1. VR's review of Impulse E-Stim Rechargeable Remote Control Kegel Exerciser

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      1. Impulse E-Stim Rechargeable Remote Control Kegel Exerciser

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      Impulse E-Stim Rechargeable Remote Control Kegel Exerciser 5 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Impulse E-Stim Rechargeable Remote Control Kegel Exerciser
      2. VR's review of Impulse E-Stim Rechargeable Remote Control Kegel Exerciser


    1. The best of both worlds

      Reviewed: March 19, 2019 by VR, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Both my American cousin and I have the same nerve condition that can eventually cause incontinence and loss of feeling so when she emailed me to say she had this and it was working well I searched for it on Lovehoney, but it was unavailable at the time. After a long whinge to my cousin, she bought one for me and a week later it arrived on my doorstep.

      I'm paranoid about losing function in my pelvic area so over the last few years I've used quite a few manual balls and eggs. They're great and can be fun to use but I prefer e-stim as I know it gives great results. I've used the Tenscare iTouch and Mystim Tickling Truman that Lovehoney sells, but this is my favourite so far.

      I won't bang on about packaging as Tazzy84red has covered it already. The set is rather gorgeous - a lovely soft silicone in a regal purple that doesn't attract fluff like some can. Charging is easy as it's a split cable so both egg and controller can be charged at the same time.

      The vibrations when used as a standard vibrating egg are strong and rumbly and have enough patterns and strengths to make this a great remote control egg without the e-stim. The e-stim makes it special, though.

      In use, I'd recommend that anyone new to e-stim doesn't try it in their hand, but instead, dive straight in. The e-stim feelings in the hand are different from how they feel in the vagina and could potentially put you off. I found the first three settings to be pleasant and tingly and could feel my muscles working. Level 4 is a slightly bigger step that can be jarring unless you're used to e-stim. Level 5 is definitely not for beginners!

      It's pretty quiet in use so recently on a night out decided to pop the Impulse in and not mention it to my partner until we got there - his face was a picture! I handed him the remote and the games began. We'd already played with it at home a few times so I was confident that I wasn't going to be accidentally (or otherwise!) zapped, but I wouldn't recommend handing it over to a partner unfamiliar with it in a quiet place. That last thing anyone needs is to be suddenly zapped while enjoying a mouthful of their favourite beverage.

      I had an appointment with my continence nurse a week after getting it so took it down with me. She's never seen one "as nice" as this before and was a bit dubious as to whether it would work properly, so I popped it in and fired it up while she gloved up. She carefully checked (neither of us would recommend inserting fingers or anything else while using this) and confirmed she could feel it working the correct muscles.

      I mentioned I've used the Tickling Truman and would have no hesitation recommending him or the iTouch as Kegel exercisers - both give excellent results. However, Truman is a big boy and can be uncomfortable if you have a short vaginal canal as I have. He has a similar amount of levels as the Impulse. The iTouch is also excellent an offers several programmes (more than either the Impulse or Truman) to build and maintain pelvic floor strength, but you need to be committed to buying replacement leads regularly.

      The Impulse is the best of both worlds in an easy-to-use, wire-free package. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to upgrade from manual balls and doesn't necessarily need the more clinical option of the iTouch or want to use something as large as Truman.

      Thank you, Lovehoney, for bringing the Impulse to us. It's a great option for pelvic floor health and we all know a good pelvic floor = better orgasms.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Ease of use for a Kegel exerciser, fun of the vibrations.
      Bottom line
      A great egg vibe, an even better Kegel exerciser.
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