• How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship

    If the prospect of your partner opening your bedside drawer to find a bright pink Happy Rabbit 2 Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator sat there brings you out in a cold sweat, then you need to read on to find out why introducing sex toys into a relationship could not be easier…

    Sex toys and relationships don't need to be polar opposites of each other. In fact, many Lovehoney reviewers have mentioned how sex toys have actually improved their relationships and sex lives significantly.

    We've gathered the best advice for broaching the subject of sex toys with a partner and compiled it all here for everyone, from the shy and retiring sex toy beginner to the boasting bondage enthusiast.

    Above: Watch Tilly show you her favourite ways to introduce sex toys to your relationship.

    I've just started a new relationship and I'm too shy to admit to my partner that I use sex toys. Should I come clean and how do I do it?

    Durex Play Very Cherry Lubricant 50mlIt's best to be open, honest and upfront about sex toys and any particular kinks you have.

    Approach the subject in a casual manner outside of the bedroom. Maybe mention that you recently saw Durex Play Very Cherry Lubricant for sale in your local supermarket and how it made you giggle!

    Judging by your partner's reaction, you'll know right away if you should come out with 'I bet it'll feel really nice with my Lovehoney BASICS Mini Vibrator. Fancy having a go?' Or the slightly more subtle 'Do you think we should pick some up next time we're out?'

    By keeping the conversation light and almost jovial, you can easily disperse any tension and it will be easier to gauge what they think of the idea.

    My partner feels intimidated by my sex toys. He says that if I was satisfied with him, I wouldn't need my vibrators. What can I do to convince him that this isn't the case?

    When people think of sex toys, they usually think of huge powerful realistic dildo vibrators that are, quite frankly, very intimidating!

    But these sex toys are very old fashioned and unsurprisingly not that popular! If you look at the most successful vibrators today, you'll notice that they tend to be small bullet vibrators which shouldn't scare any partner.

    Reassure your partner that you find your sex life very fulfilling but that you don't want them to feel under any pressure to give you an orgasm. Using a mini vibrator such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator or even the Lovehoney Double Ding Vibrating Cock Ring means that it doesn't matter if his erection is a bit wobbly (and yes, all men experience this at some point for various reasons - too many pints being one of them) or that he's having trouble lasting, because you're still going to orgasm anyway.

    Sex toys are there to enhance your intercourse, not replace it!

    How do we use sex toys together?

    When you're first introducing sex toys into a relationship it's best to start small and to choose something together. It's actually quite fun to sit together and browse the Lovehoney website - you're sure to find something you both like.

    There is a whole range of sex toys for couples but you can often utilise your solo sex toys for partner play too.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring for CouplesWhen using a vibrator together, first start with a sensual massage. The Lovehoney Magic Bullet Silver Bullet Vibrator is great for kneading out any tense spots around the neck and shoulders and you'll soon find it making its way elsewhere for a more intimate massage too.

    Ideal for using during sex, a vibrating cock ring such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Vibrating Love Ring is great for getting you both off. The stretchy cock ring part gives him a bigger, harder erection and the vibrating bullet tucked in the top provides fantastic clitoral vibrations to you and tingling sensations to his testicles.

    If you're looking for something luxurious to enjoy together, take a look at the We-Vibe 4 Plus. This cleverly shaped clitoral and G-spot vibrator is worn during sex so you can both enjoy the sensual vibrations. Easy to use and totally discreet, the We-Vibe allows your partner to penetrate you at the same as using it for double the fun!

    The most important part of using sex toys together is to communicate. Experiment by using your vibrators all across each others' bodies and if it starts to stimulate a particular pleasure point - let your partner know that they've stumbled across your new favourite erogenous zone! If at any point you start to feel numb or uncomfortable, speak up - your partner won't know unless you say.

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