How to Use Kegel Balls

by Lovehoney

on May 01, 2017

Regardless of your age or whether you've had children, kegel exercises are a great way to improve your vaginal strength.

Strong kegel muscles (aka your pelvic floor) mean a tighter vagina, improved continence, powerful sensations during arousal and stronger, better orgasms.

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What are pelvic floor muscles?

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The pelvic floor muscles are located between your legs and run from your pubic bone at the front, to the base of your spine at the back. They're the ones you clench when you need to pee.

If you've experienced an orgasm, you'll have probably noticed a tensing of muscles - it's your kegels that contract to provide that feeling. It makes sense that the stronger those muscles are, the stronger the sensations will be.

Plus, if you're having sex with someone with a penis, strengthening these muscles will make you feel tighter to them during penetration. And if you're gripping around something, you'll feel more intense sensations too.

What do kegel balls and jiggles balls do?

Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Balls 2.8oz

Kegel balls and jiggle balls are designed to help you locate your pelvic floor muscles and work them effectively. Also known as Ben Wa balls, Burmese balls, geisha balls and love balls, kegel balls are inserted into the vagina. By holding them in and clenching around them you will target and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Not only will your orgasms be more intense if these muscles are stronger, they will also be easier to achieve. That's because, if you train your muscles to clench and contract in a certain way, when it comes to orgasm time they will know what they're meant to do!

Jiggle balls contain rotating weights that move as you walk. If you wear them out and about, or just before sex, they help to stimulate the vagina, increasing circulation and lubrication.

How do you insert kegel balls?

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Clean your kegel balls before use with hot, soapy water or a spritz of Lovehoney Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner.

Apply water-based lubricant to the balls and the entrance of your vagina. This will help you to insert them and exercise your pelvic floor as your muscles learn to hold them in place.

Gently insert the first ball by pressing it against the opening of the vagina until it slides in. There will usually be a cord between the first and second ball, so tuck this inside you and press the second ball against your vagina opening.

Once the balls are inside, you can push them in further, until you feel that they're safe and secure. The removal loop or cord should remain outside the body.

Your body will automatically hold the balls inside you, so don't worry about them falling out. You can keep your kegel balls in for as long as feels comfortable, but always remove them before you pee.

To remove them, just re-lubricate the entrance to the vagina and pull the removal loop gently until they slide free.

Which are the best kegel balls?

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Lighter and larger balls like the Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls are suitable for beginners as they are the easiest to hold in.

Smaller, heavier kegel balls like the Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Balls will challenge you as your strength increases.

Take a look at our full rage of kegel balls here, and read our guide to find the right ones for you.

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