1. Lovehoney Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece)

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      Four for more, more, more! This sleek little bullet vibe comes with four silicone sleeves, perfect for exploring different toy shapes before you go in for a full-sized version. With 7 functions to explore, there are plenty of sensations to discover.


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      1. Lovehoney Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Four for more, more, more! This sleek little bullet vibe comes with four silicone sleeves, perfect for exploring different toy shapes before you go in for a full-sized version. With 7 functions to explore, there are plenty of sensations to discover.

      Explore classic sex toy shapes in petite form with a G-spot sleeve, clitoral sleeve, flickering sleeve and wand sleeve.

      Just dab a little lube on the bullet vibe, and dress it up with one of the four stretchy silicone sleeves for enhanced pleasure.

      Versatile and pocket-sized, this toy charges via the included USB cable. It makes an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one, bringing a thrilling buzz to foreplay or solo play.

      For sensational glide, be sure to slick the sleeve of your choice with water-based lubricant once it's on the bullet.

      Note: The measurements listed are for the bullet alone. Bullet with sleeve measurements are as follows:

      G-spot sleeve: 5.5 inch length, 3.5 inch girth

      Clitoral sleeve: 4 inch length, 3 inch girth

      Flickering sleeve: 4.75 inch length, 4 inch girth

      Wand sleeve: 5 inch length, 3.5 inch girth

      Key Features:

      • Bullet vibrator kit with 4 different silicone sleeves for night after night of varied delights
      • Perfect intro to different vibrator styles, with G-spot, wand, flickering and clitoral stimulation sleeves
      • 7 vibration functions to choose from – have fun finding your favourite
      • Magnetic USB charging means you can take your toy around the world with you
      • Ideal gift for yourself or your loved one

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    1. How it measures up

      • Circumference: 2.5 inches
      • Insertable Length: 3.5 inches
      • Length: 4 inches
    2. Power and speed

      • Run Time: 60 minutes
      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
    3. How it feels

      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Material: Silicone
    4. Essential info

      • Waterproof: Splashproof
      • Allergens: Phthalate-Free
      • Allergens: Latex-Free

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    1. Lovehoney Fab Four Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set

      Four for more, more, more! This sleek little bullet vibe comes with four silicone sleeves, perfect for exploring different toy shapes before you go in for a full-sized version. With 7 functions to explore, there are plenty of sensations to discover.

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      Lovehoney Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece) 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece)
      2. Lovehoney Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece)


    1. A great bullet set

      Reviewed: January 26, 2020 by MsR, a Straight Married Female

      I was asked to test this (thank you!) and I think this toy is a brilliant idea - one great bullet vibrator with four different sleeves to slip over the top, effectively giving you 5 toys in one.

      This set arrives in a bright and cheery, pink and purple cardboard box which can also be used for storage (outer posting packaging is plain and discrete). The bullet vibe has a lipstick shaped tip and could be used alone, but with a bit of water-based lube it can dressed up in an outfit of your choice. The sleeves offer a good range of shapes: a wedge like a classic bullet, a mini-wand with a more bulbous head for broader stimulation, a pointy thing like one ‘ear’ of a rabbit for precision, and a G-spot shaped one.

      All the components are bright pink and the base bullet has a silver trim. The operating button and magnetic charging points are on the base. There are 7 functions: 2 constant speeds and five nicely varied patterns. It looks high-end, reminding me a bit of the We-vibe Tango but with much more scope because of the sleeves. I love a good bullet, so to have another soft silicone and rechargeable one available it great.

      My first thought was that the sleeves might dull the vibes - two layers of silicone rather than one. But Lovehoney have thought about this and made the basic bullet very powerful. I’m a power girl and even I found it strong to use alone. So, the sleeves soften the sensations to a pleasurable degree. Some of the longer sleeves like the mini-wand and the G-spot shaped ones do dilute the vibes a bit more because the inner bullet doesn’t reach the tip but the vibes are powerful enough to travel all the way up. Worked for me!

      I enjoyed the sensations of each sleeve - all different but very effective. I wasn’t sure if the G-spot shaped one was intended to be used internally - quite possibly it could hit that target, but I was a bit worried about the sleeve being left inside me, so I have only tried the set clitorally. That particular sleeve has a good angle to use with a partner during sex.

      This is a great idea for a very versatile bullet. I’m not sure there is anything else like it which feels so luxurious and fun. A very welcome addition to my toybox and it will be used regularly.

      The only downside - for me - is the magnetic charging base. It is very fiddly to get right and rather temperamental. Just make sure the blue light is flashing and then step away - it is easily disturbed. When the light is constant, it is fully charged. It takes about an hour to charge and gives about an hour’s play time - it will be an hour well spent!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      It is powerful, original and versatile.
      The magnetic connector.
      Bottom line
      A brilliant idea!
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    1. Very Powerful Bullet Set

      Reviewed: February 3, 2020 by Scorpius12, a Straight Married Female

      The Fab Four Bullet Set arrives in lovely box with a picture of the bullet and attachments on the front. It also has the instructions on the box too - which I feel is for saving on extra instructions/paper, and so very ethical. Inside the box, you will find your bullet set within a sealed bag along with a USB charging cable.

      Before using the bullet, I plugged it in to charge for about 1 hour (which gives you approx. 60 minutes of playtime). The charging socket is magnetic - just line up the charger to the base of the bullet, and it clicks easily into place. Whilst charging, a red light glows on the charger, and when the bullet is fully charged the light goes out - which is great, as you know when it is ready for playtime!

      This bullet is made from high quality silicone and feels super soft and silky to the touch. I did find that the silicone on this toy tends dry out lube quite quickly, so I did need to use a little more water-based lube than usual.

      The bullet itself is really lovely to look at - it is an intense hot pink colour with a silver metal accent on the base which gives it a really classy look. The bullet is also a great shape, and slightly larger than other standard bullets. It measures 4 inches in length and 3 inches in circumference.

      I was very intrigued to see how much power this bullet has, and how the vibrations would feel compared to the various bullets I have tried over the years, and I must say I am very impressed!

      To get started, just click and hold the power button on the base for 2 seconds, and the bullet buzzes into life. I couldn’t believe the power that this bullet has, it really is powerful! Unfortunately for me personally, the vibrations are more on the buzzy side than rumbly. It is also quite a loud toy - so please bear this in mind if you perhaps live with parents or flat share etc.

      The different shaped heads on the 3 attachments make this set so versatile. There is something to suit everyone, including an internal G-spot attachment. As the bullet is quite powerful. The vibrations do travel to end of the attachments, which is great.

      I would definitely advise using some lube to attach them to the bullet. I tried without and to start with, and took ages trying to prise them apart again!

      My husband has also used this bullet inserted into a stroker that he has, and I am told it felt incredible having such powerful vibrations going throughout the toy, and really added to the experience.

      The big advantage of this bullet is that it’s rechargeable and doesn’t need replacement batteries. So as long as you keep it charged up from time to time it won’t let you down at that last all important moment! This bullet is waterproof, which makes it a doddle to clean and means you can wash the whole toy in hot soap and water or use a spritz of LH toy cleaner and rinse off before putting it back into its storage case.

      Overall, I would recommend this bullet set to someone who prefers more powerful and buzzier vibrations. The 3 attachments are fantastic and make this bullet very versatile.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Powerful and waterproof, versatile.
      Buzzy vibrations and is quite noisy.
      Bottom line
      A great bullet set, for someone who prefers powerful vibrations at the more buzzy end.
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    1. Party in your Pants

      Reviewed: February 9, 2020 by MightyMunchkin, a Straight Married Female

      When this kit arrived for us to review in its petite, LH-branded box with an image of the neon pink contents on the front, we knew we were in for some fun.

      The set is made up of a neon pink plastic lipstick shaped bullet and four different shaped good-quality silky silicone sleeves, meaning you get five experiences in one. It’s not the quietest bullet on the market, but that didn’t bother me as the vibrant colouring, flashing blue light on the bottom and the oomph behind the bullet meant that both OH and I individually referred to this as the 'disco bullet' or the 'rave bullet', which sums it up nicely as the kit is definitely good fun and we had a good time trying out all of the different beats.

      The bullet itself is rechargeable (good job LH) and a 60 minute charge gives about 60 minutes of play overall. We’ve got a few rechargeable toys but this is actually our first rechargeable bullet and I was pleasantly surprised at its power; it packs quite a punch for its size and has a good range of buzzy vibrations and pulse patterns. As it’s a magnetic charger, make sure you charge it somewhere it’s not going to get knocked, and being a rechargeable there's no loss in power as it's being drained - the bullet just stops once it's empty.

      As for the sleeves - I wasn’t sure how much of a difference each one would make ,but each one actually changes the experience you get from the bullet quite a lot. I found I preferred a different range of settings according to each sleeve used, which means this kit is great for variety during solo play or with a partner. Just remember to add a small amount of water-based lube to the bullet before you pop on a sleeve, so that the vacuum doesn’t make swapping sleeves tricky!

      The 'flat lipstick' sleeve - the bullet has a particular pulse - buzz - extended buzz setting I’ve not had in a lipstick shaped bullet before, which combined with this head, worked a treat for teasing as you can apply a good amount of pressure from the head and along the length of the sleeve, which the OH also had great fun teasing me with when we used this together.

      The 'wand' sleeve - not quite enough oomph makes it into the head of the wand for intimate success for me, but we did enjoy this on other parts of our bodies and has become a useful tool for a good bum cheek massage!

      The 'curved head' sleeve - great that there is a little give in sleeve top near the head it was, so it’s comfortable to apply a bit more pressure than if it was a plastic head.

      The 'tongue' sleeve - I nearly went through the headboard when hubby first used this on me! I found the flickering tip quite intense as the vibrations from the bullet really make their way right to the end! Personally I find this kind of pin point accuracy a bit too intense to orgasm (and actually a little pleasure/ pain). However, this sleeve does have a lovely bulbous part too and moving between the two was great during foreplay, so maybe with practice!

      Overall it’s a good quality piece of kit, ideal for teasing and a nice addition to fun and foreplay, However, I found it was too buzzy/not rumbly enough for me to orgasm and after a while it did make me a little numb as most of the patterns vibrate at the higher frequency end of the buzzy scale. BUT, if you like higher frequency buzzes or like to change things up quite quickly with one toy to hand then this is a good set to have in the toybox. It’s a fun range of experiences in one handy, funky, disco diva kit!

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Variety in one good looking, fun package. Good build quality.
      High-frequency buzzes make me a little numb.
      Bottom line
      A fun range of buzzy experiences in one funky little kit.
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