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    1. Jimmyjane FORM 6 Luxury USB Rechargeable Classic Vibrator

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      1. Jimmyjane FORM 6 Luxury USB Rechargeable Classic Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      If 3 is a magic number the FORM 6 is oozing twice the wizardry! Classically shaped for direct G-spot stimulation, this silicone vibrator is ergonomically designed to fit both your hand and body for seamless use and maximum contact and pleasure.

      Its convenient shape and intuitive controls puts pleasure at your finger tips. Control the 6 vibration modes and 5 intensity levels by using the straightforward + and - buttons on the control pad. The buttons are slightly raised to make finding them in the dark a doddle, while the overall form-fitting shape of the toy makes play alone or with a partner brilliantly easy.

      Super-powerful with dual motors, the thrilling vibrations are transmitted straight to your internal or external hot spots for a whole new level of orgasmic pleasure.

      Coat its wonderfully firm and smooth length with plenty of water-based lube for extra slippery sensations and build up to an almighty climax as you kick-start the vibrations and play time.

      Key Features:

      • Luxurious rechargeable massager vibrator for G-spot or clitoral stimulation
      • 11 powerful vibration modes and intensity levels to explore
      • Made from platinum silicone and stainless steel with firm curves to direct straight to your sensitive nerve endings in the clitoris or G-spot
      • Ideal for travel with a convenient button lock
      • 100% waterproof for fun in the bath or shower
      • USB rechargeable for reliable power anywhere in the world

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Jimmyjane FORM 6 Luxury USB Rechargeable Classic Vibrator 6 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Jimmyjane FORM 6 Luxury USB Rechargeable Classic Vibrator
      2. Jimmyjane FORM 6 Luxury USB Rechargeable Classic Vibrator

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    1. A bit of luxury for everyone

      Reviewed: September 23, 2014 by Lovebirds_x

      The first thing I have to say, and cannot stress enough, is that there are two different versions of the Jimmyjane Form 6. At the time of writing, Lovehoney has the old version in their pictures/video and almost all of the reviews you will find online also talk about the old version.

      The button setup and functionality is completely different, as is the charging base and I’m sure several other minor details. As with many toys, problems were found and fixed through an updated model. So please be aware you will be receiving the later, improved version of the Form 6!

      The packaging for the form 6 is sleek and simple. Inside the box, you will find a charger (with worldwide plug adapters), a quick start guide and a little leaflet full of common sense type warnings. Paper saving is the name of the game for Jimmyjane; rather than provide instructions in multiple languages, the quick start guide is simple diagrams that show the basics of how to get your toy going.

      You are provided with a link that gives all the details you’ll need to know, which you will have plenty of time to navigate while you are suffering the 8 hour initial charge. Extra points for caring for the environment!

      The feel of the vibrator is just pure luxury. The matte silicone is wonderfully smooth and glides effortlessly over the body. I love the little stainless steel band, no cheap plastic here! The ergonomic, easy to hold shape and choice between the petite slimline end and the larger filling one means the vibe can be used comfortably in so many ways; anal/vaginal dildo (with a beautiful curve that gets the g-spot every time), clitoral/ perineum stimulator, massager for sore body parts, in fact if you can think of it you can probably do it with this vibe.

      The toy is extremely high quality and clearly built to last, a true example of you get what you pay for. Not to mention you’re essentially paying for several toys at once thanks to the multi-use nature!

      The operation of the upgraded model couldn't be simpler. There are three buttons on the body of the toy, and while they are located in the same place as the previous model their functions are very different. To lock and unlock the toy, you simply press the left and right buttons (the plus sign and the squiggle) simultaneously for a second. Due to the curve on the toy, it is practically impossible to accidentally press these buttons so once you lock the travel lock, it stays locked. This lock is potentially the most useful feature of the product and I was very glad of it, frankly I am fed up with rechargeable toys that don’t have it as it means you can’t take them anywhere!

      When locking, you will feel three short vibes to confirm that it is safely locked. When unlocking, the internal memory will start up the last mode you used before turning it off.

      Now that the toy is turned on, you use the bottom button (the squiggle) to cycle through the vibration modes while the middle (minus sign) and top (plus sign) buttons control the intensity of the vibrations. To turn the vibe off, simply press and hold the minus button and it will be off in a flash. If you chose not to lock the vibrator after use, you can turn it on again simply by pressing the plus button for a second. Honestly, it is that simple!

      The vibration modes are very impressive, in fact they are unlike any I have experienced before. I usually don’t go for patterns, but with this toy they are super fun and well worth experimenting with. The first three simply turn on the small end, the large end and both ends at once. The last three are indescribably amazing. The waves and undulations are mind blowingly effective, especially the last pattern which keeps you topped up in stimulation with constant, short bursts while strong waves roll from one end to the other.

      Quite simply, mind blowing. Form 6 will have you squirming as it teases you into climax, rather than throw you into a mechanical 10 second orgasm the way some vibes tend to. You will want to spend time with this toy, and what better way to do so than take advantage of the full waterproof nature? The bath has never been so blissful!

      The charging base has to be the biggest change in the Form 6 design. Rather than having a charging base the size of the box, you now receive a nifty little ‘chopstick’ charging cradle. The versatile, pocket sized base combined with the travel lock feature and international plugs make this toy 100% travel friendly. Since you can’t overcharge the toy, it can live safely on the charger to be ready at all times. The obvious downside is that you can no longer use the charging base as a storage box to keep the toy safe either on your beside table or while travelling, worsened by the fact that they have neglected to provide a storage bag as a substitute.

      Lovehoney provide excellent satin toy bags, but still. Seems a pretty obvious oversight! Honestly though, since that is the worst thing I can find to say about the form 6 I am inclined to forgive them.

      There has to be a proper downside though, right? And there is. The noise. Oh my. You’ll want to have plenty of privacy as well as time if you want to enjoy this toy. Honestly, I've never heard such an odd, metallic whine emanating from a vibrator, but this is what you get from the motor on the large end. The noise is more unusual than loud, but it is loud enough. It fades when you turn the intensity up, almost as if the motor is struggling to kick in when it is turned too low. Very odd, a little distracting but ultimately worth it for the power and variety of vibrations provided.

      Overall, this is a joy to own. If you’re the type who wants to get off quickly and quietly, you’ll not get the full benefit of this toy (although it can still deliver). If you like to take time and explore, you’ll fall in love with this beauty. With the sheer versatility this toy offers, it’s hard to find any reason why it wouldn't be suitable for someone!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Super versatile, amazing patterns, good strong vibrations, great design!
      The metallic whine that comes from the large end on lower settings, very odd.
      Bottom line
      Amazing, highly recommended. Don't be scared of the price tag, it's worth it!
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    1. Jimmyjane FORM 6

      Reviewed: August 20, 2014 by HornyGeekGirl, a Straight Single Female

      This was my first ‘luxury’ vibrator, and I had quite high expectations. I was very prepared to love this item, and for the most part I really did.

      The first thing you notice with any item is the packaging. This came in a fairly nondescript box. Inside the box the FORM 6 was supported by cheap moulded plastic, and the charging station and adapter were below it in a small cardboard box. I wasn’t blown away by the packaging. For an item of this level, I would expect the box to be a bit nicer - something that could be used as storage, especially since Jimmyjane don’t provide any sort of storage pouch with this.

      So what was in the box? The FORM 6, a charging station, AC plug (with adapters for US, UK, EU and Aus), and a quick start guide. That’s it. It would have been nice, considering this is a luxury item, to get a storage pouch, but I would have settled for a full instruction booklet.

      The quick start guide gives you a web address where you can download the user manual. However, I would expect to have one included, especially as the quick start guide doesn’t even mention the travel lock, or explain how you know when the FORM 6 is fully charged.

      I loved that this came with adapters for charging in other countries, it is a very nice touch. The quick start guide indicates it needs to charge for at least eight hours before first use, so I immediately plugged it in and waited impatiently for the allotted time. The light stays on throughout charging and doesn’t change, so without lifting the FORM 6 off its charging cradle, you don’t know if it’s fully charged. A apparently it blinks a certain number of times for different levels of charge (but the quick start guide doesn’t tell you this).

      The FORM 6 has six different modes and five vibration strengths. This is where it really sings. You can use either end on constant, both ends on constant (although on the higher strength this could make your hand a bit numb), and varying patterns on both ends.

      The big chunky end (which is almost triangular in shape) has quite a diffuse deep rumbling vibration, which feels great rested against your labia. You can really build a slow strong orgasm.

      The smaller end has more concentrated vibrations; great for direct clitoral stimulation or for angling while thrusting to hit your G-spot. And if you like to feel full, the FORM 6 has that covered too. The bigger end gives a lovely full feeling, and having that end inserted with the vibrations on ripple or pulse is nothing short of amazing.

      One thing that surprised me was how loud this is. I expected a luxury vibrator to be much quieter - not silent, but quiet. The vibrations are quite strong, so I guess the noise is to be expected, but even under a duvet it is audible, so if you live in shared accommodation you might want to put music on.

      Another thing I loved about the FORM 6 was the fact that it is fully waterproof. Apart from all the bath and shower fun this opens the door for, it also means it is easy to keep clean. You can easily wash it with soap and water.

      It’s made of body-safe silicone with a lovely soft, velvety smooth finish. This feels great anywhere on your body, and only requires the smallest touch of lube to make it really slippery. Just make sure to use water-based lube, so you don’t damage the finish.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Deep rumbly vibrations, rechargeable, fully waterproof, travel lock.
      The seam, it makes it look cheap. Lack of storage pouch and proper instructions.
      Bottom line
      Lovely multifunction vibrator, like getting three-for-one.
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    1. Absolute Luxury

      Reviewed: November 28, 2012 by RedCheeks, a Bisexual Single Female


      The Packaging of the Form 6 is full of helpful information and illustrations. The sturdy and quite elegant looking packaging really matches the beautiful but functional design of the toy and lists the massagers many functions and features.

      Inside the outer packaging the Form 6 sits in a slide out plastic mould and inside this again the Form 6 actually arrives already in its charging station which is a simple but thick and sturdy black plastic box with the name JimmyJane on its top. This ‘charging station’ is great for long term storage of the toy too as its power lead attaches to the outside of the box and can be disconnected when you are just storing the toy inside it.

      First Impression:

      The Jimmyjane FORM 6 is a Luxury, Waterproof and Rechargable vibrator suitable for clitoral and G-spot stimulation. While first looking at the unusual design of the Form 6 I assumed from its shape that it was intended only for clitoral simulation but having since done some research I was surprised to find that waht I thought has a soft and ergonomic silicone covered handle is actually an insertable part of the massager.

      The JimmyJane FORM 6 is basically a double ended vibrator; with one end being suited to both external or clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation and the other end (which I at first mistook for a handle) being a more filling insertable portion of the toy.

      As you would expect from a toy of this quality, the Silicone used is incredibly soft and smooth, velvety, and like the design of the toy, it screams of pure luxury.

      Available in pink or slate, the slate is a beautiful charcoal like shade of grey that almost appears black at times and gives the product a sophisticated look.


      Total length: 7 Inches

      Insertable Length: Up to 5 ½ Inches

      Circumference: 3 ½ to 5 ¼ Inches


      The Form 6 features a high capacity Lithium-Ion battery and cordless charging. You simply place the vibrator inside its provided charging dock with the metal band of the toy touching the right part of the dock (this happens naturally thanks to the perfectly moulded shape of the dock) The Form 6’s lights will illuminate in a sequence once it begins to charge and it will stay lit up during charging. Lifting it from the dock/base will stop it charging. As mentioned in the included instruction manual it is impossible to overcharge the battery.

      Handily the power cord attaches to the back of the Dock and can be removed when just using the dock as a storage case.

      Vibrations Modes:

      Constant - Steady Vibration

      Oscillating - Slow vibration wave traversing from end to end

      Reverberate - Coordinated fast and slow vibration waves

      Thrum - Simultaneous rapid vibration

      Ripple - Intense pulsing with rapid peaks

      Pulse - Intense pulsing over slow vibration waves

      In Use/Experience...

      Used Clitorally:

      My first time using the Form 6 I was still unaware of its multi-functionality and used it purely as a clitoral toy. Being a growing fan of insertable toys I was excited by the obvious quality of the Form 6 but underestimated just how much I could enjoy a clitoral vibe. The shape of the smaller end of the Form 6 is curved and shaped in such a way that it nestles into the clit easily and provides quite direct stimulation.

      Featuring not one but two motors, the powerful vibrations emitted from the Form 6 are deep and rumbly. Because there is a motor in each end of the toy this does mean the end you are using as a handle also vibrates powerfully in your hand. While using the smaller end of the massager as a clitoral vibe I have noticed that the vibration in the bigger portion the toy tend to be quite a bit stronger than them from what I call the ‘clitoral ends’ motor.

      Used on G-spot:

      While at first I felt it strange to insert the smaller end of the toy because of its cold steel band, the small end of the toy is designed well to provide pressure on the G-spot. Because the steel band is so sudden and cold I found it more pleasant to use purely for pressure and a slight rubbing of the G-spot rather than thrusting. I did find myself wishing that the level of vibration from this end of the toy was as strong as the larger end though. While it provides decent clitoral vibes, internally these vibrations can feel somewhat subdued. The shape of the curve/design itself works quite well for applying pressure to the spot.

      Larger Insertable End:

      The buttons on the toy are un-raised as they are on a portion of the toy which is intended to be suitable for insertion so pressing these small buttons does take some effort; the positive to this is that they are very hard to accidently press in the heat of the moment.

      Using the larger end of the toy which is suited for more filling penetration, the Form 6 requires a generous amount of lube before insertion. As with alot of velvety soft silicone toys there is a strong feeling of ‘drag’ to the material. Once adequately lubed up (I recommend using a water based lubricant) the rounded end of the Form 6 feels surprisingly generous and filling. The end of the toy already starts out at a generous girth for a vibrator like this and then thickens slightly. The shape of the shaft and the fact that the girth increases more towards the front wall of the vagina means that this end of the toy also provides some G-spot stimulation though it is quite different than the more direct stimulation from the toys smaller end.

      This light G-spot stimulation is more of a tease, sliding past the G-spot but not applying any pressure like the smaller end does so well. Overall I found the shape of the larger end nicely thick and particularly filling when compared to other luxury vibes I own. This end is also the more powerful end when it comes to the toys vibrations and its vibrations don’t feel lost internally. The deeper rumbly vibrations instantly reminded of one of my long time favourites which also boasts two motors, the Lelo Iris.


      Two Motors

      Body-Safe - Medical-grade, phthalate-free platinum silicone

      Powerful - Strongest of its kind with dual motors

      Versatile - Internal, G-spot and clitoral stimulation

      Intuitive Controls - 6 vibration modes, 5 power levels

      Waterproof - Bath-friendly

      Cordless Recharging - Simply place on the charging base

      Travel-Ready with Charging Case - Good to go with convenient button lock and Universal Adapter

      High Performance Lithium Ion Battery - Runs up to 6+ hours on single charge

      Three Year Limited Warranty

      Material and care:

      Made of Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, Non-porous and Phthalates free silicone, the Form 6 is skin safe and easily cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Being so waterproof, even the steel ‘collar’ can be properly cleaned.

      The silicone material of the Form 6 has a velvety soft finish which means it requires lubricant. It is safe to use with water-based lubricants and I always find that I need a generous drop of lube for insertion as it has that 'drag' that you often get with silicone toys.

      In Summary:

      Overall the Form 6’s luxury feel, strong build, two motors and deeper rumbly vibrations have won me over. While the smaller end has weaker vibrations it does provide direct clitoral and G-spot stimulation while the larger end boasts girth and stronger vibrations.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Waterproof, rechargeable, two motors, double ended, rumbly vibrations.
      Smaller end has weaker vibrations, buttons are hard to press.
      Bottom line
      Luxury and multi-functional, a great all-rounder vibe.
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