How to Use a Male Masturbator

by Lovehoney

on Aug 14, 2011

strokers give better hand jobs

Looking for a sex toy to revolutionize your sex life?

Male masturbators give a better-than-real feel, with textures that stimulate and tease the nerve endings in the penis better than a hand ever could.

Male masturbators like strokers make great first-time sex toys for men  they're easy to use, inexpensive, easy to clean and give out-of-this-world stimulation.

They also make a great addition to couple’s play, spicing up any kind of hand or mouth action. If you or your partner have reservations about male sex toys because of their realistic look, a non-anatomical masturbator is a great alternative.

Using a stroker to masturbate can add new, pleasurable sensations to your play, and can also help you build to a more satisfying climax.

These are Lovehoney customer favorite strokers:

Choose the right stroker for you

Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker

Strokers are generally more discreet than other male masturbators and are not anatomically modelled, which makes them universally appealing and non-intimidating.

The inside of a stroker features a textured canal that stimulates the penis while the outside is often ridged to ensure a good grip during use.

Many strokers, like the Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker (pictured) are reversible and offer two completely different textures in one male sex toy for double the fun.

What Lovehoney customers say:

"My husband absolutely loves when I use this on him while giving him head! He loves turning it inside-out to feel the different textures." -Gogirlusa

Get prepped

Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant

All strokers need to be used with a sexual lubricant to allow the stroker to slide up and down the penis, providing delicious stimulation without any uncomfortable friction.

Use a water-based lubricant like Lovehoney Enjoy, which is compatible with all strokers. Apply lube to both the inside of your stroker and to your erection. Once adequately lubed, you can begin to penetrate the entry.

Start by working it around the head of your penis. If properly lubed, this should provide slick and stimulating sensations. When ready, enter the stroker.

What our customers say about Lovehoney Enjoy:

"Silky and very enjoyable and can be used with a range of toys and on me and her with the same results!" - LTD1982

Use a stroker to help boost stamina

Tracey Cox EDGE Cup Stamina Stroker

‘Edging’ is a popular method of masturbation that can help you delay ejaculation.

You can condition the body’s responses during masturbation by stopping just before the moment of climax, waiting 30 seconds before continuing, and repeating this process.

You can repeat this method until you build a better pleasure tolerance level.

A stroker like the the Tracey Cox EDGE Cup is perfect for enjoyable edging practise.

What Lovehoney customers say:

"Trust me, it will blow your mind. I have used it many times since buying it and it never gets boring. Helped me last a lot longer after about a week." -Winter warrier

Use a stroker with a partner


Strokers provide an exciting addition to couple’s play. Opt for a see-through sleeve so you both get an intimate view of the action.

Using a stroker is great as part of foreplay with your partner, but it's also great for mutual masturbation or at times when you want to be intimate together but don't feel up to full sex.

If your lover gets tired while giving you a hand job, a stroker will ease their task and you'll love your stroker even more when your partner's working it for you.

What Lovehoney customers say:

"A definite must-have for couples that play together or a guy who wants to spice up a boring Sunday afternoon! ;)" -celtic_star

Try a realistic stroker 

THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy

Realistic strokers are male masturbators that have been designed to look and feel just like real women. They have fantastically authentic detailing and internal textures to give you an enhanced realistic experience.

Realistic strokers come with different openings, including vaginas, asses and mouths. The Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy (pictured) is a great option for beginners thanks to its non-intimidating size. But don't let its size fool you – its super-tight canal is filled with textures for explosive stimulation.

What Lovehoney customers say:

"I was soon curling my toes back, arching my back and cumming hard. I have also tried it with my wife using it whilst I was blindfolded and wow, that was amazing too." -stimpy

Shop our full range of realistic vaginas.

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