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    Welcome to our new 'Play at Home' mini series, where we aim to keep you entertained, help you cope, and even thrive during these strange days of love in the COVID-19 Lockdown.

    Discover tips on keeping the lust alive, mind-blowing isolation masturbation. And on the flip side, how to keep it all together. No one-size fits all. This week, Sammi and Nick catch-up (remotely, of course) to touch on what this new landscape might mean for our sex lives, relationships and stress levels.

    We also cover our usual segment "You can never know enough about sex". And introduce "Sexual happiness starts with you", where we share real tips and tales from our lovely Lovehoney customers.

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    Position of the Week: Back in the Saddle

    Join Annabelle as she unboxes our super-popular, 11 piece Wild Weekend Kit. Featuring a plethora of erotic toys and saucy accessories you might want to make it a wild week to fit all these goodies in.

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    What I never learned about the clitoris in sex ed is enough to fill multiple books.

    Looking back, it’s no wonder I didn’t have an orgasm until I was 21. Historically, sex education has mainly focused on how we reproduce as human beings and how to avoid becoming a young parent. This may be a big part of why the clitoris has been so overlooked in the classroom.

    The clitoris is the only organ in the body with the sole purpose of providing pleasure. That’s it. That’s its only function. So, it’s no surprise that the clitoris hasn’t been covered in sex education classes that are only concerned with the best ways to prevent a pregnancy.

    When you’re concentrating teaching a class on the egg and the sperm, the clit doesn’t really enter into it – but should it? The clitoris plays a crucial role in sex and masturbation, so if your high school sex ed classes didn’t leave you any wiser we’ve got six facts ready to kick-start your clitoral education.

    From moans and groans to creaky bedsprings, sex brings with it an entire orchestra of weird and wonderful noises.

    But when you're sharing that house with others, be it members of the family or housemates who could hear a pin drop, hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing can seem... trickier.

    A house full of people isn't the easiest place to get it on, but before you put a ban on bonking, or throw your favourite vibrator to the back of a drawer, here are some handy tips to help you get your rocks off in incognito mode.

    Position of the Week: Bottoms Up

    What's the deal with love eggs?

    Small, discreet and brilliantly fun, these little guys are a go-to for couple's playtime. But, how do they work? What's the best way to use a love egg? How do you choose the right one? Join Annabelle as she tells you everything you need to know about these mini marvels.

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    Position of the Week: Over the Top

    They both go up your bum, but they have a few differences. Join Annabelle as she explores the world of anal play, so you can decide which bum-fun toy is best for you.

    Position of the Week: First Past the Post

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