How to Look After Your Sex Doll

by Lovehoney

on May 02, 2017

With a mix of materials making up their body-perfect forms, caring for a sex doll can seem like a tricky task. With a little care and attention, your favourite love doll will last the distance.

Here are our top tips for looking after your blow-up and realistic sex dolls.

Caring for Blow Up Sex Dolls

Most of the care, love and attention blow-up dolls need relates to their inflatable bodies. These are prone to stress and damage caused by the force of the air inside pushing against the seams during use. They are also open to being snagged or pierced, so the puncture repair kit that comes with your doll should be stored safely as the time will come when you need it.

1. Do not over inflate your doll. Blow the doll up most of the way and then allow her to rest for 10 minutes or so. This allows the air to evenly distribute throughout the doll before you finish pumping her up to full capacity. The less air you put inside the doll, the less strain you’ll be placing on it during use.

2. Repair punctures promptly. Take care to follow the instructions on the puncture repair kit to ensure you get a good result. Make sure the punctured area is clean and dry so the adhesive cures to form an airtight seal.

3. Use a specialist sex toy cleaner. Made from PVC, you can use your regular sex toy cleaner (such as Lovehoney Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner) to keep your doll in good condition. Check to see if the holes can be turned inside-out as this is by far the easiest way to clean them. If you find that your doll’s holes cannot be turned inside out, you will find it easier to clean it while it is still inflated to allow you to get into any creases. A soft bottle brush is ideal for giving your doll a good clean out in this way.

Caring for Lifelike Sex Dolls

Realistic dolls often also come in blow-up form. The same rules apply for cleaning holes and taking care of the body. If your doll is made from real feel materials instead of PVC, you will also need to ensure that you regularly sprinkle it with a renewer powder such as Fleshlight Renewer Powder to keep the material feeling as good as new.

1. If your doll has removable genitals, then you can care for these in the same way as you would your male masturbators. Clean them with an antibacterial sex toy solution such as Lovehoney Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner and thoroughly dry. You’ll then need to use a sprinkling of renewer powder inside and out before storing them in their own bag along with the doll. The renewer powder will ensure that the materials stay smooth and flesh like. You’ll find that they quickly become sticky to the touch if you don’t remember to do this every time you finish cleaning.

2. If your doll has built-in genitals, you should find that you’re able to turn the orifices inside-out, forcing the internal tunnel outside of the body. These can then be cleaned in the same way as removable genitals.

3. If you have a lifelike Japanese sex doll,you will need to treat her like a giant real-feel male masturbator. It is best to gently bathe this doll in a shallow bath of water for a full clean but she does have a built-in hole to allow you to clean her anal and vaginal tunnels effectively. Use an antibacterial cleaner and dry thoroughly. You will then need to use a renewer powder all over - on top and underneath, inside and out, before storing her away for next time.

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