1. CB-6000S Designer Gold Short Male Chastity Cage Kit

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      1. CB-6000S Designer Gold Short Male Chastity Cage Kit

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    1. Product Description

      All good things come in small packages, and never has that been any truer than with the short CB-6000S Designer Cock Cage. Suitable for all day wear thanks to ventilation and urination holes it prevents growth and makes gold showers really golden!

      Renowned for their ease of use and unbeatable comfort, CB-X chastity devices are at the top of their game. Not only are they made from medical grade polycarbonate, but this kit comes with everything you need for instant use and a custom fit.

      Sizing: The rings come in 5 diameter sizes: 1.5", 1.625", 1.75", 1.875" and 2". The cage length is 2.5" with an inside diameter of 1.375".

      As with all cock cages, always remove before sleep.

      Key Features:

      • Black and gold cock cage made from medical grade polycarbonate for sophisticated male chastity play
      • Cage measures 2.5 inches in internal length and 1.375 inches in diameter for comfortable restraint
      • 5 sizes of U-ring enable the perfect fit (1.5", 1.625", 1.75", 1.875", 2")
      • 4 locking pins and spacers offer tailored sensation
      • Includes zip-up storage case, 1 padlock and key, 5 individually numbered plastic locks, 44ml sample of System Jo silicone lube

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      1. CB-6000S Designer Gold Short Male Chastity Cage Kit
      2. CB-6000S Designer Gold Short Male Chastity Cage Kit


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    1. The best things come in gold packages

      Reviewed: April 4, 2016 by Wildcherry

      I can safely say that I and my partner aren’t new to chastity anymore as we’ve dabbled on and off for a few years now, but we're also not going to claim we're quite the experts on things yet either.

      We’ve purchased metal cages in the past and finally a few years back settled on a clear CB-6000 as this seemed to suit him just a little bit more. So when I saw the designer gold edition I have to say I got more than a little excited (even more so) knowing it was from the CB-6000S range, they’re so different and he was going to love his surprise.


      The CB-6000S comes in a black box, it’s not too flashy and it pictures the lovely gold CB-6000S to the front and then a little content information to the back. It doesn’t exactly wow me nor is it exactly discreet either. If I’m honest I think given the price tag a little more effort could have gone into it as even the imagery looks a little blurry, but it does its intended job.

      Inside the box is a leaflet and a small black pouch that contain all the pieces of the chastity device, all of these are then bagged again and safely wrapped up. Again, it’s nothing too glamorous, but if you aren’t in the habit of keeping things in their boxes like I am, you can discreetly dispose of the box and have the handy little storage bag to keep things together and private if you did happen to leave it lying around in the bedroom.

      First Impressions:

      Opening up the zippered storage bag you’ll find all the parts to the device, unlike most cages we’ve purchased in the past, all CB devices include all the essential accessories and then some, so it goes that little extra mile and is certainly very comforting if you don’t know what size U-ring or pins to use when first starting out.

      Starting off with the first lot off with the bag containing the device itself. This contains the cage portion and then all the accessories needed to ensure a comfortable fit. These are the five rings (at sizes - 1.5", 1.54", 1.75", 1.72", 1.78", 2") and then an assortment in sizes of 4 locking pins and 4 spacers.

      The second zip-locked bag contains a brass padlock (and key), 5 numbered plastic locks and a small JO silicone lubricant which is very handy if you aim to wear your device for long periods of time as it's small enough to pop in a pocket.

      Getting a good look at the cage for the first time for me was so exciting and I don’t know why but something inside me expected the cage portion to be metal, even knowing it was plastic I was kind of disappointed deep down as I thought it would be far more impressive (even torturous) being made of cool cold metal.

      Nonetheless it’s an incredibly striking cage, very sturdy, absolutely no sharp edges and completely lightweight to wear. Being made of light polycarbonate material keeps chafing and dragging on the area to a minimum, unlike the heavier metal cages that can rub and make things raw. It ensures a comfortable wear even for prolonged periods of use (ensuring you take care of your device whilst you wear it).

      Use of the CB-6000S Designer Gold Cock Cage:

      U-ring sizing:

      So, going from a perspective of first starting out, it's best to find the perfect fitting U-ring, the actual cage size doesn’t matter so much (or so I’ve been told) but the right size U-ring and spacers are essential for a comfortable fit and wear.

      We went through a few days of trying out U-ring sizes when we first started (it’s important to be aware of your body and such things as swelling throughout the day before settling with the right ring) and have settled now on the largest ring (the 2” ring) and a longer pin and spacer. Being a little bigger in the sizing, he has chosen the longer accessories. This means his chastity device sits out a little further from his body, but it still remains discreetly hidden under his clothes as the cage curves perfectly.

      The second reason to find the perfect ring is to avoid any unnecessary skin trapping as, if too small, things can get stuck as the U-ring is designed to sit behind the testicles (he found out about this in a rather unfortunate way) and of course if too large the device cannot stay in place.


      When it comes to using spacers, these are essentially used to create space between the U-ring and the cage itself. It all comes down to personal preference and how close or far apart you would like the cage and ring sit together and of course the comfort factor fits in with this too.


      Finally pins, pins again come in different sizes and these are for the sole purpose of locking the U-ring, spacer and cage portion in position. Once slotted in together the two pins either side hold the U-ring in place and the middle pin then sets the space between the cage portion and ring, so you can then pop the lock of your choice on the end to secure the unit.

      Wearing and Use:

      I’ve been told the cage portion fit is possible (of course within reason) with just about any size penis, however, getting it comfortably on is a different matter. Firstly you have to be completely flaccid in this process, the CB-6000S is a lot shorter than its predecessor and my partner found the Clear CB-6000 relatively narrow so you can imagine the struggle with this cage, so let’s just say things have been rather tight.

      There are two methods we find easy, the first is soap and cold water in a shower, preferably, and the second lots of lubricant and patience. He finds the lube and patience method easier to use, as he can lube the cage portion up which also helps whilst he’s adjusting to the feeling of it being on.

      If you are aiming to wear the CB-6000s or any cage for that matter for long periods at a time, we found that applying lubricant is essential. My partner seemed to find things got a little constricted after a few hours so a little water-based lubricant gently eased things and stopped “sticking” to the cage it also helped with chaffing around the surrounding areas. He luckily works in an office so doesn’t get much movement in that area sitting at his desk, but any jobs where things are more hands on I think it’s definitely important to keep things topped up.

      The second issue we encountered was within the first weeks of use, he often woke with an erection or even if he was battling erections things could often become uncomfortable, especially if you aren’t use to the sensation of being constricted, so we found building up hours instead of just jumping head in and eased the process of long term wear.

      Cleaning and Maintenance:

      Clean up couldn’t be easier, we use some antibacterial soap and hot water to clean the unit, usually just leaving it to soak a little in the hot water before drying it with paper towel and storing it back inside its case. I’d be a little cautious using anything else except antibacterial soap as I wouldn’t want to make the lovely gold coating flake off or go dull.

      I guess the same goes with storage too, I wouldn’t want to store the cage portion with anything sharp to scrape or damage the gold paint, but I guess this is inevitable even during wear.


      I wanted to give the CB-6000S Designer gold cage a thorough review, it’s quite difficult reviewing something you can’t wear yourself but it has been a pleasure doing so and a delight watching him wear it too.

      We’ve always been big fans of the CB-6000 and this certainly hasn’t changed with the CB-6000S, it’s so pretty to look at and has been an exciting sort of challenge for him especially, being a smaller cage.

      There have been a few niggles. Firstly, being a closed cage makes things harder to keep clean if you’re aiming to wear this device long term, it’s not impossible as you can always remove it daily for a thorough clean, but this might be a deal breaker for you.

      Secondly, it’s narrow and a lot shorter than is big brother the CB-6000. However, like previously mentioned, this part can be easily overcome with a lot of patience as the only thing that really needs to be looked at when it comes to a secure, comfortable fit is the right sized U-ring.

      Still, if you’re not entirely confident and a beginner with chastity devices I would recommend going with the longer device, especially if you’re a little bigger in that department.

      I really wouldn’t have it any other way, the CB-6000 devices have been our first choice of chastity for a while now and the designer range have certainly made things interesting again. It’s an excellent choice of cage and a good and easy starting point for any beginner looking to start their journey with chastity.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Every accessory needed is included, light weight and a lovely gold finish.
      Bottom line
      New to chastity or a little more experienced the CB-6000S is great kit for all.
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