Position of the Week: All Hung Up

All Hung Up and nowhere to go. But that’s the beauty of this position, as you’ll have very little desire to go anywhere once the oral party has got into full swing. So stand to attention, throw a little restraint play into the mix and enjoy a delicious feast of cunnilingus or fellatio.

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Top 6 Sofa Sex Positions You Have to Try

Your sexscapades don't have to start and end in the bedroom. Why not break the monotony of mattress-based frolics and move into your lounge for some sexy couch time?

What are the benefits of uprooting yourself from the comfort of your bedroom I hear you ask? A change of scene always has its benefits, even if you're just moving your lovemaking to a different room of the house. There's an element of being out in the open when naked on a sofa which adds a thrill to it, and the shape of most sofas encourages you to channel your inner contortionist and try out new angles and positioning.

So if you haven't tried couch sex yet, now's the time to test out our top 6 sofa positions. Enjoy!

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Position of the Week: The Bargain Hunter

Scream with delight as you bag yourself a Lovehoney Black Friday bargain while riding your way to that special place. The best kind of double whammy if you ask us. The Bargain Hunter position lets you keep your finger on the pulse to get the hottest Black Friday deals ever, while indulging in a bit of hop on, grind and ride time.

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Position of the Week: Looking Glass

The Looking Glass position is wonderfully intimate and gives each partner a direct line of communication about the what, why and where of intimate pleasure. Self-pleasuring is often thought of as a one-person activity, but inviting each other to watch as you masturbate opens up a whole new world of teaching your partner about yourself and what it takes to get you to that special place.

What will you discover when you look through this Looking Glass?

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Position of the Week: Firework Night

Come together as pyrotechnics to create your very own Firework Night. A position that allows you to gaze into each other’s eyes, or enjoy the spectacle of fireworks from your bedroom window while you gyrate and thrust away to your explosive happy place, it’s super versatile. Plus, it puts the partner on top in charge of the pace and depth of penetration.

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8 Best Sexy Lingerie Gifts

Buying a lingerie gift for the woman in your life can be a daunting prospect.

Cue the sweaty palms, the sudden inability to make a decision and the dreaded “lingerie shakes” (we made that bit up). Suddenly a box of chocolates is the best gift idea. Ever.

But fear not. We’ve quizzed the Lovehoney lingerie experts and rifled through customer reviews to come up with a list of quite possibly the 8 Best Lingerie Gifts you’ll ever set eyes on.

Forget the sweaty palms. This list is your new best friend.

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Position of the Week: Trick or(al) Treat

It goes without saying that Trick or(al) Treat requires plenty of strength, stability, and determination to create what is essentially a standing version of the well-loved 69er. It certainly helps if one or both of you likes pumping iron, but fear not - delicious oral treats and the odd trick while you’re at it can still be enjoyed if you’re not of the muscle-flexing type.

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