1. Jackmaster Textured Male Masturbator

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      1. Jackmaster Textured Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      Designed to give you some of the most amazing sensations ever, this masturbator is great for those who are new to sex toys or looking for something a little different. Packed with features, this toy will stroke, tease, and squeeze you to satisfaction.

      The hard semi-transparent case hides a wealth of tantalising rubber textures -including nodules, ribs, waves, lines and bumps - that feel fantastic on both the head and shaft of your penis.

      On the the outside of the case, you'll find pressure buttons which allow you to squeeze the inner sleeve for more intense sensations!

      Cleaning is so simple with the Jackmaster - simply slip the cap off, pull the clasps, flip it open and you can run clean water through each side for total hygiene.

      Don't forget a generous helping of water-based lube!

      Key Features:

      • Intensely textured male masturbator
      • 6.5 inches of internal length for all-encompassing penetration
      • Ribs, lines, waves, nodules and more offer incredible sensations
      • Case comes apart for easy cleaning
      • Great for stamina training

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      1. Jackmaster Textured Male Masturbator
      2. Jackmaster Textured Male Masturbator


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    1. The budget Flip Hole

      Reviewed: April 4, 2010 by Mr.P.York., a Straight Single Male

      The design of the Jackmaster Textured Male Masturbator is clearly based on the bestselling Japanese TENGA Flip Hole. The design appears to have been enlarged slightly for the ease of use of European males. It weighs about 700g.

      The inner sleeve has two different textures that may be used to vary stimulation, depending upon which side the pressure buttons are facing.

      The overall design is good, apart from the loose side clips. This can be overcome by the use of a strong elastic band.

      The lurid fluorescent colours of the Jackmaster may not appeal to everyone – it is certainly not stealthy in appearance.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The price.
      The poor side clips, the lurid fluorescent colours.
      Bottom line
      Good value.
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    1. Needs improvements

      Reviewed: March 8, 2010 by Dark_Wolf, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I don't know which came first, the Jackmaster or the TENGA Flip Hole. But for the price of the Jackmaster, it was the affordable option for me.

      I am not going to compare the Jackmaster and the Flip; I have never seen, held or used the Flip.

      When I got the Jackmaster, I opened it up and was interested in the nodules, ribs, waves, lines and bumps. So I applied some lube inside and tried it out. It felt great. The pressure buttons are a great idea. I found you can have some fun massaging the shaft with very little pumping, just using pressure.

      The tabs to hold it closed are a tad loose. It needs improvement, but I found that if I hold it a certain way it stays closed. I've added an elastic band and that's done the job.

      Once finished, it is easy to clean, though leaving it to dry on the side of the bath could get interesting comments if seen by another. Trying to dry it with a towel is a tad awkward with those nodules, ribs, waves, lines and bumps. I find it's best to lay it side down in the open position, wrapped in a towel. Put it out of sight to dry naturally.

      The final verdict. I wouldn't have paid the full price for it. If I had to spend that, I probably would've gone for the Flip. But for the sale price, it's worth every penny. The only things I'd like to see improved are the clips that hold it closed, and the colour choice (make it more discreet). And, if it was possible, either changeable inserts or to have it double-ended, so I could experience different textures. This could be possible, as it opens on the side.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The cheaper option. Great sensations. It gets me to climax quite well.
      Poor clips, bright colours.
      Bottom line
      Worth every penny!
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    1. Master of none

      Reviewed: November 5, 2009 by lovetowank, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Whether you believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or just a blatant breach of copyright, there is no denying that the Jackmaster has many similarities to TENGA's Flip Hole.

      My review inevitably then will compare the differences between the two products. As a satisfied Flip Hole owner, I knew it was going to be difficult for the Jackmaster to measure up to what is already established as the best male masturbator on the market. Whilst there are many visual similarities, the use of this device is not as pleasing as TENGA's product. Having said that, there are some notable good features.

      Apart from the striking electric blue colour, parts of the outer casing are transparent and colourless enabling you to see yourself inside the device during use. I also found that entry into the device was slightly easier than the Flip Hole but the main reason for this is that the canal is much wider and therefore when you are using the Jackmaster the sensation is much less intense.

      Another identical feature of the Flip Hole is the Jackmasters side buttons which may be depressed to alter the way in which the inner sleeve’s bumps and nodules stroke you.

      Whereas the Flip Hole is hinged at the top, the Jackmaster is hinged on one side. I found that when using the Jackmaster the clips holding the two halves of the device together would frequently pop open especially when applying pressure to the buttons. This was very annoying and not really what you want to happen when you are in mid-flow.

      The overall build quality of the Jackmaster is notably inferior to the Tenga device. I have tried using it with three different lubes and can't say that it really gives a satisfying feeling with any of them. When I first saw this product I had high hopes that it would be a reasonably priced substitute for the Flip Hole, however it just doesn't match up in any way. Although it is cheaper than the white Flip Hole and much cheaper than the black Flip Hole, I would not recommend it unless you really cannot afford the Flip Hole's extra cost and possibly not even then.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      Ease of entry.
      Side clips kept coming undone. Not as tight as the fliphole.
      Bottom line
      Not something I would recommend.
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