The vibration patterns are a little outside the norm which is nice, but as always it's the steady ones that do it for me. The waves are nice, particularly when combined with the complementing wave e-stim pattern.

      Power wise, this toy starts off powerful, but then doesn't get much more so, or so I found. It will be more than enough for most people though, and even the lower settings can induce orgasm quite easily.

      I will warn, this toy is a whole new deal. It took several hours of play with my partner and then a couple on my own before I could work out how to orgasm with this thing well, and I also found that after too long, it was just too big and somewhat numbing, so I'd definitely recommend shorter play sessions whilst you figure it out and what works for you.

      A major plus, battery life is great! Many hours of play on a single charge, at which point I did charge it for fear of it conking out on me mid-sploosh.

      Minus point- the clitoral arm on this is functionally useless. It may as well not be there, as it does nothing and carries no noticeable vibrations. As a clit stim girl, I am very disappointed.

      On the note of the e-stim, I do find it a very curious sensation, and one that noticeably adds to orgasm if you can get it in sync with your orgasmic waves, shall we say? It's warm and tight and then warm and so so wet. I found I produce a lot more vaginal fluid using this, and reckon it might be useful on the path to squirting. Other than that it is super hard to describe, but I would greatly recommend it.

      The thing that makes this special though, is the training function. It's an e-stim program that gives you a kegel workout to improve and tone muscle and contraction strength of the vagina and pelvis. And when they say pelvis, yes, they do mean all of it! Honestly, I think my arse got a bit of a workout too.

      It's the last e-stim function and is denoted by a green light that comes on when you select it. You set the intensity to the most you can handle, and work up. I started slow but hit maximum intensity after about an hour on my first try. In the following days, I got to max within a few minutes and then trained for 20 minutes each day for a week. I found it noticeably easier each day, and definitely some improvement. The contractions are very apparent but are interspersed with rest periods. It's quite the work out, but very boring. You can add vibrations to make it pleasurable, but for me this was a purely empirical test.

      After a week (having had PIV sex before the week) my partner didn't notice a difference, but was, to quote ''not paying attention, distracted elsewhere''. So it clearly didn't make it worse! I think I sensed some improvement, but it could have been placebo.

      All in all, I'd recommend this toy, but probably advise a discount code purchase as it's definitely not gonna be for everyone, and it also a bit frustrating to get to grips with as it's relearning your body all over again. It's a high-quality toy that gives a lit of pleasure, just different to conventionally, and that may be just what some people need!

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      E-stim function, training function, actually practical case.
      Buttons and lag a bit meh.
      Bottom line
      Good purchase, fun to use. More for solo use than with a partner/preceeding sex.
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