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    1. Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Pink Flickering Tongue

      Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars3 reviews

      If you like your tongue flickering fast and fierce this is toy for you. Its dynamic silicone tips will have you quivering with pleasure lickety-split as they stimulate blood flow and increase sensitivity. Keep it on the clit or share the pleasure around.


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      1. Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Pink Flickering Tongue

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    1. Product Description

      If you like your tongue flickering fast and fierce this is toy for you. Its dynamic silicone tips will have you quivering with pleasure lickety-split as they stimulate blood flow and increase sensitivity. Keep it on the clit or share the pleasure around.

      Allow the split silhouette to pleasure your clitoris or cover all of your hotspots in one go. Alternatively share the flutters with a partner for a sensational addition to foreplay and oral sex.

      With 6 powerful intensities and patterns of vibration, you can explore a multitude of pleasure combinations and find exactly what feels right for you.

      The Volta is waterproof and great for making pleasure waves in the bath or shower.

      Key Features:

      • Dynamic tongue-like vibrator for powerful external stimulation
      • Two tongue-like prongs offer versatile stimulation for his and her external hotspots
      • 6 vibration intensities and 6 patterns of pulsation deliver diverse play options
      • Soft silicone feels incredibly smooth against the skin and is non-porous and hypoallergenic
      • Easy-to-grip loop handle for ease of use
      • USB rechargeable so you needn't worry about batteries
      • Waterproof for playtimes in the bath or shower
      • Travel lock function for worry-free voyages
    1. How it measures up

      • Base type: Finger Loop
      • Circumference: 5.5 inches
      • Insertable Length: 4 inches
      • Length: 7.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: Silicone
      • Texture: Smooth
      • Waterproof: Submersible
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Built in - push button
      • Power Type: Rechargeable

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Pink Flickering Tongue 3 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Pink Flickering Tongue
      2. Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Pink Flickering Tongue

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    1. It’s all in the tips

      Reviewed: August 24, 2018 by atomicblonde91, a Gay Single Female

      I ordered the Fun Factory Volta a while ago. It’s a really great toy. I am a huge fan of Fun Factory in general. Their products are always great. The Volta is no different.

      It is very powerful and once you find your speed and pressure and the tips find your clit it feels amazing. I’ve heard some people say that the tips are hard or that they’re painful. Absolutely not the case for me. I like a lot of direct pressure and stimulation. The Volta provides that. I don’t know if I’ve had an orgasm with the Volta by itself yet but I like to use it with the Big Boss Blackline and the Mystim Tickling Truman e-stim vibrator. I’ve definitely had multiple orgasms using the Volta with other toys.

      If you’re a fan of Fun Factory, you know it’s extremely well made. The design is flawless. I can’t find one flaw. It does exactly what it was advertised it would do. Overall, excellent toy. Definitely lives up to the hype.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Design, vibrating tips.
      Bottom line
      Amazing toy very unique experience.
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    1. Flickering fun

      Reviewed: March 21, 2018 by LadyFiasco, a Bisexual Married Female

      I was sent this item for free in exchange for an honest review of the product.

      Given the price of the product and the description of the product, I was really excited for this to arrive. Unfortunately for me, it was sent to my default address (my parents' house), which is actually 150-plus miles away from where I live now! Luckily I had scheduled to visit them within a week of when it was delivered, so I didn't have to wait too long.

      Luckily for me, I believe this product was worth the wait! I really enjoy this toy for several reasons.

      It really is unique - I don't think I have ever seen another toy quite like this one. I particularly enjoy the different way to hold the toy, I feel like I can hold this a lot easier when I am using it compared to other toys (like rabbit vibrators etc) thanks to the loop handle.

      The main part of the toy is smooth silicone, which is a lovely texture, especially when you combine it with some good water-based lube.

      The only thing I did find a bit odd at first was how "pointy" the tongue-like prongs were - it felt a bit uncomfortable on the first try, but I am used to it now and it doesn't bother me at all.

      I love the fact that it is USB rechargeable, and the actual charging points on the toy are unlike anything I have seen before. I'm a bit of a tech geek as well, so thought that was a great touch!

      I haven't yet tried this in the bath or shower, but knowing that it is waterproof I will definitely do this at some point.

      There are a *lot* of different settings on this toy, which is a positive for the variety, but also a negative if you can't easily find the setting you want and have to go through them all.

      In terms of orgasms... Wow. It brings me to orgasm very quickly and I don't get tired of it!

      I don't think I would ever pay full price for it (currently retailing at £94.99). However, if it was a little less expensive I would definitely buy this.

      Overall, I highly recommend this product. It's unique in all the right ways, makes me orgasm 100% of the time, and it's great that you don't have to buy additional batteries!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Loop handle, USB chargeable, great texture.
      Prongs were a bit uncomfortable at first. Maybe too many settings.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic flickering fun.
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    1. A Flicker of Tongue is just enough to make me smile all day...

      Reviewed: February 26, 2018 by PurringTiger, a Straight Single Female

      I was extremely excited waiting for this to arrive in the post. I have been lusting after a Fun Factory toy for a while now but had not got around to adding one to my collection. So when I was given the chance to test this for Lovehoney I might have done a little happy dance.

      My parcel arrived via the usual wonderful and discreet Lovehoney service. Inside I was greeted by a very stylish and modern looking matt gold box. The sleeve has a couple simple pictures of the Volta on it, nothing graphic. It's very suitable for giving as a gift.

      Under the sleeve the simple gold box opened up to reveal a lovely contrasting red inner. The user manual was neatly tucked in the top layer. Underneath this the Fun Factory Volta was held in place securely with a strong red paper strip. The magnetic charger was encased in its own compartment.

      Once I had the Volta in my hands my initial thoughts were that it was really well built and great quality that was going to last. The silicone is the kind that has a slight drag factor to it, but I expected this as it is a well known thing with Fun Factory products. The silicone though is fantastic quality as it is 100% medical grade. As soon as you have a good water-based lube on it, it is lovely and slippery smooth. Just don't be put off by it if you were expecting the silky smooth silicone used by Lelo and the Desire range - it is not a cheaper silicone just a different finish.

      The Volta is a great size to use for both single play and with your partner. It is nice and light - weighing only 193g, so it's really good for those with poor wrist strength and an even bigger bonus is the loop handle. It is great for holding on to and makes it versatile for holding in many different ways and again is great for those with grip issues.

      I gave the Volta a quick clean with mild soap and warm water, then a quick spritz with a sex toy cleaner before rinsing and leaving to air dry. The Volta is fully waterproof so you can fully enjoy using it in the shower or bath tub.

      Once dry I put the Volta on to charge. It is recommended to leave it to charge for 8 hours on the initial charge. The Fun Factory toys use a magnetic charger which has a good strong connection - just make sure you place it on a flat surface. A full charge will give you 45mins at the highest speed.

      The three buttons on the Volta are the 'FUN', '+' and '-' . The Volta has a travel lock, to unlock it hold down the '+' and 'FUN' buttons and it will flash quickly to let you know. To lock it you hold the '-' and 'FUN' buttons. The FUN button turns the Volta on, pressing the '+' button will move it up through the constant vibrations and into the patterns.

      If you press the '-' button during any of the patterns it will take it back down to the highest of the constant vibrations. I particularly like this function as I love using the teasing patterns to build up the pressure and then switch to constant right at the last moment to push myself over the edge. This can be annoying when you have to quickly cycle through other patterns to get there first and can often lose the edge I'd built myself up to, which is frustrating. With the Volta it's just one button and I'm back to a constant vibration quickly. The other nice bonus is that you can save and assign your favourite program to the FUN button, so you can jump straight to the one you really like. Also means that if you manage to press the wrong button at the wrong time you can very quickly move it back to your favourite.

      Now to the part you probably really want to know about. How effective is it and how does it feel? Does it live up to the name of Extra Powerful?

      Well YES! is the answer to the power question. Oh my does it ever! In fact I'd actually like to have another lower setting between the first and second levels and the ability to turn down the pattern intensities would be good too. The first level of constant vibrations is gentle but probably enough for those who are more sensitive and prefer gentler toys. The higher levels and patterns are definitely intense. I only managed to get to the second level of constant vibration, moving it around trying the different angles before I had my first orgasm.

      The thing I was worried about was whether the power would transfer to the tips of the tongue. Well there is no need to worry at all. They lose no power in the slightest and it is in fact the strongest in the tongues. I first tried it on my fingertip then my nipples. Yes ladies and gents, it feels great on the nipples too. Then I applied a very thin coating of lube to the toy and a good drop more onto my clitoris. Why onto myself more than the Volta? Well a word of warning - the tongues flicker very powerfully, so if you were to apply lots of lube to the Volta you will end up with it flicked off everywhere. Thankfully I thought about this beforehand. I did not fancy having to explain why I was cleaning lube off the ceiling.

      I turned it on. Turned the power down to its lowest level and started to see how the tongues felt in action. I soon got lost in feelings of bliss. I turned the power up a setting whilst carrying on my explorations of angles and placements and was soon having a wonderful orgasm with the tongues expertly flickering over my clitoris. I had to give my clitoris a little breather then as I was sensitive, so I let it wander down and around my labia, which felt lovely. I turned it up again, but I felt I needed to explore the patterns before I got too overly sensitive. I admit I did not last long at all until I was throwing my head back and gasping again, because the power intensity of the patterns is quite strong and the patterns themselves are quite rumbly and thumpy, which are the kind of like. I only managed to properly explore two of the patterns before I had to stop completely as I was overly sensitive, a bit breathless and weak in the knees by this point.

      I of course couldn't wait long and went back to explore again the next day and play with the other patterns. The ones towards the end are more tease like patterns and I managed to have a more drawn out build up this time, though not by much longer as the power is just too much for a long lazy session and will batter any clitoris into submission long before then.

      Once you've caught your breath and recovered from Bambi-leg syndrome, simply give the Volta a quick clean and recharge and pop it away somewhere safe and dust-free until next time.

      A grumble I do have is that there is no storage bag supplied with the Volta and for the price of it I would have expected one to be honest. But I always keep a few spare Lovehoney satin storage bags in my drawer, so I had one handy. It will nicely fit into the smaller size bag for helpful information.

      There are so many ways you can use this toy. You can use the tongues to encase your clitoris on the top and bottom or either side with just the tip. You can flicker the tongues back and forth over the top of it (at higher levels this is a bit too painful for me but would be good for dom/sub power play and those that like a good hard flick). You can turn the Volta to the side and use the V of the tongues and slide it over your clitoris that way and press it harder against yourself.

      The tongues are rather flexible too so you can have one on your clitoris and the other further down teasing the inside of the labia. You can stroke up and down the inside and outside of the labia too. It is not meant for internal use, though, and I don't think it would really do much internally either given the design, but it has so many uses for the outer parts of the body.

      You could use it for a rimming effect too I imagine, though, I have not tried it myself as yet. You can use it with a partner and press it against the shaft of the penis, so the tongues spread further apart and move it up and down like a stroker.

      So what are my overall thoughts?

      Well I am highly impressed by the Volta. I know a lot of women, myself included, say that every woman should have a Womanizer or a Lelo Sona. Well I will now definitely add the Volta to that list. It is something entirely different again, a new sensation and feeling, something different to the normal bullet/clitoral vibrators. Obviously very different from the suction toys, but just as much an essential toy in my opinion.

      I would highly recommend it to power queens as I find it too intense on the top levels. The Tango is one of my favourite ever clitoral vibrators for comparison and this feels a bit more powerful at the top end, but less pinpoint stimulation.

      The lower levels of the constant vibration would suit those that like milder vibrations and it is definitely a unique type of stimulation that has to be tried.

      It is great for solo play and couples play thanks to the size and shape.

      It's great for those with dexterity/hand strength issues thanks to the hoop handle and light weight.

      Noise wise I would say it isn't the quietist toy, but it's not overly noisy either. I put it on full power and left it on top of my bed then stood outside my bedroom door. I could just hear it with no other background noise. So a duvet over the top will easily muffle it or a radio on low will do the job too.

      The only things I can say negative about it is that it does not come supplied with a storage bag and it starts midway in intensity levels which is a personal niggle as I like them to start at the lowest setting. I'd also like another lower setting too so it has more range on the lower end. Even though it is designed as extra powerful, it could be just that tiny bit even better than it already is with another gentler intensity to choose from. But really I'm just nitpicking.

      This is a fantastic toy that offers a unique stimulation. It is towards the higher end of the price range, but so is the Womanizer and Sona and they are all worth it in my opinion.

      Somehow I'm reminded of the old Finger of Fudge advert song but slightly amended to:

      A flicker of tongue is just enough to make me smile all day. ;)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The unique flickering stimulation, the powerful vibrations, the loop handle.
      No storage bag supplied, could do with another lower setting.
      Bottom line
      An amazing toy that every woman should own!
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