1. Fifty Shades Darker Kinky Fuckery Wild Couple's Kit (6 Piece)

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      1. Fifty Shades Darker Kinky Fuckery Wild Couple's Kit (6 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Take your foray into kinky bedroom adventures to the next level of erotic excitement with the Kinky Fuckery wild couples kit. Keep hands under control with the strong, adjustable wrist cuffs and reach for the thrilling mix of toys and BDSM accessories.

      "Do you want to play a game?" – Christian Grey

      Inhibit your lover's sight with the cushioned blindfold and let the kinky fun begin. Make bottom cheeks blush with a trail or flick of the flogger fronds, then add delicious vibrations into the mix for both him and her with the vibrating love ring. Tease erect nipples with the nipple suckers and help boost the intensity of orgasms with the sleek anal beads.

      Use toys with water-based lubricant to heighten sensation in play.

      Part of the Fifty Shades Darker The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.

      Key Features:

      • Toys and bondage kit for adventurous couples, ideal for kinky weekends away
      • Wrist cuffs and blindfold comfortably restrain hands and inhibit vision
      • Mini flogger to awaken the senses and indulge BDSM fantasies - ideal size for travel
      • Vibrating cock ring to add thrilling stimulation during sex
      • Silicone nipple suckers for super-sensitive erect nipples
      • Silicone anal beads to boost the intensity of orgasms

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      Fifty Shades Darker Kinky Fuckery Wild Couple's Kit (6 Piece) 8 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Fifty Shades Darker Kinky Fuckery Wild Couple's Kit (6 Piece)
      2. Fifty Shades Darker Kinky Fuckery Wild Couple's Kit (6 Piece)


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    1. Fuckery Wild Couples Kit

      Reviewed: January 6, 2020 by The Jones’s, a Straight Married Male

      An awesome couples kit which includes everything you will need for beginners to experienced.

      My wife and I love this as it has everything you need for the both of you, and you can add some other toys or costumes to complete your intimate couples sexy time for an awesome experience!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      A great kit from beginner to experienced.
      Bottom line
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    1. The Darker Side of Kinky

      Reviewed: September 25, 2016 by Vanilla_Kink, a Straight Single Female

      The trouble I usually have with couple's sex toy kits is they are often very tame for my tastes. I wasn't, however, surprised to see that the Fifty Shades of Grey couples kit really did bring it with the kink factor. This was a kit I, as an advanced toy and bondage user, was genuinely excited to test out. The selection covers all aspects of bedroom kink, including pleasure for the nipples, bum, clitoris and penis with some bondage items thrown in for added fun.

      The Fifty Shades collection really does stand out as a sleek and elegant brand. Combining black, silver and navy blue, the toys would look good amongst any sex toy collection. More than just being easy on the eye though, they are quality products tailored to give the ultimate in pleasure. I am yet to be disappointed by a Fifty Shades purchase.

      This particular set includes a cock ring, nipple suckers, a small anal bead toy, a blindfold, a flogger and wrist restraints. Six items guaranteed to spice up a multitude of sex sessions. It certainly upped the pleasure factor for me and my partner. This is a set that we just can't stop going back for more of! The nipple suckers and anal toy are things I've even used during solo sessions too.

      The nipple suckers were the first things I got my horny hands on. They are made of a soft matte black silicone with 'Fifty Shades of Grey' engraved into each one. For a good strong seal on my nipples, I squeezed the bulb and gave each one a lick before attaching to my nipples and then releasing. Despite having nipples which, much to my dismay, have been described as 'wagon wheels' due to their size, I found the suckers attached very well.

      As I know nipple suckers are not intended to stay on for a long period of time, I wasn't disappointed by the fact that these stayed on for only a minute or two. It seemed to have been ample time to heighten the senses in my nipples and increase the blood flow. Afterwards my nipples were sensitive to the lightest of strokes and licks, which took foreplay to whole new level of pleasure for me. I really enjoy using these both alone and with my partner, though as with all nipple suckers, they do look slightly amusing when worn.

      The next item I reached into my exciting goodie box for was the blindfold. Blindfolds are a bondage user's best friend. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user a blindfold can open up a whole new world of sensations. Heightening your other four senses and adding the ultimate in anticipation.

      This blindfold is made of a combination of navy blue satin and a soft black velvety fur. The straps are extremely stretchy so would fit anyone comfortably. Unfortunately this blindfold doesn't offer the best coverage. I was still able to peek at my partner through a gap by my nose. So although it is a comfortable and attractive blindfold, it didn't live up to it's ultimate purpose and I had to close my eyes to get the proper effect.

      Once I was blindfolded my partner was in charge of what came out of the kinky couples box next. My arms were soon being lifted above my head as I surrendered myself to him. I heard the recognisable sound of undoing Velcro and my anticipation rose as he secured my wrists together with the navy blue restraints. The Velcro covers about 3" so is plenty big enough to secure a range of wrist sizes.

      I was held very securely in place throughout, despite my wiggles as things heated up. These wrist restraints are ideal for beginners or for anyone who may get slightly claustrophobic. This is due to the easily undoable Velcro and a clip in the middle which can be unattached by the wearer if they choose.

      Blindfolded and restrained I listened to the sound of my partner rummaging for the next thing. My mind reeled trying to remember what was inside the box. At that moment I felt something soft stroke down my midriff.

      The flogger. The stroking stopped for a few moments and as I started to wonder why he had stopped I heard a whoosh and felt the slightest sting across my breasts. This flogger is petite and navy blue with a gunmetal grey handle. As with all the other products in this set it adorns the Fifty Shades of Grey label.

      My partner did comment that a larger handle would have made it more comfortable to hold. As the flogged, rather than the flogger, I found it to be sensational though. Especially when stroked along my inner thighs and whipped across my breasts. This flogger has come out again and again since that first night.

      After some standard foreplay, which I will spare you the details of, I was unblindfolded and unrestrained and ready to give the cock ring a try. All of the items so far had been focused on my pleasure, although he certainly enjoyed pleasuring me, but it was nice to have an item more tailored for him. It is made of a very soft and stretchy, matte black silicone.

      It has a removable bullet and spare batteries. You do need to remove a covering on the batteries before the bullet will come to life. With some water-based lube, my quite girthy partner found it comfortable to slip on. There are raised bumps on one side of the cock ring. We were unsure of which way it should go but opted for the bumps facing away from him.

      There were certainly no complaints from either of us. The cock ring has only one vibration option, but it's more than powerful enough and the vibrations travel through the entire ring. It helped make the perfect finale to an extremely pleasurable evening. We have used this a couple of times now and the batteries are still going strong.

      I have only used the anal beads for solo use thus far. I have haemorrhoids so can only comfortably use anal toys intended for beginners. Fortunately this toy is of an unintimidating size. It has three small balls all slightly increasing in size as the toy goes further in.

      The silicone is flexible and has such a soft, luxurious feel to it. It is in keeping with the usual Fifty Shades design and is a matte black with 'Fifty Shades of Grey' engraved in the looped end. I grabbed my Fifty Shades anal lube from a previous order and used a small amount on the end. Due to the shape of the beads insertion is not as easy as it would be with a tapered ended toy. However I was being filled, one ball at a time, within a minute.

      The design of the toy means you can use as many or as few of the three balls as you choose. Even as a beginner though, the three went in pleasurably, my bum clasping at each one. I combined them with a rabbit vibrator to reach the point of orgasm. The beads tightened my vaginal canal giving me a full feeling both vaginally and anally. No surprise I had one earth shattering orgasm followed almost immediately by another.

      It is hard to sum up my experience of this set as it has such a glorious variety of things, each giving it's own type of pleasure. Even as an advanced toy user it has opened my eyes to new sensations and added some extra kink to my already spicy sex life. If you are a straight couple that loves to try something new in the bedroom, I just couldn't recommend this set more. The quality of each item is fantastic, the design is stunning and the choice of products is perfect.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Perfect product selection, quality items, luxurious silicone, just overall extremely pleasurable!
      The only thing was the blindfold not completely covering my eyesight.
      Bottom line
      The sleekest sex toy brand I've seen. Opening new and exciting kinky doors.
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    1. Enjoyable box of toys

      Reviewed: September 13, 2016 by rumbled, a Straight Married Male

      Needless to say, delivery received as always. Postman must wonder what all these non-marked boxes are. You'd never know!

      The FSD range we've seen so far is by all means higher quality than most. Real effort has gone into making you feel you've purchased a quality product. It also seems consistent across the range with look and feel.

      This kit is a great purchase for any couples that want to take a little step past a basic kit and try a couple of what could be new things!

      We'd start it off like this:

      Pop the blindfold on her, which is a very thick padded soft blindfold (more than most). It's comfortable, it's a blindfold, what can I say!

      Tease her with the handheld flogger, flog, tickle or whack, it's up to you, it's good for all of that. The flogger is nicely made, feels nice, and the strands are capable of all the above! It's not a spanker, so unless you try really hard there will be no pain subjected.

      While you are doing that, take the dark purple/blue (which is a really nice colour across the range) nipple suckers and work the nipples. These are a great intro to nipple suckers and you'd be surprised the result (probably quite an ohhh from her), especially when blindfolded. Leave them on or suck and pull it's up to you!

      You've also got to use the velcro hand cuffs, easy to use comfortable and a great addition to ensure you can really get her hands out of the way. There is a clip on them, so you can easily unclip and attach elsewhere or around things!

      Now that you've blindfolded, tickled, teased and possibly flogged her to submission there is still some more in the kit to try:

      Grab the anal beads, which I must say really feel nice to the touch. They are small enough for any beginner and not scary. Lube up, go slowly, especially if a first-timer, and see how it goes. Go on, boys, make her senses go wild. Read up on using anal beads, when to leave them, when to move them and when to pull them out! They are fun when you get it right, and your OH will certainly enjoy the sensation even more so if still blindfolded and not knowing what's coming!

      Now that the kit's almost in full swing, for the boys, your turn to maybe try something new. If you've managed to hold off long enough, slip on the cock ring (nice that they have batteries supplied). If you are new to cock rings, this one is not that tight and more for her pleasure than yours (it does, however, vibrate, so enjoy).

      It's not a restrictive one, so don't be scared. I'm sure, however, you will be purchasing another type of cock ring after this as they are great (I'd never tried them until a while ago and they are excellent).

      Personally, as she is probably cuffed and blindfolded, she is unaware of this! Don't turn it on yet. Keep the surprise for a short while, senses all, high slowly/quickly in you go as you like, then when the nobble on the cock ring is right up against her bits, switch on and let it vibrate against her.

      This really makes for some slow up close deep penetration and great vibrations for her. If you could see her eye's I'm sure they would tell a great story. You'll probably hear it anyway! Have some nice slow fun and make her happy.

      A quick note on colour and feel of this range. The purple/blue colour is really nice, looks expensive. What really stands out is the feel of the suckers, cock ring and beads. They are are a really high quality feel, really silky like velvet, soft and smooth. Basically even just nice to touch, you won't be disappointed with the feel of the FSD range.

      Good luck and enjoy the realisation of where this simple kit could advance your sex life and open the doors to some more advanced toys.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      High-quality products.
      Nothing, but still only a little step up from beginners.
      Bottom line
      A great selection for couples to make a safe step up!
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    1. Perfect for beginners

      Reviewed: August 7, 2017 by Lovehoney - Em, a Straight Going Steady Female

      The Fifty Shades Darker Kinky Fuckery Wild Couples Kit is a fantastic opener to the world of more BDSM-like adventures. The kit comprises of a number of items that are essential to any bondage collection.

      The wrist restraints are a very basic design. They're quite adjustable and would be suitable for wrists ranging in size. These are very simple to use and do their intended purpose very well.

      The anal beads are petite and would be appropriate for anyone starting off in anal play. The beads are flexible and increase in size, so you can adjust slowly to the sensation. Being a high-quality silicone, there are no weird lines from manufacturing as seen in some plastic versions. Always use with a water-based lubricant to ensure the longevity of the material.

      The nipple suckers are of a firm silicone. Add some water-based lubricant to the rims and enjoy the suction!

      In my opinion, the flogger is definitely more of a tickler and would be a perfect starting point for beginners. There's not even close to being a sting, even with a decent amount of force.

      The blindfold included isn't fantastic, as it's not quite large enough and the elastic tie isn't that secure. You can definitely peek through the bridge of the nose here!

      The cock ring is fiddly - make sure you get it working before you need to use it! There's a little paper cover in the bullet that you need to remove. A nice added bonus is the extra batteries which again are really fiddly!

      On the downside, I would have loved for this kit to have come with a storage bag. But overall, this kit is of a fantastic build quality and definitely add a luxurious flair to bondage kits.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Luxurious build quality, colour, variety.
      No storage bag, flogger is more a tickler, eye mask is flimsy.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic variety for beginners, value for money!
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    1. A Compendium of Kinkiness for the more daring

      Reviewed: September 12, 2016 by Tallish Darkish & Average, a Straight Single Female

      We we're given the opportunity to review the Fifty Shades Of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker (FSD) Kinky Fuckery Wild Couples Kit, however, having selected it blind via email we were not 100% sure what we would receive until it landed on the door mat.

      What did arrive was a fairly complete "weekend away" kit that a couple could pack easily should the need arise. 6 pieces make up the kit, consisting of a blindfold, wrist cuffs, flogger, nipple suckers, anal beads and a cock ring. All in all everything a couple looking to expand their own sexual repertoire could use to in order to take a ride to the (Fifty Shades) Darker side of the bedroom.

      A quick breakdown of each piece:

      Blindfold: Not a lot to say really, nicely finished, soft, comfortable, does what it should, two elastic straps keep it in place comfortably.

      Flogger: A nice addition, a rubber-frondded flogger but would have personally preferred a longer handle, this just has a clip to hold, that said it gives a good range of sensations from the tickly and playful to the stingy!

      Wrist Cuffs: A pair of Velcro fixing wrist cuffs, again fairly basic but serviceable, a single clip joins the pair so you cannot anchor each cuff to an alternative point e.g. bedsteads, you would need to add a second clip not that this is a big issue. Once on they are comfortable, but you feel restrained, a good pair of cuffs if you just want to keep your partner's hands together in front of or behind their back!

      Nipple Suckers: A good quality pair of thick firm silicone nipple suckers, supplied in a sealed blister pack in the box for hygiene. These really did impress us. Apply a little lube to the sucker and the nipple, squeeze and attach. As our playtime went on the sensations grew to a pleasurable pain, a good introduction to this sensation!

      Cock Ring: A silicone vibrating cock ring, again blister sealed and complete with two sets of cell batteries which were a welcome addition. A little fiddly to install but once in -you remove a small bullet from the top of the ring, unscrew and initially remove a piece of card so as to make the batteries connection, you are good to go. In honesty, we were a little disappointed at this, the vibrations were not as strong as our other cock ring. The ring itself fitted very well without any feeling of being too tight of discomfort but it lacked a little in the power department - for us, anyone new to the idea again may find it a stepping stone to bigger and better things in the future.

      Finally, Anal Beads: A string of 3 silicone beads once again sealed in a blister and with a good sized ring for easy removal that surprisingly doesn't get in the way of anything. Not too big and not too small and again ideal for someone making the transition from vanilla to something a little darker (Neapolitan anyone?) generous amounts of lube made the beads easy to insert and gave a nice sensation of fullness during penetrative sex.

      We have used all elements of the kit together several times but obviously, you can choose to use whichever items take your fancy at the time, however, we did find as a couple who would describe our sexual antics as "Wild" we do have versions of most items already. That said, it covers all bases in a "Kinky" kit. The expected (Blindfold, Cuffs) the sensations (Flogger, Nipple Suckers, cock ring) and the daring (Anal beads).

      Ideal for the more daring and perfect for a Darker dirty weekend away.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Very good selection of products producing some good sensations.
      Not as wild as I'd have expected.
      Bottom line
      Great for an "intermediate" couple looking to broaden their sexual horizons.
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